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    L-ALT to Hold Breath Broken

    Yep, that was it! Thank you! Must either be a new default for that key or maybe was something I figured out and changed a long time ago, but forgot. Thank you again KoalaDSK!
  2. victor26

    L-ALT to Hold Breath Broken

    Yes, I remapped it to Left Alt, but that no longer seems to work. It doesn't seem Left Shift works either? I'll have to have a look again. I don't like it on right click, because if I am scanning a distant area holding right click to do so, by the time I find a target I'm dancing around like a drunk. I'm pretty sure that was the first key I ever remapped and did so in a hurry! I have tried mapping it to a side mouse button, but I keep my mouse super sensitive. So it ends up hurting my aim more than helping as I push the button and turn forty-five degrees to the side...
  3. I used to have Hold Breath bound to Left Alt. Since the APEX update, the left ALT key does not seem to work to hold your breath anymore. There is pretty much no other key around WASD to use without remapping something that has been an ARMA default since forever. So I could make it Left Shift or something, but that will take forever to retrain myself. I know, first world problem, but if it is simply an unknown and easy to fix issue, that would be nice. Also thought you may want to look into it as it may have broken others' key binds or key combos related to the Left Alt key.
  4. Is there a way to turn off Voice Over Net? Not just turning down the volume and not turning off any other sounds. Just turning off Voice Over Net so the game acts like it was never even there.
  5. victor26

    Body Armor In ArmA

    The camera jumps when the shot is made and there is a metalic ring like is was fired inside of an enclosed metal area. If you have ever been shooting at an outdoor range where they use those tin huts to protect you from the sun and such or an indoor pistol range with metalic walls you would recognize that sound right away. Also if you have ever hunted inside a blind and forgot to stick the end of the muzzle outside the blind (which the sniper probably did since a rifle muzzle sticking out of a vehicle or whatever tends to draw attention) you would know why the camera jumped. I would say there should be little doubt that the shooter was in the same enclosure as the filmer. They did say they were captured so it is likely it was released by the US. But back on topic, I don't see how there is a debate whether or not body armor protects you AT ALL. There has to be millions of cases of body armor stopping bullets. The debate should be to what degree they protect. And if they claim they are bullet proof or resistant to rifle rounds with the metalic plates I would think there has to be at least some truth to. If not, I would imagine they would be facing huge lawsuits similar to what happened to Second Chance Body Armor.
  6. victor26

    Hard drive performance questions

    Well like I said, all I can tell you is my experience with it. I don't claim to be a raid or SATA expert. Even if what you say is true, that they don't use the full potential of the cable, the rest of the equation would still make you think the raid would be faster. 2 drives at 10,000 rpm splitting the reading and writing versus 1 drive at 7,400 rpm doing 100% of the work. On paper the raid should be faster with or without the full potential of the cables. All I can say is that in my machine with nothing changed but the hard drives, the SATA150 raid is slower than the SATA300 single was. I don't know why, maybe the SATA300 is more efficient at moving the data on the drive or something. I just know it was faster. Load times were faster and hard drive lag durring games was non existant.
  7. victor26

    Hard drive performance questions

    I had a SATA300 7400 rpm drive in my computer and had zero hard drive lag. The drive went out (was dropped by the Fed Ex or UPS or whatever delivery service it came from. Passed a drive test but must still have had damage but that's another story). I replaced it with two SATA150 10,000 rpm Raptor drives in a Raid 0. Same computer, same drivers, same OS same everything. On paper this should have been faster than the Sata300 drive (Sata300-3 GB/s w/ 1 data line 7400 rpm. Sata150-1.5 GB/s w/ 2 data lines at 10,000 RPM). I now have hard drive lag. Not as much as my friend who has nearly the same computer as I do, but only 1 SATA150 drive, but it's there and it annoys me after having that Sata300 drive. If you don't have at least 1GB of the highest speed RAM your motherboard can take, though, I would start there. You wouldn't believe the difference between a system with 512MB and one with 1GB of RAM. 1.5-2GB is even better, but the performance boost starts to drop off after 1.5GB in my experience.
  8. victor26

    Stuck in Free Look in Multiplayer

    I never tried getting into a vehicle. I'll give that a shot. Thanks for the info. I'm playing on a desktop so I think the * key is the * key with or without the numlock on, but I'll give that a try also. Hopefully they know about it or they read it here so they can get it fixed. It's not life or death (well in the game maybe) but it is pretty annoying on maps with long load times or maps with few/no vehicles if that works. Thanks all!
  9. Is anyone else getting stuck in Free Look mode? Has happened to me twice now. My * key will not take me out nor will double tapping whatever other key is the default (Can't remember off hand). I'm stuck looking around with my head and have no control over my gun anymore. So far this has only happened to me in multiplayer, I don't know if that has anything to do with it. If I remember correctly, both times it happened I died while in my Gear screen looking at my inventory and I was not even in Free Look mode at the time. The only way to fix it was to disconnect from the server and come back in that I have found. None of my friends have the game yet so I haven't been able to try reproducing it. I guess I can set a satchel charge to 30 seconds and blow myself up while in the gear screen, but I'm at work at the moment. Just wondering if this is happening to anyone else and if this is known or not. They can't fix bugs if they don't know about them. Thanks all.