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    Dutch Armed Forces

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  2. Since the the lastest beta my Arma 2 CO freezes at lobby of multiplayer games. Does not happen without beta and I'm running no mods. https://dev-heaven.net/issues/28756
  3. Winch3st3r

    Lennard's WIP thread

    Have you released you L119a1?
  4. Wow Can't wait to shoot some dissidents in my neighborhood!
  5. @Lennard These look amazing Lennard. Keep up the superb work. Will definitely be following these :)
  6. Winch3st3r

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Is this a evolution of WarFX particles or a whole new project. As in should I run this and Warfx particles?
  7. Bon, any way to add non HE rounds and other rounds? for example DCPIM, SADARM? Have fiddled with sadarm rounds from the cfgammo but never get a true sadarm seeking air burst or dcipm cluster burst.
  8. Winch3st3r

    10th Special Forces Group

    We have a new teamspeak located @ ts.10thsfg.org
  9. Our Mission Our mission is to provide the most realistic computer environment in which our membership can enjoy utilizing team work and military tactics to successfully complete Armed Assault and Arma II game missions without those sessions being ruined by immature players. Our Vision Our organization’s vision is to be one of the most respected and well known Armed Assault and Arma II units in the gaming community. The 10th Special Forces Group is Currently Accepting Applications to its Special Forces Assessment & Selection. Our unit is based of that of a US Army Special Forces Group, as such we have a unit structure and command base reflective of that. We strive for realism yet hold ranks for organizational & participation purposes. We are a close knit group and enjoy what each member brings to the game. We Currently have a Arma 2 Server running 24/7 which hold a large amount of popular co-op missions as well as other game-types. The majority of our unit are based in the US ranging in time zones, we also have members loacated in the UK. . Please visit our website at http://www.10thsfg.org Also Stop by Our Teamspeak at ts.jsoc-gamer.org:9988 Filter 10th Special Forces Group in Arma 2 for our Server and grab our addon pack under the our downloads section Or Contact Us At Recruiting@10thsfg.com ARMA 2 OA Server at
  10. Winch3st3r

    Microphone Issue

    Ya make sure your logitech is set to default device in your volume control
  11. Winch3st3r

    charecters2.pbo (install problem)

    Is this a brand new disk if not possible damage to disk. Otherwise return to retailer if new as there have been quite a few bad batches of dvds in circulation
  12. Winch3st3r

    Server Control Login issue

    Ya its been fixed in the beta's hopefully it gets fixed in the next final
  13. Winch3st3r

    CRC Error

    I had the same problem at launch of CO I merely ran it through dvd info to confirm crc errors then returned it to the retailer for another copy that worked flawlessly. Must be another batch of dvd's out there
  14. Winch3st3r

    TexView 2 woes...

    I've been attempting to edit a paa file in a mission but every tool i use doesnt work for me. I've tried texview 2 and get an error and or crashes. I've tried paa decompressor and that just crashes. I'm running windows 7 64bit and have tried all the previous programs in admin mode. Upon opening it via Eliteness I get this info Type: DXT1 / S3TC compression AVGC TAGG: Avg Color FFD5BBA5 MAXC TAGG: Max Color FFFFFFFF OFFS TAGG: Offsets. 6 entries 33024 x 128 Size=11227 128 x 64 Size=4096 64 x 32 Size=1024 32 x 16 Size=256 16 x 8 Size=64 8 x 4 Size=16
  15. Is the latest beta no longer backward compatible with final stable versions? When I activate this beta I am unable to play on servers not running the beta. Has this changed?
  16. Winch3st3r

    10th Special Forces Group

    Announcing Saturday Night Co-op Night. We will be conducting co-op missions every Saturday evening for milsim minded individuals. Hop on our Teamspeak and visit 10thsfg.com for further updates and for any mission requests.
  17. i've downloaded 1.91 and i can load and unload items on the ground but it will not drop while in the air.
  18. Winch3st3r

    fox's 2010 us army

    Amazing stuff fox, i'm awe struck
  19. Winch3st3r

    RH wip thread

    Amazing work as usual Robbie!
  20. Ya sorry about that my psychic powers machine was broken! Apparently informing the team of a development is now excepting everything too work. :j:
  21. Winch3st3r

    RH wip thread

    Its not by your doing. BIS changed the ak's recoil presumably the 7.62 round more specifically. This has in turn affected the 417