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  1. I am running this game on very high settings on my rig, runs smooth and looks great! Athlon64 X2 5200, 2GB Ram, GeForce9600GT 1GB DDR3, Vista 64
  2. Warspite2

    Basic guide??

    Really helpful thread! This should be sticked, much help sources here for scripting. I never even knew that wiki was out there. Thanks for posting those links!
  3. Any of you guys know how to place planes on the carrier? I went to the default location the LHD is at on the map, my troops can be placed on the deck but I can't get any planes to be on top. The planes end up below the deck and blow up. How can I get them where they are on top of the deck and can take off?
  4. Warspite2

    Help with mission editing

    First off, I love this game! Second, I was using the mission wizard to setup a single scenario and ran into an issue maybe someone can help with. After I placed down the units and put a waypoint for them, when I click to edit the waypoint and change it from 'move' to 'seek and destroy' how do I save that setting? All I can press to close out the waypoint editing options is 'esc'. Then even if I set that waypoint to 'seek and destroy' it will reset it back to move. What do I need to do to make it save the waypoint after I edit it?
  5. Warspite2

    Help with mission editing

    Hopefully they will come up with a fix. Another thing, anyone know if that v1.07 beta patch is compatible with arma: combat operations v1.06?
  6. Warspite2

    Help with mission editing

    I am running arma: combat operations v1.06. I can press 'ok' if I am using the main editor, that works ok. Its the mission wizard that I am unsure of because it is setup different, there is not an 'ok' button down there. So if you try and setup a mission with the wizard, put down a unit on the map, add a waypoint and double-click that waypoint to edit it. When the options come up, the only way to get out of them is by pressing 'esc'. The problem is, when I do this, it cancels the selections.