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  1. Warden

    Norwegian forces WIP

    We do need to keep an eye on him. Looking good for a first attempt QC.
  2. And there's me logged off at the SW Airport :(
  3. Seems to be some problems with Zombie numbers and loot spawns? Anyone else notice this i only encountered my first zombies of the night when i hit the NW Airfield. Anyone know why using @dayz gives me the deleted Chernarus error? Loving this little mod, only question is why didn't anyone think of this before??
  4. Warden

    British kit mod for arma

    Bit odd seeing as they are bringing old Navy seaking out of mothballs and sending them to the Middle East.
  5. Warden

    Tornado f3 & gr4

    Hello . My Dad was an Armourer in the RAF and the Tornado was never able to fire Mavericks, he recalls there was an upgrade program for an aircraft (he thinks it was the harrier) but the Tornado as already stated cannot fire the AGM-65. And from what he remembers the Mighty fin still has its cannons but aren't loaded as standard (Gr4)
  6. Warden

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    I see the thread but this is a thread about Pcs for Arma not just l337 u83r Pcs and pissing contests. the only things ill be chaging are thr OS, GFX and soundcard at the mo, RAR ill wait a bit for.
  7. Warden

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    lol, she got a 1 year old Fiesta. Â 499 plus bits and bobs she got extra, not bad i spose for a pre built , ill just have to take it apart and upgrade parts like the gfx card and soundcard, im hoping the mother board has a PCIe slot, and it looks like it is Dual core.
  8. Warden

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    Well my Girlfriend just went out and bought us a new PC without asking me about it sooooo what do you all think. Intel Pentium D820 Processor - 2.8GHz, 800MHz FSB, 2MB Cache - Microsoft Windows XP Media Center ---WTF - 1GB DDR RAM - 200GB Hard Disk Drive - Multi-Format Dual Layer DVD RW Drive - 512MB nVidia GeForce 7300LE Graphics ---Eh! - 8-In-1 Media Card Reader - Vista Premium Upgrade Included --oh Joys - 19" Widescreen TFT Monitor Your response decides wether or not i chastise her for being impulsive, like when she went out and bought the new car without telling me. Sigh.
  9. I Assume the Cdrs permission is only required in the US, dont you Have to wear ACUs in Iraq and Afghanistan? The Pics coming out of S Korea show a mix of both ACU and BDU
  10. Warden

    RKSL OFP to ArmA

    Looking Niiiice! Yeah not hard to miss the HAS at Leuchars from the Gaurdbridge-St Andrews road. You get a better view though walking round the back of the base through tentsmuir forest though. Infact you see most of the base from that road except for the Armoury and some other areas.
  11. Warden

    e3 dead?

    Isn't it E4 Now? im sure they changed the name?
  12. Warden

    The Middle East part 2

    That's not how I understood it. Oh well. It doesn't really change anything as it was just a supplemental part of my post. Besides, it still carries the same message. The Bunker used by the UN had been there for some time, Hezbollah may/probably have used it during the years.
  13. Warden

    Tour de France 2006

    The Tour De France Winner just failed a Dope test and tested positive for Steroids, Embarrising before daming now don't you think? Especially after he went on TV on Saturday to speak out about doping in the sport. oh didnt see Ironsights post, nvm...
  14. Warden

    Ask a mod

    No it was there, it disapeared after i posted in the thread.
  15. Warden

    The Middle East part 2

    Im pretty sure the UN had told Israel 10 times (i think) that UN Observers where using the outpost, Troops Covered in bright Blue are hard to miss from a Recce, if they even did one. Didn't the Israelis Attack an area near a refugee camp the other day? Or was i imagining that one?