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  1. Woolridge

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    22!!! I discovered OFP when I was 14, in 2001
  2. Woolridge

    CAA1 public release

    NOOO!! Server is down!! Any mirrors already? One question Have the AI's roads pathfinding problems been already fixed??? I'm very interested on it. You guys are working very hard and getting great results for the community!!! Thanks a lot.
  3. Woolridge

    The creatures of Armed Asault

    No, this Rabbit is one imported from OFP. It's movements are poor, but it's better than nothing. I think that the one that comes in the game (not 100% implemented) can have smoother movements and a better look.
  4. Woolridge

    The creatures of Armed Asault

    If you unpbo the file ArmA/Addons/Animals.pbo, there is a folder named "Rabbit". Inside it seems to have all the necessary stuff: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">Rabbit.p3d Rabbit - boxes in BIND pose.p3d data/Anim/rabbit_basicIdle.rtm data/Anim/rabbit_hop.rtm data/Anim/rabbit_idleLookArround.rtm data/Anim/rabbit_run.rtm data/Rabbit.rvmat data/rabbit_co.paa data/rabbit_nohq.paa "data/rabbit_co.paa" (Click to enlarge) It seems that initially they wanted to add Rabbits to ArmA, but they probably ruled out it for some reason.... I have not any experience in addon making, but probably it has to be easy to compile it as an addon and make rabbits appear in random positions in all forests in the game. Could anyone try it??? It has to be great to lose time hunting in the deep North Sahrani forests!!
  5. Woolridge

    SPON Map

    YOU ARE WELCOME! I think this script is great, and I used this video to show the script to my clan and try to convince them to use it in ALL the coop missions we edit.
  6. GREAAT!!! I've been expecting for OFP islands looooong time. Now, you're very very close to finish your work. This Beta2 is great!!! Can't wait to see a final version or a release candidate!!! At first sight, the only thing left to do is satellite and layer masks... the hardest job comes now... :O ! (mmhh... Kolgujev should not be north of Everon??? For those of us who have played CWC campaign, strategically Everon should be between Malden and Kolgujev, and if Kolgujev is so cold and is all full of snow, should be the norther island. If you could shift Everon's with Kolgujev's position, OFP World would be perfect then)
  7. Woolridge

    Tutorial for Visitor3 ?

    I have a problem with Bulozer. I don't Know if it's a problem, or if I need to know a special key for it. The thing goes with the terrain modifications made with Buldozer. Let's see an example. I put this Building in this place using Visitor: Then, I can move the building anywhere and turn it to the right facing. All the changes are saved when I go back to visitor. No problem. Then, I have to modify the terrain under the building to avoid this problem: So, I use the U and J keys which moves the terrain vertex 1meter up and down. (even without having the select arrow and box). And the result is this one: The problem is, that when I close Buldozer and go back to Visitor 3, the terrain has not been modified in it, and when I connect Buldozer again the Building is again half-buried in ground. What's Wrong?.
  8. I'm trying to create an Island based on the Rahmadi's model released by BIS. I've created a small island with an external program (GeoControl) and exported to png. I've imported the island to the Visitor3 exactly as it says in the tutorial "Visitor 3: Making of simple landscape", using the same settings than has the SampleMap. Then I've modified the mask_ico.png and the sat_ico.png with photoshop to give them the appearance of my island. The mask_ico.png is all in brown colour, with a small yellow & green zone, so all the island has to be with sand texture, and one part with grass. I guess that having the underwater surface in sand texture is correct. All right. When I import the satellite mask and layer mask, it makes the process correctly, and it creates de data/layers subfolder with all the info. Satellite and Layer files, and the .rvmat files too. All seems right, but when I connect the Buldozer, the result is that all textures are BLACK. What's wrong???
  9. Woolridge

    Tutorial for Visitor3 ?

    Well, I'm trying to modify my island with Bulldozer. However, I don't see the famous arrow and box. I've unpacked UI.pbo and UIFonts.pbo and put the folders into P:\Ca, created the ArmaAddons.txt with class addons[] = and called it in System preferences with -addons="ArmaAddons.txt". The result is that I can't see the famous selection box and arrow when I press "H" in Buldozer. What's wrong???
  10. Woolridge

    Satellite & Layer Masks

    Ok! I'll try it right NOW Thanks both for the quick-response.
  11. Woolridge

    Tutorial for Visitor3 ?

    I can't add roads too. I've tried to add a Sattellite Mask, a Layered Mask and a grass texture, but when I use Bulldozer my Island is still without the texture. I think i'll wait for better documentation. Â
  12. Woolridge

    Visitor 3!

    Auto answer: works with Squaresize=5 MinHeight=0
  13. Woolridge

    Visitor 3!

    1) I create an image with GeoControl. 2) I export it in tga. 3) I open it with wilbur. 4) I export it to png. (16-buit values) 5) I create the pbl file with a texteditor and I write in it: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">class cfg { PNGfilename="world.png"; squareSize=1; originX=0; originY=0; minHeight=10; maxHeight=376; }; 6) I open the file in Visitor: PERFECT. BUUUUUT.... the problem now is that Bulldozer doesn't works with the maps I import in this way. When it is loading the map it says: And then shuts down. Anybody knows what's wrong in my process??? Anybody knows what's wrong in Bulldozer???
  14. Woolridge

    What is landbuilder ?

    I'm sure we won't never see this tool
  15. Woolridge

    Tutorial for Visitor3 ?

    Yes please, a good tutorial on how it works seems necessary
  16. Woolridge


    When will this tool for ArmA island editing be available to us? And, when all other ArmA editing tools will also be available?