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  1. I hope you can decrease the size of your guy's portraits on the bottom!
  2. There seems to be something odd with birthdates. I went into my User CP -> Edit Your Details In there, the month was blank for the birthday, however the day and year were correct. I changed the Month and saved it, which worked. Not sure if this is going to cause any issues but it could be something to look into.
  3. VerySolidSnake

    BI Forums downtime

    Enabling file/image uploads through the forums, but having them mirror elsewhere (we wouldn't even notice) is actually possible...
  4. VerySolidSnake

    BI Forums downtime

    Wow nice work on the transfer!!! Being a web developer I can really appreciate what must of gone into this.
  5. VerySolidSnake

    Invasion Warfare

    How is this as COOP?
  6. VerySolidSnake

    Warfare Cooperative (WACO) v1.1.1

    Can't figure out how to get artillery to work. I build it, put one of my team members on it, then don't see an option for it on the "T" menu. How do you do it exactly?
  7. VerySolidSnake

    BI Forums downtime

    What forum system are you guys migrating to?
  8. VerySolidSnake

    Mission database experiment

    I still believe this voting system will work, since the whole site relies on it (armaholic's is an after thought). If someone spends the time to fill out the mission template thoroughly, I believe that will be a good indicator on whether or not the mission is worth even trying. If you do end up playing the mission and it sucks, press the bury button and make a comment and mini-review it using that comment. Also, the person who made that mission will become blacklisted, you can check their mission history and see what people were saying about their previous missions, and decide whether or not its worth downloading their new one. Along with a mission description template, I'll add a mission name template. What should I use for that? I will also tweak those categories,.
  9. VerySolidSnake

    Mission database experiment

    The main problem with my last OFP Mission Database site was the fact that the admins got busy, therefor the missions stopped being uploaded. I was thinking about it and I believe there is a different way to run a mission database site that is entirely community driven. Right now the site is live and at Fansn Armed Assault It's a Digg clone, where anyone can login and submit links to their missions. In theory, the better missions will get "dugg", while the other missions will get buried. The ones that get "dugg" the most will be pushed onto the front page. The community will keep the good content pushed forward. Everyone is welcomed to submit ALL of their missions to this, only the non-missions/spam will get deleted. It's entirely community driven so as long as the missions keep being created, the site will keep getting updated. We would probably want to designate a good file upload host to use alongside this. What do you guys think of this? If it gets a positive response I'm planning on changing around the template to give it a more "Armed Assault" feel (no data will be lost, so go ahead and upload missions). I want this site to be for the community, maintained by the community, and created by the community, so throw out some suggestions/ideas.
  10. VerySolidSnake

    Warfare 1.1.x [ MattR N&S ]

    Maybe instead of "Radar Blocked", have it either be solid black (you'll know the radar is jammed when all of a sudden you can't see any dots)
  11. VerySolidSnake

    Warfare 1.1.x [ MattR N&S ]

    Maybe instead of "Radar Blocked", have it either be solid black (you'll know the radar is jammed when all of a sudden you can't see any dots)
  12. VerySolidSnake

    Mission database experiment

    Upgrades completed, you can now either upload your mission to the site or link to a different site. I also added "Player vs Player" which will encompass deathmatch, ctf, capture and hold, etc. I'll be adding the "Mission Description Template" tomorrow, does anyone else have anymore suggestions on making this better? edit: there will also be a new template coming out soon. However, as of now, it seems like the site is ready to be fully controlled by the community.
  13. VerySolidSnake

    Mission database experiment

    I'm in the process of adding the ability to upload missions onto the site. It should be working sometime tonight. The only limit is that they have to be less than 6mb (which most are), missions larger than that are going to have to be hosted elsewhere. Any recommendations on a good host to point users to?
  14. VerySolidSnake

    Mission database experiment

    1. The better word for it that I should use is "Vote". When viewing a mission and logged in, underneath the amount of votes it has, you can hit "Vote", or, you can click the link "Bury" 2. No other rating system, this seems to work great with www.digg.com, so I think it's worth a try. 3. At the moment it only links to an external site. With some modification I believe I could allow uploading directly to this site. Before I spent that time I just wanted to make sure I had a green light from everyone on this. 4. I believe it would be beneficial to keep all versions of missions, so each new version would be a new post. 5. At the moment no HTML tags allowed, however this can be changed. Not sure if there should be images, text always tells the better story. 6. I can have that template as the default values when submitting a mission. What does everyone else think? 7. PvP? If that stands for Player vs Player, doesn't Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch encompass that? Or am I mistaken? 8. Forgot about those. Added 9. This could be where the "tags" come in, which helps with searching for certain missions
  15. VerySolidSnake

    When the night falls

    Mirrored at http://arma.fansn.com/mission.php?item=24 Anymore info on it?
  16. VerySolidSnake

    Arma online distribution by SPROCKET

    How is patching handled? Can you use official BIS patches or do you have to wait and use special ones by Sprocket?
  17. VerySolidSnake

    Petition for Friendly-Fire Options

    This is what I think should happen with TK'ing -Bullets you fire, from any gun or tank turrents or whatever, cannot kill teammates -Cannon blast, gernades, bombs, missles, CAN kill teammates (that way you can't have guys chilling out in the middle of a bombing run untouched) I think it is a great idea to have the option of turning TK'ing on and off, while in private servers it won't be necessary, public servers are going to get out of control.
  18. VerySolidSnake

    How to play CZ/GER version completely in English

    New version mirrored at -> http://arma.fansn.com/addonredirect.php?item=2
  19. VerySolidSnake

    How to play CZ/GER version completely in English

    Mirrored the new version -> http://arma.fansn.com/addonredirect.php?item=2
  20. VerySolidSnake

    How to play CZ/GER version completely in English

    Mirrored at http://arma.fansn.com/addonredirect.php?item=2 Why am I even starting this website before I get the game, I'm just teasing myself
  21. VerySolidSnake

    German Version out!

    Is the german version updated over the czech version? Or is it the same version with a patch coming out in the next couple of days?
  22. VerySolidSnake

    First ARMA impressions

    Holy hell, I'd hope with that setup you'd be running smooth. What about people with mid-range systems, like mine. It was top-of-the-line 3 years ago, and still runs new games great, but Armed Assault has me worried. My Setup: 6800GT 1 gig ram AMD 3200 64bit
  23. VerySolidSnake

    Armed Assault videos

    luemmel, what are your system specs? Those are some pretty incredible draw distances
  24. VerySolidSnake

    Armed Assault is GOLD !!!

    Also wondering this as well. For all I care at this point though I'll play the game in Wingdings. Any updates on downloading it? (Steam?)
  25. VerySolidSnake

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    I'm here in the US, and would much rather download the game right away then wait 6 months for a copy from the store. It'd do alright in the US from word of mouth then in 6 months when it actually reaches stores, it will already have a pretty firm userbase.