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  1. Hey yall! As BI finishes up on their nice looking web 2.0 page. That left me wondering, will the forum software be something looked at? That would be quite nice in my opinion. Personally I'd like to have ability to rename thread names and subtitles, different skins, ability to upload small files in your post, and support firefox by means of highlighting text and selecting a code button. Currently on all firefox machines I've used BI forums, the '[]' appears at the end of the post and have to be copied/pasted elsewhere. It would also be nice to have the editing categories inside of the game's directory. As current, the editing sections are outside of the game's directory and take a lot more time to navigate to. But these suggestions are just me, and I understand there's a reason for everything. It'd just be a nice change... after all of these years.
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    An Essay. Proofread Request.

    Usually I don't do this sort of thing but my brother had a baby over the weekend and I haven't slept in 50+ hours. I haven't attended my college classes all week because of this (I've been 3 states away) and I'm only now just starting to catch up (I'm back home now). We had this essay that we were to supposed to write as if we were presenting to an audience that has never read anything I am about to talk about. The essay is simply: Making connections between two different types of essays. We we're allowed to use any personal quotes/opinions/experiences we deemed as 'usable', as such, I wrote this essay. Now, with hopes of getting simply under 5-6 hours of sleep tonight for college tomarrow, I ask that at least one person simply read over this essay and make any suggestions/comments you see fit. I am not asking anyone to do anything specific for me, I don't want this thread deemed as 'cheating' or a stupid 'homework thread'. I will make the corrections myself if nessessary. I will try and fix the weak points in my paper before class tomarrow. Anyways, without further delay. My Paper: Thanks for reading this stupid essay, your time, and putting up with my 4th grade writing habbits. I've never been a good writer.
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    Arma3 Videos

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    Arma3 Videos

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    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

  7. Sure. I appreciate the time you'd put in to create that. Very much looking forward towards your next release :)
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    Scripted Tank Fire

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    Boeing C-17 ArmA 3 Mod

    Is there a way to have a trigger activate and automatically open the cargo doors on the Globemaster? Edit: Guessed and got it right. Opened up the addon with a depbo tool, looked inside the "scr" folder, noticed the "back_rampdown.sqf" script, added it to my mission, named the Globemaster "A1" and in the triggers Activation field wrote Bam.
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    A3C: Name Tag Mod

    I love your sarcasm Fox, such an inspiration. Anyways I guess I'll have to find another way around it. I used that Armaholic link previously, and that particular version didn't allow me into Spanish's server. I assumed that the Armaholic link was for another version as the file I downloaded from AH wasn't signed by Spanish's CTI server. I guess I'll be asking the players there later if they're using a different version and/or if it isn't working in that server currently.
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    A3C: Name Tag Mod

    Does anyone have a working link for this? I'd like to use it on SpanishSurfers BECTI server but cannot find a working link. Thanks!
  13. I know MP mission optimization is the biggest factor with question like these, but let me preface by saying: The people I'm playing with who live across the street do not have these frame-rate issues, I built their PCs and the only difference is that they're using an i5 processor. My issue: Single Player FPS is 60+, Multiplayer (Wasteland in this example) is 5-13. The FPS difference in MP between very-high settings and the lowest settings hardly make a difference. PC Specs: GPU: eVGA Geforce GTX 570 RAM: 6GB CPU: i7 920 SSD: 250GB OS: Windows 7 64-bit Multiplayer Settings: Texture: Low. Objects: Low. Terrain: Low. Particles: Low. Cloud: Disabled. PIP: Disabled. HDR: Low. Dynamic Lights: Low. Visability -Overall: 500. -Object: 500. -Shadow: 50. Sampling 100%. Vysnc: Disabled. Bloom: 0. Radial Blur: 0. Depth of Field: 0. SSAO: Disabled. Caustics: Disabled. FSAA: Disabled. ATOC: Disabled. PPAA: Disabled. Aniso. Filtering: Disabled. Things I have tried: Under: "C:\Users\Victor\Documents\Arma 3\Arma3.cfg" changed GPU_MaxFramesAhead to 1. Under: "C:\Users\Victor\Documents\Arma 3\Arma3.cfg" changed GPU_DetectedFramesAhead to 1. Launch Options: "-maxmem=5120" "-maxvram=1024" "-cpucount=4" "-exthreads=7" -nosplash -skipintro Completely changed graphical settings around for over an hour and noticed hardly any difference in FPS. Removed all start-up programs. Currently only 39 processes running in task-manager. What can I do? I've tried everything and this game doesn't even budge. Yes it's an online mission that may or may not be optimized by the player that made it but when other people seemingly don't have any FPS issues with that particular mission it just makes me scratch my head.
  14. Overclocked my i7-920 from 2.4ghz to 3.0 and exact same sub-10fps on nearly all online missions. Even some of the lower scripted DM missions give me horrible fps. I'll be back to Arma3 in 6-12 months when maybe they'll address it. If its the i7-920 in general, what additional $200+ do I need to spend to make sure this game at least runs well...
  15. Overclocking has always seemed overly complicated and I've always felt overwhelmed before actually going through with it. My CPU is air cooled by a ZALMAN CNPS9500 heatsink, so I'm not sure how much more performance I can squeeze out of that. As for the poor scripts: I just don't understand how I can be getting such poor performance but others in the same mission at the same place get a very playable frame rate. I can only imagine what missions like wasteland will be like in the future with a 14x larger map to contend with. Anyways I was hoping there was some small change I could make that I might have missed. I guess I'll just have to contend with waiting until after release. I personally hate these coop-ish missions but it feels like since 95% of the community has decided to go this route, I've got little choice but to conform or play another game. Even the popular king of the hill map nets me 5-7fps on average...
  16. Sorry I'm late to the party but... Only one jet is coming with the full game? What? Even OFP at least came with two jets and a Cessna :( So much for multiplayer equality.
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    Arma 3 Benny CTI : How Arma is meant to be played

    Yea except currently CTI's like TeeTimes feel like wandering around in a desert and results in people (namely myself) falling asleep in boredom. The other MP missions like Wasteland are horrible in that exact regard. Speaking of fighting a non-existant enemy: Domination/Annex demands absolutely no tactics ether as exclusively "fighting" AI shouldn't count. That's about 95% of the community right there :cry2: Benny's CTI imo is the only thing that does a good job at mixing PVP/PVE while keeping things from getting too boring and gives each team a clear goal: Destroy the other teams base, or die trying to defend it. Benny is the only one currently working on something worth playing that I know about.
  18. Here is the setup: 1. Two computers. 2. One house. When one person is playing in-game, it works great. When my brother joins ANY server from the server list, I get a "No Message Received" and I am forced to quit. He receives "connecting failed" messages until I am ejected from the game I am in. After I leave the server, he is allowed to join whatever server he wants. What can we do specifically to remedy this issue? If it has something to do with port forwarding etc, I could use a little more in-depth explanation as I don't understand it very well. PS: If I create a internet server, he can join the server (and so can others). PS2: We can play other games together just fine (EVE Online, etc).