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    Patch 1.03 suggestions

    Increase the C-130's weapon and ammo cargo space... 3 weapons and 20 mags? It can carry tonnes(literally) for goodness sake, but not a box of magazines? And I'm sure this has been mentioned, but for my piece of mind, fix the negative scoring when getting kills in an enemy vehicle. How did that get past testing?
  2. @ahmedjbh Thats weird. I used GUER on my mish, and it worked OK too. Huh...
  3. @ahmedjbh GUER is the independent side. The other bug is when you respawn markers and Boot_hill are too close to the players. Norrin, my good man, I have a problem, actually two. I'm using a HALO drop to begin with and it all works fine, but JIP is heavily bugged. The units who HALO in are instantly killed when a player joins, and they spawn at Respawn_west. I think its the HALO sqf from the game that's messing it up, but I can't figure out how. I've sent a copy of the mish to you, thanks again for all your work. Also, the spectate script never seems to follow anyone other than the downed player, can't figure what I've done wrong with that one. Same thing happened on my last mission too. Edit: I was using an older script, but none of the fixes mention my problem. (0.2i I think)
  4. This seems to be universal for HALO drops, I did it just last night on Domination, moments before being shredded by a Tunguska. Steep hills seem to cause this.
  5. Like the ones from Domination and Evo? Or an actual area of visible fog, say in the bottom of a valley, that you can see from the hills?
  6. In the condition area put: taskCompleted TASKNAME1 AND taskCompleted TASKNAME2 AND taskCompleted TASKNAME3; Edit: The TASKNAME# being whatever you've named your objectives in the briefing.
  7. Yeh, I think you just need to delay the dropspawn.sqf. In an init it must not run correctly. The trigger condition can just be 'true' with a 1 second timer if you want the C-130 at the beginning. Off to work now, good luck.
  8. It happens with the Ammo trucks too. If a vehicle is totally empty, they won't refill. I wasted a few hours on this too, so don't worry ;)
  9. http://rapidshare.com/files/253839102/TEST-c-130drop.Chernarus.zip.html Ok, there it is. Its a US ordinance ammo box, so the script has been altered slightly in 2 places. One for the attach to the parachute, ammo boxes need to be slightly higher attached, else they sink into the ground when they land, and the planes takes longer to be deleted, I felt it was too short, you could noticeably see and hear it just vanish. Something did occur to me too about yours, you haven't got any AA or enemy in the area you are dropping into, have you? That seemed to cause strange behaviour when I was messing around with this script a week ago.
  10. This is getting weird. Right, I'll try and get a working example.
  11. I tried it out of a chopper, still the same effect. I'm going to tear up some other missions that use a HALO drop... see what I can find.
  12. The position is where the C-130 will drop the goods. But using the invisible H should still work, the method you were using should be the same, getpos drop1.
  13. Have you tried the same script, but from a trigger? So it doesn't fire from the init of an object, but when something is triggered. Or, even a true trigger, just delay its effect by 5 seconds. There might be trouble running it from an objects init.
  14. Its probably that, but also, you didn't change any of the values in the script, I had a similar problem when I changed the starting distance of the C-130.
  15. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=77831 Last post, I thought it sounded familiar, it was me :P Might need a re-up. I think you can only have 10 D/Ls from that link. Is there a way to upload a small file on the forums?