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  1. USS Nimitz

    Nice...... Anyway back to the Nimitz: We are working a repair and refueling script. Where would you gents like to see this? On the deck or in the hull? maybe an automated crane? I've been on the Nimitz deck about 20 times, however, we were PTing and running from aft to forward. Didn't pay much attention to what was going on...... Wish I did now:)
  2. Where to Start?

    Welcome aboard, this will get you started. Tutorials If you have problems setting O2 up pm me or anyone on nzxshadows.
  3. USS Nimitz

    Roger that, does that mean I get a prize? Semper Fidelis!!!
  4. USS Nimitz

    My team is working on that now.. Enlistment lines are open for talented scripter's...
  5. USS Nimitz

    You mean like this one? http://www.semper-fi.org/ArmA/USMC/LCAC/LHA.jpg
  6. USS Nimitz

    Well Gents, We've got news and bad news... 1) The good news: We received authorization to release the Nimitz. 2) The bad news: We need some good scripter’s to help with the doors and radar activation. Semper Fi! Nimitz tour I know I know, you should not drink and fly..........
  7. Here is a video of the USS Nimitz; we obtain authorization to use this from the original creator. We have been using it in VBS1 for awhile. We were able to convert some of the scripting for ArmA. Still working to get everything working.... USS Nimitz Catapult USS Nimitz landing PS We are still waiting on Hawks to get back with us so we can release it to the ArmA community.
  8. RockofSL, you are correct.
  9. Female Merc

    Nephillim, Jennifer, is around still; maybe we can entice her to create add-ons for ArmA. She is pretty awesome at making add-ons.