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  1. Mate, I have to say this is one brilliant addon! Ive been creating SF HVT arrest operations and missions but have always been bogged down with unpredictable AI and scripts that fail. This mod answers everything ive been ragging my brain over. Thanks! Keep up the great work!
  2. and maybe safe mode too. I just order them to stay standing and when I want them to crouch I order them to go to danger mode then crouch
  3. Heya Angus, yeah Ive been asking about that for awhile now. But on the bright side, ive learnt a very handy trick :D It turns out that AIs only get stuck in sniper sit when they are in "STAY ALERT" status. Ive found out that they dont get stuck when in "DANGER" tho. So what I always do is command them to get to DANGER before I get them to "stay crouch". Havent tried "STEALTH" yet, but sure it should work too. Hope it helps :) its a nifty trick to temporarily solve the AI problem
  4. Wire

    SLX Mod WIP

    Bloody awesome to hear about the SLXtended :D! I love using SLX, especially the wound system which has totaly changed the way I play Arma2. There was that small problem I noticed awhile back where whenever an AI went to heal you, u would be immediately respawned to position 0-0-0 on the map (this majorly sucked). Think it had to do with the netcode (which was the thing u told us to remove in order to stop the game crashing i think). Anyhoo, hope this problem is solved :D Im dying to see the new SLX Keep it up!
  5. Thanks alot Sander! Btw, How would I best go about replacing Miles for Cooper in the campaign?
  6. @kylania Yeah, that would be what im trying to refer to. @Günter Severloh Sorry, was refering to campaigns lol the thing is that Ive tried that process, but it seems to have broken the directory or something. But I double and triple checked it and i cant figure out how to solve it
  7. Hi guys, How do I go about replacing units of razor team with other addon units? Like what sorts of scripts do I need to write up? p.s. I already tried un-pboing the missions pbo from addons, and individually going thru them on the mission editor and editing them. But that isnt working coz after I re-pbo it, it wont show up on the singleplayer. Something to do with ca/missions etc. Cheers
  8. Wire

    SLX Mod WIP

    how do I solve the issue of units who are wounded, and when someone tries to heal them, they teleport to position 0,0,0?!
  9. I hear you Choki, I just made this: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/21776 Hope it helps. I love using these animations, but I hate the fact that AI still get stuck in Sniper Sit
  10. Wire

    SLX Mod WIP

    Does anyone how to solve the fact that sometimes units get transported to coordinated 0,0,0 whenever they get healed?
  11. AI are still getting stuck on Sniper Sit. Please can u solve this
  12. Thats quite a bummer :( But ah well. I so cant wait for ur release mate. Any updates?
  13. Agree with Hunter, Really cant wait for the patch, mainly so as it fixes the AI from getting stuck on crouch :) Its either All-Stand, or All-Prone, im afraid of leaving them on crouch :P
  14. Well I for one am quite reserved about this. Come on guys :P This is ARMA!!! If we don't particularly like anything, or wish something to be different, we have (in my opinion) the best public modding community found in any other game. We should leave it to ourselves to create new things to satisfy our every wants. At least in this way, the futurism approach allows for BI to expand their perspectives, and exercise their creativity (which might not be the case if they simply just recreated what we all know and see). It might mean we can experience totally new campaigns never played before, and use tactics never thought of prior to Arma3. Give it a chance is what im saying :) Besides, atleast it aint some BF2142 bollicks where the futurism approach completely destroys immersion. I for one am just happy to see a M14 variant as one of the weapons to use in Arma3 :D