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  1. Vietnow

    German "FAMO" w/ Sd.Ah.116

    Looking very nice have you considered trying to get the script from the Turkish Forces Fraun thingy so that you can actually transport other vehicles? Might make a good addon that much better
  2. Vietnow

    Vice City

    If you want another map that would work with this theme, may I suggest the Star Light Island map, it's vaguely america like and has a large city section, a haunted village thingy, trains and a lot od desert.
  3. Vietnow

    Music Recommendations

    @ Ranger Bob Yeesh it has but it's changed/become more comercial now, mostly due to the internet and all.
  4. Vietnow

    Ask a mod

    Alright sorry I wasn't sure on that one
  5. Vietnow

    Ask a mod

    If you refer to the large scale bad feeling against Russian addon makers, RHS seem to get by very well and are a widely excepted part of the community. However, I don't know if the members of the team are actually Russian or not. Maybe OCRS are just paranoid about this, anyway I'm not about to complain as they still make excellent addons, with or without the official forum's support
  6. Vietnow

    Music Recommendations

    Just wondering, is anyone into emo music here? It's a relatively new scene and I get the impression that most people here would be a bit old for it (no offence ) My favourite bands at the moment are Eighteen Visions Atreyu Bullet For My Valentine Funeral For A Friend InMe Hundred Reasons can anyone relate to any bands similar to this?
  7. Vietnow

    Winter Olympics - Torino 2006

    Weebl I believe and I think the fact that Britain actually managed to get a medal at all in these games is strange, we got a bronze in men's curling (I think) lets hope there's plenty more where that came from
  8. Vietnow

    Korean city :A little update

    There were a few Korean addons released a while a go and I'm trying to find them on OFP.cz Army Pack 2 As well as that there is a pack including an MBT called ROK or something but I can't find it anywhere. Hope that helped
  9. Vietnow

    NFS : Most Wanted

    It's not all rap/hip-hop, there's some metal in there too which suits me as I just grit my teeth and bear the rap or just turn it all off and listen to itunes (I have the PS2 version)
  10. Vietnow


    Third merry christmas from the UK (specifically London) although now we have to call it winterval or something so as not to offend people anyhoo, have a good one
  11. Vietnow

    Need For Speed: Most Wanted

    I saw Laser and a few others talking about this game in another thread and since I've just got a copy of it for christmas, I thought a topic about it may be welcome. To start it off I'll say that I've just beaten the #15 on the blacklist and am upgrading my.........less than attractive Lexus IS with what money I can dig up, merry christmas as well.
  12. Vietnow

    Great Websites of the World

    Weebl's Stuff Red Versus Blue Hilarious internet cartoons and good Halo/Halo 2 machinaniani......video game videos thingy, also funny
  13. Vietnow


    Vilas has a 2S1 in one of his packs, it's not CoC configged or anything i think though
  14. Vietnow

    New Ocean Island

    ok, now sorry to bug again and double post but I'm getting a model special error with the swat van and security guard, have I not downloaded something correctly?
  15. Vietnow


    looking very nice, btw will we have to download any other addons and if so do you know what they will be?