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    RHS Releases: T80 MBT Pack v.1

    The patch has been functional for two months now.... will it ever be released to the hungry public?
  2. Veovis

    RHS Releases: T80 MBT Pack v.1

    Any ETA on that patch? Is the problem model or config related? If it's config, I could make a temporary hotfix myself... if it's model, I'd rather wait for the patch.
  3. Veovis

    Flashpoint Accented Voice Mod

    Offtopic - Listen, if you don't know what a pikey is, then you need to go and rent the movie Snatch right the hell now because it's one of the greatest ever made. Ontopic - This is a great idea. I especially loved "You're having a giraffe!" as I've never heard that before. (I'm an american.) And we Americans don't have any funny sayings because we're too busy tearing English a new asshole with text messaging =P
  4. Veovis


    Good lord... I enjoy my sarcastic remarks as much as the next guy, but the man's just asking a question. No need to chase him away from the boards. Seems like I've seen a lot of 'holier-than-thou' posts in response to new questions lately. My personal favorite news and addon site is ofp.info aka gamepark.cz, as mentioned above.
  5. Veovis


    Good lord... I enjoy my sarcastic remarks as much as the next guy, but the man's just asking a question. No need to chase him away from the boards. Seems like I've seen a lot of 'holier-than-thou' posts in response to new questions lately. My personal favorite news and addon site is ofp.info aka gamepark.cz, as mentioned above.
  6. Veovis

    RHS Releases: T80 MBT Pack v.1

    No need for the sarcasm, sickboy. But yeah... mp_phonix try and read the whole thread before you post because that's what the past 5-7 pages are about more or less. *Edit - Lol my 100th post in 2 years... and the guy above me has 56 in a month.
  7. Veovis

    Odd FPS problem, Freezes momentarily

    Terrain is at 1024x1024 and distance is 1000m. After I did the changes mentioned above, along with a defrag and a program purge that rivals Stalin, OFP now its running much more smoothly on the original islands, even after I switched to upgraded terrain and trees (Berghoff) and turned on DXDLL and it still was fine.... but it's still really bad for Anjou 3.0, which is a bummer because I think it's the best addon island yet, but as the mods would say, this forum is only for 'vanilla' OFP, which is now working properly. And Anjou does indeed have a train addon, Cameron, is there something particularly nefarious about trains I should know?
  8. Veovis

    RHS Releases: T80 MBT Pack v.1

    If everything is working, are you releasing a patch soon? Because honestly, I don't know what else you guys could be trying to fix or improve.... the addon is excellent, aside from the tank drivers having ADD
  9. Veovis

    Odd FPS problem, Freezes momentarily

    *UPDATE* OK - so I opened up my computer and took out my soundblaster and withdrew my hand quickly because of the excruciating pain caused from brushing against my Radeon heatsink. Now, that is probably not good, I say to myself. Sure enough, started up the computer and the graphics card fan is not spinning. I think I've located my problem. *UPDATE 2* Got the fan spinning again, dust had clogged it up. Also left the case open and have a box fan blowing at it, just to be safe. Must to my dismay, the graphics card heat was not the problem. Next I lowered my texture resolutions (they were at 2048) and made sure that my refresh was set at what my monitor was (it was set higher) and surprisingly, neither of these worked either. When I saw the refresh difference I was pretty sure that was the problem, but it turns out I was wrong. I also looked at some ATI settings - wait for vertical sync, antialiasing and antistropic filtering are all off/application preference. I'm really stumped here. Might I ad, because this is probably important. I uninstalled OFP last summer. It ran superbly, and I used the y2k3 mod. my computer hardware has not changed since. (aside from the soundblaster, which I have removed and uninstalled to no effect) I felt the OFP need recently and reinstalled - and here's the first difference, I installed GOTY this time, whereas last time I had original + resistance. That could be the problem. The other thing that has changed since then is my ATI drivers. Omega's, as I mentioned, haven't done anything. Should I search for an old ATI driver and try that? Or is something wrong with my GOTY perhaps?
  10. Veovis

    Odd FPS problem, Freezes momentarily

    Yes - soundblaster live. And now that you mention it, horrible horrible memories of flashpoint past are coming back to haunt me. As in just taking the damn thing out of my old machine and using motherboard sound. Maybe I'll give that a shot.
  11. I've been searching the troubleshoot forum the last couple of days because I've seen similar problems in posts, but what I've tried hasn't done anything to fix the problem. The problem is that every few seconds I get a graphics hangup, and then it continues. Aside from the hangup, the FPS are fairly normal, although a bit lower than what I'd expect out my system, which I'll list below. 2.6 gHz P4 w/ HT MSI Radeon 9800 XT 128MB 1024 Mb DDR 400 (crucial) Asus P4P800E Deluxe Yes, I am using addons, and DXDLL... but the problem will occur with very few units. I made sure to disable my antivirus scanner, as suggested, and also downloaded the latest ATI Omega drivers, but neither seemed to have much effect on anything. The troubleshoot FAQ said something about 'alternate buffering method' but I think it referred to NVidia cards only. I also opened up my case and made sure there wasn't any major dust buildup or excessive heat. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  12. Veovis

    WWIIEC: Anjou 1939-1944 V3.0

    Not sure why this topic stopped so suddenly but - To the people who blame lag on old comps, based on flying around in one helicopter? Well, I best just not say anything, or else Placebo will pay me a visit. I have 1gig ddr ram, a radeon 9800 XT, one generation behind, sure, but the best of said generation. It certainly isn't obsolete. I am experiencing pretty horrible lag any time I try to do a cutscene - one cutscene only has 5 soldiers, a UAZ, a helo, a plane, and an APC, and it gets horrible FPS. The odd thing is that during the actual mission it isn't very bad at all.
  13. Veovis

    main config

    I made some changes to the main config file, but now I can't compress it back into a bin file. I can't get binarize to work, and when I use amalfi's cpp>bin 1.2 utility, it chokes on the big numbers in the config (at least, that's what appears to be happening) IE the 429496XXXX numbers...and creates errors. What am I doing wrong, or is there another utility I can use? Thanks in advance
  14. Veovis

    The Iraq thread 3

    Allow me to dissect your own statement for you. Celebration Holy War against Americans Now, I put two and two together, and decided that you're pissin' me off. - (Carl, ATHF) Seriously though, if you have some other ambiguous meaning behind your statement, please explain yourself. Well that'd be awfully civilized of you, now wouldn't it. Good to see such maturity on these boards.
  15. Veovis

    The Iraq thread 3

    Edit - My comments served no purpose for this thread and would have been better suited to a private message.