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  1. I dont ask for countermeasures or whatever work that would require more than 10min of dev (thats just a supposition ). Only copy-paste OFP config files into ArmA 2 pls. Same with the autocentering (IRL you dont steer with a mouse...) The guys who never played OFP have no idea how that game was awesome, and if it werent OFP fans and modders, ArmA woudln't have sold half of its copies because so many great things were removed/reverted...
  2. nope - in OPF 1.96 stingers/strelas almost ALWAYS missed unless they were fired at the rear of the target. That system was MUCH better for gameplay than the crazy 'super AA missiles' in ARMA. Some of my best memories from OPF were trying to line up a good AA shot against a Cobra/Apache/Hind in PVP combat. In ARMA, this same process is just boring, because you KNOW the missile will always hit. Why BIS decided to change it I cannot possibly  imagine  Couldnt say it better. If you have some decent OFP experience you cannot not know that: never oh never fire your Strela/Stinger on an approaching plane or chopper. You'll miss and it'll track the smoke trail and kill you. Argh, I love so much OFP. About the Kamov gunpod, it is 100% an ArmA engine limitation. From what I understood its only counterpart is engine ability to give the tank commanders a machinegun. I have little hopes for that defect to be fixed since BIS seems to have removed single seated Ka50 from Arma2...
  3. I think that before adding new features, it is more important to take some time to fix what is broken in ArmA, and what worked PERFECLTY in OFP. Below are the 3 main reasons that ruined my ArmA game experience, compared to the awesome OFP. 1. Autocentering steering wheel while using mouse. This is top priority, mentioned everywhere, by everyone. Copy-paste OFP code, it worked perfectly. Get rid of it. Pls 2. Uber maneuverable impossible to avoid AA missiles. This ruined a lot of games that involve choppers/planes. Copy-paste OFP code, it worked perfectly. Get rid of it. Pls 3. Broken Kamov bug, where pilot couldnt move the gunpod. Ruined Soviet chopper experience. I know it is ArmA engine limitation. I hope it wont be ArmaA 2 engine limitation.
  4. Universel


    It is the plane who lases target in almost all cases. So not being able to do so in Arma and in OFP is a stupid limitation and has nothing realistic.
  5. I made this request for OFP and Arma, now I make it for Arma 2. I would like to be able to draw on map, even something very simple like free hand drawing would be a great addition to the markers. Draw a line or circle an area are very usefull tasks that unfortunately can't be performed with markers. Here is an example taken from a  (open source) RTS game : TA Spring which allow you to draw on the (3D) map in a very simple manner. You hold a button on the keyboard, left button and drag mouse to draw, right button and drag mouse to erase. http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/4412/allsidedrawingtut1it8.jpg
  6. Universel


    TOW and AT-5 from BRDM/BMP2 are completely bugged in 1.14 ! Past about 1300m they totally "lose their mind" and start flying like UFOs (fly in circle, backwards, hover...) till they hit the ground. Wanna try ? Put a HMMVEE TOW in the mountains near Paraiso and aim at builldings in Corazol. 2nd problem is that past about 800m TOW (and not AT5) wobbles so much that it almost always hits the ground before or behind the locked target. AT5 has a much straighter fly path.
  7. Universel


    I dream for a software who'd allow that... To me ArmaSpy and even more Yoma are so user-unfriendly from that point of view...
  8. Universel

    Queen's Gambit goes gold!!!

    Hello, I have a German copy or Arma, and I plan to buy Queen Gambit either in Russia or in France. Question is : any problems to be expected ? Will I be able to install the (Russian or French) QG with my German Arma ?
  9. Universel

    Sensor view on russian attack copter

    This is the real question imho. BIS (Suma) admitted that Ka50 turret cant move because of engine limitations and he didn't say if this could be fixed in the future. Then WHY give us this chopper ? I mean it's not like Russians don't have any other attack chopper with 2 seats... cuz they have plenty of them. Mi28 or Hind or Ka52 or whatever...
  10. Universel

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    Yes, it was a mod problem.
  11. Universel

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    About ver. 1.08, i have a problem : I can't join some MP servers which are shown with 1.08 in the server browser. When I try to enter I got "Bad version, rejected by server..." Why ? Is there different 1.08 versions ?
  12. Universel

    Texview2 has been released !!

    Hello, with this tool can I create a single .paa or .pac file containing RGB+A channels and a normal map texture ? I dont want it to generate normal map, i just want to include my own normal map texture to a RGB+A texture. Or do I need something else ? My goal is to add some 3D effects to my squad logo, which is supposed to be a single .paa file
  13. Universel

    Texview2 has been released !!

    Just a question : how can I add a bump map effect to a texture with this tool ? Let's say I have a logo.paa with RGB+alpha channels, now I'd like to add a normal map for the bump map effect. Is it possible with this tool. (sorry if it's a noob question )
  14. Universel

    crCTI 1.0 @DVD

    I played it yesterday, and here is some feedback : - this is not OFP, so the VD limit should be increased since Arma handles it much better. (make it 1500 - 2000 - 2500+ for ex) - there is a bug when you're dead and have to select respawn point : the score board hides the respawn selection - but I m sure you already know that one. - again this is not OFP, so BRDM should have some ammo in cargo, like UAZ and bike
  15. Universel

    MANPADs too powerful

    This is simply because you are too close. Javelin works best at +200m, because of his flight course. If you are closer, aim lower.