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  1. :bounce3: wohoa Mandoble! thanks for that tip (very realistic feature for sure!!) incredible sensation firing and kill with the TOW :D the problem was that I was too close to the target and can´t "catch" the missile well... so real! :eek: now works perfect with ACE2+SLX. thanks again for your help! oustanding mod
  2. please I´m testing the TOW with ACE AH1s (manual guidance for pilot and gunner) and it isn´t working here (last versions of all mods) the missile always go straight and explode in the air but I can´t do the manual control like with the land vehicles (those works fine with TOW system!) thanks for any help in helping with this feature. ps: the Hellfire missile system/camera is working fine...
  3. thanks for the link ! downloading now... then: your soldiers+BMP=fantastic :D
  4. great units SLAYER_RF ! thanks. just one question: please which is the BMP addon did you use for the screens? Looks fantastic! hope you can lead me to it for add your soldiers like that! :) thanks!
  5. Vikingo

    Tank Interior Question

    yeah! hope that the interiors will be back in game with a MOD or something... useless = true Ian , but SO NICE!!! even in 100% tank simulation games like "T72 Balkans on Fire" they don`t have tank interiors but in OF we have them and ADD a LOT of realism and the "you are there" feeling... will miss a lot the T72 great interior... also the BMP one... but sure a MOD maker will bring those back if the engine of the game let we have "v" option at any vehicle position... and of course, always is good to have some new vehicles... A10 can be nice I have a strange dream with A10 in game... with 3D meshes and all that... weird things...
  6. Vikingo

    ArmA Photography

    thanks Forrestal !!
  7. Vikingo

    BIS, Armed Assault, and north america

    Puma VII, not all is lost in this world... regards for you from Argentina (South America)
  8. Vikingo

    Armed Assault videos

    Shadak thank you so much for that one!! ouch ! those walls hurts
  9. Vikingo

    Armed Assault videos

    hey shadak video master!! I can´t resist your offering PLEASE can you make some armor ones... to finally see in action the heavy machine gun of the top of tanks (mainly T72) (but in first person view please) and also please show us some tank driving in turn out position... I always saw the tanks in third person view but never see them from the driver view... I mean in turn out position... please I would love see that!! Thanks!!
  10. Vikingo

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA modding?

    Those are really GOOD NEWS!! and please about the M113 that you name to have interiors.... when you are driver at turn-in position you can look inside the unit? or just the optics like in tanks? (I know in M113 cargo you see the other soldiers/interior of course...) thanks again DeadMeatXM2 !!
  11. Vikingo

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA modding?

    The reason BI didn't include interors for Tanks was time. AFAIK the LODs for Pilot, Gunner, Commander and Cargo still exist in the engine (otherwise how would any of the other interiors work) but BI never made any artwork for the tanks. thanks for reply DeadMeatXM2! got it, I mean when I say "game engine" I ask myself if the option to "v" is still there (while inside tanks) or the game now pass from external view (or turn out) directly to "optics view".... and even if you mod the graphics of the cockpits you can´t use that option anymore... because the game don´t let you... Or in the other way, maybe is just a config matter and you just change something there and you can have the "v" option for can go OFF optics view and see inside the tank... hope you understand what I try to say with my poor english... In all videos I saw the view pass directly from outside to optics... that is why I fear that maybe we can have the graphics back but cant´s see them... just still pass from outside to optics in a fixed way... (locked by game engine) what to you think DeadMeatXM2?
  12. Vikingo

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA modding?

    little one but maybe hard to achieve... have back the tank cockpits... I know that you don´t use them all the time but was a nice realism touch, and men... I like to see my crew get injured inside tank really hope that RHS or other team can bring them to the game. So... this time we will have: heavy machine gun usable + tank interiors there = complete simulation of tanks. and... for that idea !! can be so nice to from the back of the BMP.... I think there is a BIG chance to can mod that... if the heli can shoot from the side a BMP with some fixed AKs and optics enable will can do the same... can be very nice!!
  13. Vikingo

    ArmA Photography

    thanks for those ones AirborneCZ and Gart !! ... any more?
  14. Vikingo

    Armed Assault videos

    hey! poor BMP on that video!! like the way the model lost the tread when get knocked out... good detail BIS ! thanks for sharing!