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  1. Vipersheart

    "hey you stole my work!"

    You know guys: I don't have any problem with people using my addons for their missions and other addons. I don't have a problem with packing them into another zipfile, too! BUT I REALLY HAVE A PROBLEM WHEN I'M NOT MENTIONED! I wouldn't say a word if there would be a readme file mentioning all the author he took work from. That would be totally okay! But not mentioning a single author - that's simply not fair.
  2. Vipersheart

    Hey kegetys

    Yeah, as far as I heard from the other teams i know everyone has applied for it (Lost Brothers, too!! - but nobody has an answer. I got the bad feeling they are again holding it back... OTHER MOD TEAMS ARROUND: Have u heard from BIS since you applied for the tools??
  3. Vipersheart

    "hey you stole my work!"

    Yeah.. I have already seen that in the Desert Storm mod lots of work of other addon makers is used. I still hope they will give credit to those which work they are using! And if they don't want to give credit to us.. well.. we  gonna tell it the community in a nice way
  4. Vipersheart

    -> h&k smgs released by the lost brothers mod

    Using sounds from other games?? Officially I can't do that! The sounds of commercial games are the intelectual property of their creators.. taking the sounds out of an commercial game would deffenitly hurt their liscence agreement..
  5. Vipersheart

    "hey you stole my work!"

    I agree with Placebo.. I'm very proud when my H&K addons and the FAMAS are posted on other sites - aslong as they give credit to me.. I haven't made bad experiences with that yet.. But there some things which bug me! For example addon makers of french soldiers asked me if they could use my FAMAS - and i agreed. Now yesterday I've been to desert storms mod site.. and what do i see? French desert soldiers with my FAMAS. Not a single word mentioned yet that the FAMAS is my work.. hope they will change that!
  6. Vipersheart

    -> h&k smgs released by the lost brothers mod

    Thanx for the feedback! The update of the H&K SMGs is gonna be released very soon. The sounds for the weapon are now more accurate and the recoil is more realistic. Regarding the G3 rifle: It has a nice heavy sound, too But you guys will see next week In the moment we have the following release list: -> HK SMGs          (released) -> HK SMGs UPDATE    (to be released in two days) -> HK Assault Rifles     (next week) -> HK Sniper Rifles     (following week) -> HK Bonus Pack      (following following week) Expect some nice extras and weapons for the Bonus Pack. Finally - not part of the weapons series -we will release the HK soldiers containing special camoflage soldiers equipted with these weapons. However, this is not the real main project of the Lost Brothers TEAM!! We're still focusing on our middle east modification. This packs are only released to make waiting easier for you guys
  7. Hi guys! Today we released the first Heckler&Koch weapons package in a series of four packages. The first one includes the -> HK MP5K -> HK MP5N -> HK UMP The other weapons will be released in packs, too: H&K Sniper Rifles, H&K Assault Rifles and H&K Bonus. One pack each week - means three more weeks. Expect updates for the weapons!! HEAD OVER TO OUR SITE AND DOWNLOAD IT!!! lostbrothers.ofpmatch.com And here are some screenshots.. And some ingame shots.. And some production shots.. Now please give us feedback!!
  8. The T&L problem is related with the MLOD format of the demo versions p3d model files. The demo had no T&L format - so the models had no support for it, too. We can't work arround on this problem in the moment. But I will release new updated version of the FAMAS if BIS will give us the tools..
  9. Have I been sarcastic??? Now by they way: anyone experiencing problems with the Addon?? There was a small bug when you chose the US Grenadier - I fixed that after two minutes. So if you downloaded the addon before 12.50 you should download it again
  10. Yeah!.. This is were the credits go: SPECIAL THANX TO: FLIPER - for giving me support, advise and texture help AYORROS - for his superb french soldier addon PLATOON ABLAZE - for making the first real step on french soldiers in OFP RAN - for his professional help regarding the french army SIX SKIN: For his TacOp Famas. FIRST I didn't steal ALL textures from him! It is the best availble detailded side shot from the FAMAS. I only took the very nice looking side view and edited it to fit the OFP model beter. However, it seems that his texture is not fully relistic.. http://world.guns.ru/ - one of the best sites in the net. Out of their pics i made the rest of the textures If I forgot someone - please mail me. PS: The textures in Milkshape aren't the actual textures in the game..
  11. Thanx ran... but never forget that not a french man did it
  12. Vipersheart

    P3dtoobj help

    3D Max always makes problems.. try "Milkshape" instead! The Milkshape Website.. In milkshape you can easily import them without needing to config the plugin..
  13. Vipersheart

    IDF mod

    I partly understand your anger - but I really don't understand nor accept your HATE!! I'm not a jew, I'm not Israeli. But I work on this mod. I don't work on this mod to make propaganda. I don't believe israels - nor do I believe your prejeduces and propaganda! You seem to be a guy who believes those shit of the Jews poisening wells, blasting up the WTC and so on!!! What the hell is your problem?? That they are jews?? When the ottmanians (turks) oppressed your people for centuries they've done nothing!! Nothing!!! I lived with palestinians in the westbank - and I'm glad to know that not all of you believe in those SHIT! What the hell do you think?? It's a hell of easy to believe in this crap - but to gain for peace, that's harder than to "glorify" your martyrers!! YOu know what?? You seem to like the role of an victim!! The only thing we wanted to do is making a mod for a great game! You will be able to play every site!!! This means you will be able to play PLO/PA policemen, IDF-,Syrian-,Egypt Soldiers and so on!!! Don't bring in your hatress and prejeduces into something people are working hard to make it not political!!!
  14. Vipersheart

    IDF mod

    NEW PICTURES!!!! And a hell lot more pictures on the IDF mod community site!! the IDF mod
  15. Vipersheart

    IDF mod

    man! this one looks real nice..!!! Have you took a look at the package, Noone?? :-)