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  1. Winters

    Wacht am Rhein

    But it didnt hurt it Â
  2. Winters

    Wacht am Rhein

    But that makes no sense, as there are no British troops in the mod. Wouldn't it be better to take e.g. a Panther tank instead of the Pegasus as logo? Everytime something is out of order or doesnt make sense, just think to yourself "A wizard did it"
  3. Winters

    Wacht am Rhein

    Yes, the 101st will be fighting at Bastogne but the demo campaign it will be the US Army Infantry against the Waffen SS
  4. Winters

    Wacht am Rhein

    I can almost sense what his next question will be  Where in the campaign are the British paratroopers? The I44 logo was changed to the pegasus with the Oosterbeek release, we have decided to keep it as it looks cool.
  5. Winters

    Wacht am Rhein

    I couldnt have said it better myself, many soldiers in the german army were just that, soldiers and many others were not. We can go on and on debating this forever but it wont change the campaign at all. It was my decision to go with a German campaign for the demo and i stand by that decision. The demo campaign will be focused on the initial advances they made and the stiff resistance put up by the American infantry at Elsenborn Ridge which required the Germans to unleash the panzers (you) earlier than they would have wished. Each side in war has soldiers that obey orders and do their job and also monsters who live for killing. We are going to focus on the fighting and stay away from the politicing.
  6. Winters

    ArmA Co-Op Missions 3pack

    Did you head back to the chopper? This mission ends after you destroy the vehicles and then get back to the chopper. If your still having problems let me know. It may be a dedicated server issue like the tank problems.
  7. Winters

    ArmA Co-Op Missions 3pack

    The pack has been updated as a bug was found in night fighters mission, sorry about that.
  8. Hey gang, i will be hosting all day long today if anyone wants to stop by and play some missions. I have grabbed a boat load of user made co-ops. The server details are as follows: IP: Or just do a filter search for "Winters on Shitbox" The server will be up @ 10:00AM EST (2 hours from now)
  9. Winters

    ArmA Co-Op Missions 3pack

    Dont tread on me as a tank battle will not work properly on dedicated servers until we get a fix for the tank bug. But hosting it via IP or LAN works fine,
  10. Winters

    American accent voice actors needed

    On second thought, i just went ahead and recorded that first line for ya. LISTEN HERE EDIT: Its a quick, raw recording. I can give you much better quality than that.
  11. Winters

    American accent voice actors needed

    If you still need an American voice actor, just lemme know.
  12. Greetings all, the OFP pub is now serving up frosty pints of ArmA. First up is a co-op missions 3 pack. Mission 1: Base Defense a 12 player mission to defend your home base against enemy attack, (this mission replaces the older one) you will have some armor at your disposal. Mission 2: Night Fighters a 12 player mission to eliminate an enemy ADA base. Mission 3: Dont Tread on Me a 21 player combined arms op against a heavy enemy armoured attack in the desert. Primarily a tank v tank battle you will also have some infantry and an attack chopper available to man. Support (ambulance, repair and ammo) trucks are standing by. Grab the mission pack from the pub right HERE
  13. Winters

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    You can just install 2.5 and your done, its not a patch more like a re-release.
  14. Winters

    Best camaign ever made?

    My vote goes for I44: Oosterbeek
  15. Winters

    Invasion 1944 Alpha Relased

    Yes, replace all your old files with the ones in the .rar