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  1. I think You may be on to something, I'm kinda rusty on this through, dont remember how to set it.
  2. Ok, tried a few different things. It appears the root of the problem is that the AI, no matter what the order, will stop and call out contacts if it detects them. You tell them to MOVE somewhere, and if there is no enemy around they will move in a somewhat prompt fashion to wherever you tell them, but if there are enemies around, they will stop moving every time they see someone in order to call them out. Apparently they are programmed to stop and face whatever they are calling out. So in this case with literally dozens of enemy AI coming, they are constantly stopping and calling out new contacts. So when they get to the chopper, they cannot board until they finish calling out every contact they see.. and if a new one comes into view while they are running to the chopper to board, they stop, call the contact out, run AWAY from the chopper and then begin the boarding process again. The ultimate problem is the closer the enemy gets and the more important the need to get the hell out of dodge, the slower and more unresponsive they become, because the act of calling out contacts supersede any other action or any other order. There needs to be a command to IGNORE hostiles or something to that effect, something to make them stop calling out contacts and just do what I tell them. either that or just make an override command, where the AI does what you say, regardless of its "opinion" on the matter.
  3. So I set up a little hit and run mission, the basic gist being piss off and kill as many OPfor as possible and still escape.. Escape being getting picked up by chopper at what ends up being a very hot LZ.. Myself plus 4 squaddies, one of which is a pilot in the chopper. I instruct the chopper to the LZ and then select the rest of the squad and tell them to board chopper (anywhere) the chopper comes down and one maybe two get on.. but on or two keep attacking the MASSIVE OP FOR that is getting ever closer. If you order them to board again, they run towards the chopper, stop, turn around and start attacking again If I tell them to hold fire, they still do the same thing, but don't shoot, just stand there till killed. Nothing I say or do will get all these morons on the chopper, they will sit there and take pot shots until they are killed.. Ive run the mission 5 times now and every time at least one refuses to board when under fire. And better yet, apparently there is a nice glitch too, if someone dies while under command to board the chopper, the chopper pilot will then never take off, as he is still waiting for the now dead soldier to board it, so now we are all killed sitting in the chopper on the ground. So, whats the trick to make the ignorant AI get on the damn helicopter while under fire.. and do so in a timely manner? This would be a rather fun mission if it wasn't for this crap.
  4. If i run CBA_AO only, as soon as I enter the game it gives me a message that mod folder @CBA is missing and I need to enable it and restart.
  5. I can enable CBA and CBA_OA fine, game launches and they are active. as soon as I enable ACE Include file x\cba\addons\main\script_macros_common.hpp deleted profile completely, and started fresh. same result. ACE is asking for something that just simply does not exist it seems. I typed the error into google, apparently im far from alone. no solution though. six says everything is current CBA and CBA_OA are both enabled EDIT: it works if i do it manually -mod= and such
  6. did a full reinstall of ACE with six, took a LONG time. same problem remains. Include file x\cba\addons\main\script_macros_common.hpp not found six also installed a bunch of shit I didnt have... now I have folders @ACE @ACEEX @ACEEX_SM @CBA @CBA_OA ??? still same problem as before though.
  7. Im having a bit of a problem, tried searching but only managed to confuse myself more. ACE is the first mod ive tried to use with ARMA2 I followed the directions as listed.. I put @CBA_OA in my main DIR. launched the game, enabled CBA_OA rebooted.. game shows CBA_OA enabled but when i start a mission it says that I am missing my mod folder.. ??? no idea what that is about.. so I also put the @ACE in my main DIR launched the game, ACE was listed, hit enable, rebooted game.. include file x\cba\addons\main\script_macros.. etc etc somecrap game wont start. I searched this up, but found myself over my head.. "just use updater" ... what is updater? "use six updater" ko is that the same as the aforementioned "updater" downloaded six updater, installed.. ran.. it pulls up a dos prompt and crashes. Im not about to get into one of these situations where "to make this work you need this, but that make that work you have to get this and that, and to get those you need to install and run...." no, just no. I have the correct version of CBA installed, I have the standalone of OA Im getting stuck in the loop where when I search for a resolution to this problem all I run across is post from other people with the same problem but with answers I don't understand.. I.E. "use six" or "just run updater" I guess these solutions are obvious to someone who has spent time messing with addons for this game a but, but I am no such person hehe. can someone steer me in the right direction?
  8. Wobble

    Anyone else using TrackIR in Arma

    did you order direct from natuarlpoint? I placed my order last night and so far (1pm) haven heard anything from them... Im just curious because I paid for NEXT DAY air.
  9. I ordered TrackIR 4 Pro from flight sims, then tooling around on their site, discovered ARMA has FULL support for it.. DEMO: http://media.naturalpoint.com/video....low.wmv just wondering if anyone else uses it.
  10. Wobble

    Mando Missile ArmA

    Ill admit, I didnt read every single post... but .. where are the install directions? I tried extracting all the PBOs into addons, nothing shows up.. tried moving the mando_missile_arma folder into arma dir and activating with =mod command.. nothing.. there are no directions in the .zip file OR in on site..
  11. Wobble

    Missing Weapons?

    in 108 it doesent work right, it doesnt top attack and the missile travels at probably 6x the speed it should. shooting a tank over 3000 away only took only 2 seconds (if even that long) for the missle to reach it..
  12. with 1.08 the TOW is now ALMOST usable, but it still suffers from an annoying an unrealistic thing wide smoke trail.. so.. even though you CAN guide it now, once its fired you cant track your target.. anyone know a way to make it so it only emits smoke for.. perhaps the first half second of flight. insted of belching thick billowing smoke the ENTIRE time its in the air? thing will be pretty fun and actually useful once its fixed fully.
  13. Wobble

    1.08 corrupt zip?

    Ok, well it opened in winrar.. but gave error.. (unexpected end of archive) but it DID extract.. go figure.. updating now.
  14. Wobble

    1.08 corrupt zip?

    Ok, well it opened in winrar.. but gave error.. (unexpected end of archive) but it DID extract.. go figure.. updating now.