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  1. UsMarine408

    Latest screenshots available

    It does look like it has progressed alot since I have been away..I think there are a few things I could prob help contribute to OFP if there are going for a modern Marine Corps Feel. I am FRESH from the real Deal so It doesnt get much more modern then what I was carrying around.
  2. UsMarine408

    Latest screenshots available

  3. UsMarine408

    Addon Request

    Dude, that was really out of line, he was making a suggestion/requst to have a great addon for killing them to be made, if your life is bad. Dont take it out on us please. Â By the way, thats a great idea.. i would love to own some iraq'ies, i think OGWC(operation gulf war chrisist) mod was going to have iraq'ies, but they died. BUT! there was a release i think of the mod unfinished, some one needs to finish it, i like there iraq'ies. There nice. EDIT/ Oh yes, here we are. The link to OPGWCMod My life isnt bad..lol Im doing just fine ill have you know just yanking on an old pals chain a bit.
  4. UsMarine408

    Addon Request

    I have an even better Idea....make them yourself Just an Idea
  5. UsMarine408

    UK Desert(ed) troops = BLEED 1.0

    Well me Busy schedule I have not the time to play ofp and have actually deleted it but for this pack I might have to install it once again
  6. UsMarine408

    LSR Addons

    ~Oh buddy lol..dont even begin to say thats LRPS are gone,by far they arent even close they just have a different name now instead of LRRPS there LRS. How do I know.? We do exercises with them all the time. Monty can back me on this.
  7. UsMarine408

    LSR Addons

    Yea I agree with monty 100% some Good green berets would be awsome. I mean come on people your really skipping over them, All I hear is this stupid BHD craze with having Rangers and Delta and then theres Oh now lets have some seals. What about Army SF? Or marine Recon . hey what about army LRPs ? Maybe 82Airborne. Hey what the hell what about Stryker Brigades? No one likes them cause the whole world doesnt know of there existance well they play just as big a part in the whole card game. Just giving my 2cents.
  8. UsMarine408

    LSR Addons

    That was a pretty stupid comment you just made about them not wearing an Army PC(Patrol Cover). I know a few seals and they wear what they want. Just cause their issued 8 point covers doesnt mean they always like to wear them. Army PCs Ill be honest are alot more comfy then an 8-point
  9. UsMarine408

    LSR Addons

    http://www.minitroopers.8m.com/tf11_seal.htm thats all I gotta say Laser Is just check those out. We have acouple of SEALs around base here. Ill chit chat with them and get a 411 on there gear.
  10. UsMarine408

    Semper Fidelis

    Its not thin. You Ever see a Real M1? The barrels arent that big.
  11. UsMarine408

    so many m249's

    Nice pic BeatMeat Looks like they gave her alittle dust cover but it looks good, I can assure you guys I have actually handled a 249 next time I go out to the range Ill take a quicktime of it and me saying YOU LIKE THAT BI FORUMS.lol
  12. UsMarine408

    so many m249's

    ok Eric either your just an idiot or you've never fired one cause when you get in a frenzi even if you burst fire you can still warp a barrel
  13. UsMarine408

    LSR Addons

    btw a SPEAR ELCS LBV over some SPEAR body Armour would look nice .
  14. UsMarine408

    so many m249's

    Nice gun fun to send the led downrange just dont chain link or you'll warp the barrel
  15. UsMarine408

    LSR Addons

    Before I say anything else Las my good lad(lol, You britslol) Why is it your boonie hats always look like there on backwards?