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  1. Hi Guys Just a couple of models to preview for the International Conflict MOD. These first two models on show are by Skull The first is an Osprey ..... WIP M82 More soon Wedge www.ic-arma.com --------------- recruiting for IC mod team
  2. W�dge

    Drago Island

    Nice work mate.... Will it have the Arma Grass in it??
  3. Yeah but this kinda spam is Goooooood Checkin this out now just what i needed EDIT: ok this works good heres the only thing. With the one i was working on i wanted to make sure the A: You couldnt fly over the top and be rearmed and refuelled without landing B:i also wanted to introduce a time delay with Vehicle chat...looked a bit like this <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">_load = _this select 0 ~1 _load vehiclechat "Harrier is ready in 60 sec."; ~0 _load setfuel 0 ~10 _load setdamage 0 ~5 _load addMagazine "4Rnd_Sidewinder_AV8B" _load vehiclechat "Harrier is Rearming."; ~5 _load addMagazine "4Rnd_Sidewinder_AV8B" ~10 _load addMagazine "300Rnd_25mm_GAU12" ~5 _load addMagazine "300Rnd_25mm_GAU12" ~10 _load vehiclechat "Harrier is Rearmed."; ~5 _load vehiclechat "Harrier is Refueling."; ~10 _load setfuel 1 ~1 _load vehiclechat "Harrier is ready for flight."; exit sorry im crap at this hehe Youl notice i kill the fuel first until its fully rearmed and reloaded this again stops people triggering then running off. Is this easy to implement as like i said im crap at this Wedge
  4. W�dge

    Artillery Support

    I am also having the same issue as Strag Cant see any crosshair and after a while it just stopped working all together. Mr Murray can you help with this Wedge
  5. W�dge

    Multiple Spawn Points

    I am also very very interested in getting this to work...my scenario is a bit like this. I wanted to have a main spawn for infantry. A seperate spawn for Airforce and another for mech and vehicles and the option to choose between the 3. Anybody with the knowledge can you guys please help us out Many thanks Wedge
  6. Got to admit im gettin pretty desperate myslelf Sickboy has put so much into the Arma community already ....... so Sickboy take your time mate and i/we appreciate what your doin. Wedge
  7. W�dge

    Demo dedicated

    Can any of the Mods or Devs at least let us know when they think a fix/patch might be out. Many thanks Wedge
  8. W�dge

    Demo Troubleshooting thread.

    Any news on the Dedicated server for the Demo. I have about 150 people wanting to move over to Armed assault if it works out ok. Desperate for a Dedi server
  9. W�dge


    I have tested the old OFP bug where it doesnt overwright the MPmission if you reexport it. In Arma it seems to work. I placed a unit down and exported it. Tested it...fine. Went back into the editor.....put some tanks in and changed my unit to a chopper and re exported it..... it worked fine. Although i havnt tried it with any script changes in the mission file it all seems to be working woohoo Wedge
  10. W�dge

    Vietnam Bunkers Addon

    This stuffs gonna be awesome Any kind of timeframe for finishing ?
  11. W�dge

    How to make an addon

    im looking to re texture standard bis buildings into a Winter format. I have created textures but they dont seem to show up in game.I used the texture swap utility. If they are not showing up is this to do with the Config or the textures themselves. If someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated.I think for someone who has done re textureing before it would only take a few minutes. Please PM if you can help .. full credit will be given on release.
  12. W�dge

    Paatool 1.1 released

  13. W�dge

    Buldozer Problem

    Im also getting this message and i have the path setup correctly. I tried reinstalling But nothing?? Can someone help please! wedge
  14. W�dge

    Paatool 1.1 released

    Hi Guys Im gettin a dead link Any chance of a new mirror
  15. W�dge

    Curved Bridges

    Hey Planck These appear to have come at the perfect time as this is just what i needed for my new island. I gotta problem tho. I have put them in my island using WRP Tool and im gettein a loading error(magic) when i load my island. I have tried placing pbo in normal addons folder and res addons folder to no avail .... any ideas