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  1. wtornado

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Seeing its pratically unplayable for me online I just hope I will be able to play the beautiful offline campaign they are making or it will end up like my Cliffs of Dover 50$ flop I shelved for almost 2 years. Sorta funny just how CLOD graphically is one of the nicest games today with the Team Fusion mod beating every game practically with its eye candy.
  2. wtornado

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    That is because like the devs said this game motor really is at its maximum potential and they, the engineers probably did work on it very hard before its release.It won't get any better than this game wise unless they scale down the game detail and game play. They can't go forward anymore they only thing they can do is go backwards and downscale to make the game more playable. Is there an other logical solution ...I don't think so.
  3. wtornado

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    KrIxXuS is running GTX 680 LIGHTNING Sli judging from his powersupply.Two players I play with run 680's one of them in Sli in ''ULTRA'' settings and there is little to no difference in their FPS rate they are running mid 40's to mid 50's range. I am running a GTX 660OC-2GB at ''very high''settings.I am running about 30 to 50 FPS at ''very high'' in game. Its KrIxXuS's 680 in Sli that is giving him a stable running game. The rest of is machine is pretty well today's gaming standard.
  4. wtornado

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Here is inside footage of my game with the settings on low with 90 fps that is much better than yours Krixxus.The game play is ''more than acceptable'' and very smooth.But the graphic eye candy seems to suffer a bit. The AI has not improved.
  5. wtornado

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Well put not much to add.
  6. Hello once again I would like to change my left shift control on my helicopter engine start and throttle controls the reason being if I press it 5 times or more Windows 7 takes me out of game and asks me if I want to activate my sticky keys. How can I change my left shift key bind for my Helicopter or is it permanently bound in game. Ty for the reply in advance. Wtornado.
  7. wtornado

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I have Win 7-64 bit with 12 Gb of ram and a I5 quad at 2.67 GHz.My video card is a GTX 660OC-2GB card. What you just put up sums it up perfectly for me. I am worried now that i won't be able to play the offline campaigns and at least have some fun with this game.
  8. wtornado

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    They got me this time they will never get me again.You spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars upgrading not the mention the monthly high speed internet connection of 50$ a month. With tablets and I-pads and the new generation laptops this might just be my last gaming computer. If BI is just thinking about just a 65$ game and that is not much to pay(not complaining about the price) and not the REAL cost of online gaming they might end up like the flight sim industry with kickstarter fund raisers and pre-selling betas and alphas(oh wait they are already there) with few clients left with weary costumers looking on. Just saying....
  9. How do I get my MSSWFF2 to work with my helicopter. The game detects my joystick and my G13 how do I program the axis' and throttle and if I am really lucky my buttons too. I don't know how.MAYDAY MAYDAY! my bird will crash again without it.I am an old gamer and I am not use to flying without a joystick. http://forgifs.com/gallery/d/198597-1/Cobra-helicopter-crash.gif
  10. God don't tell me this is going to finish like when I bought Cliffs of Dover the first week it came out.I shelved it for 1 year and a half.
  11. Yes I agree if the server is slow it will affect AI and player positioning horribly. I don't know if they can do this on their servers but lets say you join a server with a ping of 30 and players join with 180+ pings can the server auto-kick high pings like in the old games if you set the server with a range of 1<80 ping maximum?
  12. I don't know What type of system you have or what program you have to log your I5 quad core data but my 0 core is running at 60C-62C and my 1 core,2 core,3 core are running at 58C to 60c. All 4 cores vary and fluctuate equally from 40% to 70% while in game with my monitoring system. If your running just one core and a bit of your second core and you are running a quad core your are far from being optimized in World of tanks.You better check your system settings you might be using XP and you haven't activated your 4 cores in your systems configuration. With the new ''Nvidia Experience'' games are automatically optimized for your games such as Battle field 3,World of tanks,etc....personally I don't like the new system I like my old Nvidia control panel instead.
  13. Well I am still at the training stage of the game and what I find bizarre is that my CPU's on my I5 quad core only run between 22% and 25% of their capacity and the GPU on my Gv-660OC-2GB doesn't even work up a sweat. That all with 12gb of RAM Processors run at a surprising cool 42C ingame and when the computer is idle doing nothing at all they are at 37C. In World of tanks it doesn't take them long to run up to 55C to 60C with the game fully optimized. and the Processers run really high in WOT fluctuating constantly not so in ARMA 3 The GPU runs at a cool 40C in ARMA 3 and in World of Tanks optimized it goes up easily to 56C to 60C in the game. The Framerate in WOT runs around 87-95 FPS on average. Just pointing it out.
  14. wtornado

    in store?

    Not in Canada either just great just bloody great. Steam....sigh.
  15. Where can I buy the ARMA 3 DVD's in Canada no one seems to have it here. I would like to not pass through STEAM again and have the DVD set instead. :confused: