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  1. it's sad to hear that in my country living such scum as this one. I will not bring any appologies for him, because i want to have no relationship with such bastard. He is not community member, he is asshole.
  2. Please, write your PC configuration and how much FPS you have in this mission?
  3. Yes, we know that, thank you for report. It fixed in upcoming patch.
  4. Local variables forbidden in editor init lines. write like xxx = this execVM "sitdown.sqf";
  5. this exec "cameratest1.sqs" this must be written in INIT field, non at name field.
  6. They talks about Russian's campaign.
  7. Because it forbidden by german laws. That's why swastika was replaced a cross, for example. and we can't use some terms in game, like SS, Hitler, e.t.c
  8. 8 missions for each side. Yes.
  9. Cause Eastern Front of WWII has most epic battles of this war? :) And russians conquered capital of Germany and stop war in Europe? Also destroy 1.5 million people Kwangtung Japan's army in Manchuria before nuclear bomb of US has blast in Japan's peaceful towns and kill some thousand poor civilians? But, never mind, there also was some small battlegrounds where is no russians, so you right, sure :)
  10. means USSR. Союз СоветÑких СоциалиÑтичеÑких РеÑпублик.
  11. Right, we know that. All swastika sign's will be replaced by Wehrmacht sign or just a simple cross. P.S. It sad, that government of germany trying to forget his history by methods prohibiting a nazi simvol. Is a hystory. Bad, or good - but is a hystory. It can't be rewrited. And modern people of germany don't must blame himself for hystory.
  12. Please, be more polite, all of you :) Better if you say what you prefer to see in this game :)