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    Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  2. Hi everone. I've been working on this addon for a few weeks now, and finally got it to a point where i could release it. You can download the file from here: RAI Model 300 This addon requires atleast version 1.75 of Operation Flashpoint and JAM2. you can get JAM2 here: JAM2 Here are some screens of the addon: If you have any suggestions, comments, or problems then post them here or send me an email at jlee1234@gmail.com
  3. Viper200

    3D real time satallite map

    The chances of finding one is small? i found two of them landing. over to the right of Boston
  4. Viper200

    Liberation 1941-1945: Barbarossa

    Great mod, I love the amazing detail. However, i was wondering if anyone else is having a problem trying to play the game online. Everytime i start up the server, so that me and a friend can play, and pick or make a mission to play, the game freezes up. I also had this problem of freezing when i tried to start one of the single player missions. But, if I go into the mission editor and place a few units to just fool around with, the game works fine.
  5. Viper200

    The multiplayer face gallery

  6. Viper200

    BF2 Criticism and Thoughts

    The best things about the BF series are a) running over people with a jeep b) blockading your team's bridges with a tank, and c) jumping in the air and spinning your mouse as fast as you can Seriously, that's the most fun I've ever had with these games.
  7. Viper200

    Guild Wars

    It's both. It has an absolutely great roleplaying mode, and a just as good player vs player mode. The role playing mode has explorable areas where you and some friends can go out and just kill things and explore the massive landscapes of guildwars. There are also cooperative missions where you and a group of people work together to complete it and advance further into the game. The role playing mode also has some PvP arenas. I got this game a few weeks ago, and i love it. The PvP mode is good also, you can create a character that starts off at lvl 20 and then just use it for only PvP. I don't play PvP as much as i do roleplayiong, but it is also really fun. and hooahman, I am the leader of a guild called Deaths List. If you would like to join it then just tell me what your in game name is and i will send you an invite to join.
  8. Viper200

    Borrowing a Server?

    Hey, some friends and I plan on playing some OFP this weekend. Unfortunately, we do not possess a server to play on, and were wondering if someone would be kind enough to grant us admin sometime during the weekend. If someone would not mind doing so, then add me to xfire: dsrtsneak and we'll discuss from there. Thanks in advance.
  9. Viper200

    Gran Turismo 4

    The photo mode in GT4 is a nice feature. here are a few shots of some of the photos I have made: This is the Subaru Impreza that I won, it's a good car for just about anything and here is some toyota triathlon car that i won, it looks strange, but its a good car. The one thing about it though is that you cant race it in any races and here is one of my Silverado concept pick-up
  10. Viper200

    Playing Movies Disturbance :-(

    You have to right click on your desktop, then goto properties, then under the screensavers tab, click on power, then change turn off moniter to never, or however long you want it to wait before turning it off.
  11. Viper200

    Official Stupid Quiz Thread

    And also, the OS Quiz
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    Latitude and Longitude Theres a good website to find latitude and longitude. Ok der bastler: Zoomed out Zoomed in on Virginia:
  13. Viper200


    I live in Tazewell County, Virginia, US. Latitude: 37:5.15 N Longitude: 81:45.33 W
  14. Viper200

    How about a forum night?

    Looked like fun. Wish I could have played, but I have started going back to school recently and that is taking up most of my time. Now I only have time to do things on the weekend. I tried to join today for a game or two, but FDF kept freezing up on me, I made it in once, but then i had to go and do some things. So, hopefully I will have time to play on Sunday if there is a game.
  15. Viper200

    Gun Flashlights

    Yes, because in Master_Chief's post he said under the good stuff And also if you watched the video, just before he starts running towards the barrels, you can see that he turned it on. Edit: and by the way, Nice job Master_Chief!