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  1. I did, sadly it didn't help. Update: Must have been some bogus on my end. I verified it again, restarted both Steam and computer, game downloaded some files and now it works.
  2. I can't actually try the Altis requiem campaign. When I click on it in the menu, It keeps starting Steel Pegasus instead. No mods are active.
  3. vojtzech

    Co-op Campaign: APEX PROTOCOL

    As the campaign was today released for sneek peak version, I gave it a shot and tried the first mission. It's not bad, but it really needs tweaking. First of all, the lack of AI sqad mates... It's breaking immersion - way too many tangos for one person to handle. Not impossible, as I made it without respawn, but 1 guy on foot killing 46 people is far from a realistic scenario. I realize there might be problem with AI squadmates, as for the purpose of the story - they would need to be invincible and invincible bullet-spongey squadmates are not ideal. But for me it would be a lesser evil. Would be great to allow them to recieve damage to some extend, but instead of them dying they'd fall unconscious with unlimited bleedout (or with bleed out time, but failing to revive sqadmate would cause the mission to fail) and you would need to revive them. Second issue is the respawn. If it can't be replaced with save system, it really needs to be more limited. Respawn with gear you had on you in the time of death is a must. Number of respawns should be limited too. 1 respawn for an objective maybe? Other than those issues. I need to express that voice overs, cutscenes and animations were great so far. Tanoa is amazing and I gave in a lot of play-hours allready. So even with the campaign beiing not ideal, I'm not sorry I bought it.
  4. vojtzech

    High resolution wallpapers

    Click on the download button for 1440x900 ;-) -------------------------------------------------------------- edited it to have 1400x900 preview
  5. vojtzech

    High resolution wallpapers

    This one looks sick! Good job :-) By the way, for those interested I have another wallpaper http://vojtczech.deviantart.com/art/Arma-3-2012-wallpaper-211252200
  6. vojtzech

    High resolution wallpapers

    Glad you like it :-) But this is the largest I have, I made it only in my display's native resolution.
  7. vojtzech

    High resolution wallpapers

    http://vojtczech.deviantart.com/#/d3h7dxk I was little bored today and this wallpaper came out of that :-)
  8. vojtzech

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    Ok, so after the FAQ I have decided to cancel the pre-order of OA and wait for more info about DLCs. Then I decide if to buy OA (+ upcoming DLCs) or invest in something else... Because I really doubt that those DLCs are going to be distributed in retail version and I distrust online distribution and payments.
  9. It's a pity that wearing of a ghillie suit does not seems to be affecting a visibility to the AI. I was liing without any movement at night in the forest, in long grass and in a shadow of a tree and AI spotted me like if I worn a white outfit... It shouldn't be that easy for them to spot me.
  10. A weird bug crossed my way during a night attack on the Utes island... It seems that it affected only units illuminated by a light source. It was visible only when I moved really close or zoomed in.
  11. vojtzech

    Patch 1.02 Satisfaction Survey

    Ok here are bug's i noticed in this new patch: 1. AI seems to be worse on foot then it was in 1,1 patch to me. They're stucking and just staring at me sometimes but sometimes they're able to snipe me with smg on long ranges. The big issue is also that they mostly shoot 1 - 3 rounds and then they just stare... Some issues mentioned above were present in the prev version also but i wasn't encountering them that frequently...On the other hand they're better in driving now. 2. While playing "Counter attack" (2nd single mission) mission I was stuck in healing until the injured one died. And that dialog with CDKZ member in the building was started even when I was on different stair level. 3. In 1st single mission the scenario was completed without me saving the CDF prisoners. 4. In 4th single mission while description says "Coordinated attack of multiple USMC groups" I was the only one attacking the rest was sitting like ducks on their start positions. The mision wasn't ended after clearing the vilage on my own. But that's something I remember well from OFP and first Arma. Mission restart will probably solve it 5. While playing Armory on Utes as a BMP gunner - the shader effect (you see darker and a bit blurry thru the gunner view) was still activated even when I dismounted the vehicle or even mounted on a different one. I had to exit armory and enter it againt to make it dissapear. I encountered this one just once by the way. 7. Since update to 1,2 I'm encountering much slower loading times of textures and more graphic glitches such as blinking textures and stuff... That's everything I can remember. I'm really loving the game even when it needs a bit patching. Thank you BIS. I hope my bug report is going to be helpfull at least a bit :-) Edit.: And this one I encountered when I paused during the cutscene on the ship. Cutscene started from the beggining and animations were bugged...
  12. Hi all On this matter. It is worth regularly asking your local retailer if they have a release date for ArmA II. Kind regards walker I don't know how it is in other countries, but here in Czech it's already possible to pre-order it. Release date is set on May 2009. http://xzone.cz/nahledgame.php3?idg=2182
  13. I convinced 2 people to buy Arma2 so far :-) By the way, nice screenshots BIS, I can't wait to get my hands on it.
  14. The HD trailer was awsome, I can't wait...