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  1. not really a beta glitch but present for looong time and getting more and more annoying in particular for SpecOp missions where the player snipes and/or stealth attacks standing "safe" put units very often. The (idle) animation continues playing, even for 10+ seconds, despite the unit is lethal hit. see the 'alive' state in the hint window here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNI5OKL_2ZU Just made a ticket for it http://dev-heaven.net/issues/24449 contains repro and video
  2. I'm sorry Suma, its attached now: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/4483 (direct link: http://dev-heaven.net/attachments/13808/test_AI_skill.utes.7z)
  3. plus non-recognizing of setSkill array values set in missions is still "reintroduced" since [83544] : " Improved: AI skill settings in difficulty options easier to use." Reported it yesterday in the recent beta thread and here: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/4483 including a small test/demo mission. Great to know the game is further improved though :) Thanks !
  4. setSkill array values set in mission being ignored again was fixed in beta [83390] but most likely reintroduced with beta [83544] ("Improved: AI skill settings in difficulty options easier to use."). The last public beta that does it well is [83500]. updated related ticket + test mission with description: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/4483
  5. links refreshed unfortunately the 'hungarian to english' version is deleted on FileFront (as most of the 1.04's) and I don't have them on my HD anymore, i'm sorry
  6. lol Well I'm pretty sure that just asking for a mission port isn't THE demotivating part for a missionmaker in doing one ;) However, I thought it wont hurt a small linky to AlecDelorean's thread for the A2OA Takistan port right next to the download link on the first page. And as I'm loving handy links anyways here's the one for the A2OA port too: For Arma2:Operation Arrowhead check out AlecDelorean's thread for his great conversion here: Cipher: Valleys of the Takiban cheers & have fun !
  7. Hi folks, sorry for my big time of absence here. Real live things are stacking up heavily these days and I'm practically out of PC gaming completely for the time beeing. This, however, might change again within the next months or so but I cant promise or even estimate how things develop atm. As for Takistan I'd be interested too how Cipher can be adopted for it, not to mention how the new game and features play out. Given the 3-6 months developing+testing+polishing phase of Cipher on the other hand shouldn't let us be too optimistic for a new incarnation of the mission for the new game/addon too. Beeing an old BIS game hardcorer I definitly will get the addon as soon as its available, thats for sure, so lets keep fingers crossed. As soon as I'll get certain RL things sorted and regain some room for mission design eventually, the chances for a new Cipher style mission should rise considerably. Have fun & good luck - Wiper
  8. Amount of patrols shouldnt be an issue. Try to stick with the same parameters as with the other patrols first. Maybe a small issue with the params array ? I often overlooked the commas for the parameters sub arrays... Check if the're all initialized (placed) correctly and if they start moving I'll PM u for details
  9. The amount you can stuff into a vehicle is limited. The "smaller" the vehicle the lesser you can put in, the rest is dropped. Heavy ammo needs lot of space that isn't there in a Hummer especially if already stuffed with added gear like in Cipher.
  10. here you go ;) http://www.filefront.com/15215729/Arma2_v1.05_po2en.7z first page updated. Admin issue. Unless they copy the enclosed server key file in the "keys" folder on the server there's nothing we can do about :(
  11. lol yea, that's indeed mission related Im afraid. Things like this I tend to see as kinda "trade off" for a open AND dynamic mission environment, so to speak ;) As long as the pilot isn't a group member (or can't be team switched to) there is not much that can be done, aside additional scripting and special "measurements". Always find a properly cleared LZ for extraction should be the best precaution to avoid such unlucky situations. But yes, admittedly its a mission flaw, no question. To cover ALL possible peculiarities in such an open and randomized mission environemt on the other hand would need tons of additional code stuff I'm afraid. I put it on the todo list for a next version increment anyways though, thanks for reporting !
  12. Thanks for your great feedback guys, it makes me confident that Cipher is still a most enjoyable mission although full ACE2 support is not yet implemented. I certainly will update Cipher in these regards as soon as I'll find more capacity for that task as well as fixing at least one minor issue I already know about. I hope you'll all have much fun playing it and that you'll enjoy the dynamicly acting AI this mission particularly was designed for ;) Merry Xmas to all of you !
  13. 1.05 versions available, check first page. merry xmas :)
  14. Hi folks, yes NR is the third team leader in the lobby. Should be easy to fix and I'll do that asap but I'm too busy with different things atm (besides transferring teras of registered stuff on a fresh system). In the meantime a possible workaround of this error could be to NOT disable the last 3 unit slots in the lobby for team size reduction. hope it helps, need to reinstall Arma2 within the next days :o
  15. Thanks for your comments folks ! version 1.41b is uploaded and considered as final :) v1.41b fixed: JIP broken in SpecOp mode tweaked: extraction chopper spawns closer to the players team/ leader markushaze: SpecOp mode doesnt support all vehicle options, just 2 (for a green bike or mountain bike). SpecOp mode was originally intended to be a solo 'iron man' mode, therefore in MP each player has its "own" vehicle as soon as he connects. As for the yellow marker it should never show up when reveal is disabled and can be seen the earlier the lower the difficulty is set, if reveal is enabled. Greg: Yes, that extraction chopper behaviour you reported sounds rather bizarre and, because the end sequence was triggered correctly, I also tend to assume a game/AI at this point. The other issues you reported definitley are, and I think we have to live with them, as we did since OF :). I think in a heavily randomized and dynamic mission like Cipher those peculiarities seem to be even more obvious because the AI is much more "stressed" than in deteministic scenarios which often can be tailored (more easily) quite around certain issues. brrupz: Welcome on board, and thanks for the kudos ! :) Could it be that you (or another player in the team) called the extraction chopper twice or more ? It tries to relocate in such cases and if you're close to enemy armored units the new LZ might be calculated far off a previous one. The extraction routine should be rather robust now and should be working very reliable.. which doesn't mean it can't break in any case of course :o SLX mods/changes some key functions for the AI afaik. Cipher changes loads of AI parameters by itself and controls most of AI movements and "communication". So merging *any* (heavily) AI modding AddOn with Cipher will most certainly break major aspects of both, the mission AND AddOn functionalities. Cipher doesnt touch any view settings in SP mode ! In MP however you can set viewdistance and terrain features in the MP-parameters on the server or using the server control feature of the actual public beta.