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  1. Vegabond

    Head Bob...how many use?

    Not worth it during MP since its a unfair disadvantage
  2. Vegabond

    OA Gamespot

    http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/pc/arma2operationarrowhead So far generally favorable
  3. Vegabond

    Daytime thermal use - 'cheating' ?

    I would that is a convo starter right there to get you on your way, how did you get that spider bite :bounce3:
  4. Vegabond

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    ib4l, They are awesome!
  5. Vegabond

    ARMA 2 Micro AI Thread

    Can't even bother playing without DAC 3.0
  6. Vegabond

    To those who think the SCAr is dropped

    And why is this not in off topic?
  7. Vegabond

    Good RP Name?

    Hux will do as long as its nothing with l33t names and XX|xxHUXx|XXXX stuff
  8. Vegabond

    Jet Pilots

    heh beat me to it
  9. Vegabond

    Evo~Blue V3.x

  10. Vegabond

    Kyllikki Missions

    Tears of allah, checking that out and thank you for the great missions :D
  11. Vegabond

    Custom size mousepads?

    This too, and I think that laserpads company? I'll edit once I google the name does custom size mouse pads as well
  12. Vegabond

    Military Discussion Thread

    Very retro UFO like, I love it
  13. Same here, I was stuttering at 2 fps with vanilla 1.52 and its running like 25 fps with Fraps now and acceptable Core duo 6600 btw
  14. Vegabond

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    I will go for vietnam, because I think theres always going to be either WW2 or Lego mod with games.. Vietnam yes