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  1. USMC Sniper

    New Ocean Island

    Uh I'm the original creator of this island...anyways, I can't download the pack so I'm wondering, were the gangs and characters included? I remember making crips and bloods and some russian mafia and other mafia types; however I don't know if they were included. Also, there were more buildings, for example small store fronts and an enterable warehouse which was rather detailed. I deleted all of the stuff I had so I can't send it in, but I'm sure it was in the original file that wacky iraqi had. I've completely lost interest in ofp so I won't be doing anything else for it; and I apologize for the crappy state of the original beta release, at the time I was working on a lot more buildings to fill up the empty space. It's also certainly impressive that people are still adding stuff to the original city.
  2. USMC Sniper

    Free Textures

    Sorry if this topic is a bit old, but are there any free texture sites with textures for buildings, such as skyscraper glass panels and stuff like that?
  3. USMC Sniper

    New island in progress

    I wasn't able to do anything since i was on vacation for a week, but i've finished modelling the interior of the swat truck and i did other things for it, such as all of the geometry lods, memory, hitpoints, etc. So it's completely ingame now. Â After the swat truck I might start on some SWAT officers, or I might make some more buildings for the island. You guys also kinda have to understand that I'm working totally alone on this, I try to do as much as a I can but you know.
  4. USMC Sniper

    BIS Forums Top 100 Games - Finished!

    1. OFP: Resistance (Coldwar was cool but was pretty unfinished and buggy, Resistance was a HUGE improvement) 2. Half-Life (Best mods + I've been playing it for the longest) 3. Medieval: Total War (Best strategy game ever) 4. Deus Ex (Best story ever) 5. Dungeon Siege (the RPG I've played the most, great fun) 6. GTA: Vice City 7. IL2: Sturmovik 8. Mafia 9. Splinter Cell 10. Americas Army
  5. USMC Sniper

    Medieval addons

    I was thinking for an island that Nogova could be converted into medieval times. That would would be something IMO. All of the castle ruins would be restored, and most cities would be gone, and maybe petrovice and lipany could be more major villages, with some of the other small towns converted into villages. Animations would also be a bit of a problem, since new reload and stance animations would have to be made, especially for the bows. Even tho such a project would be quite difficult a battle could be pretty fun even if just two units were made for each side, say a swordsman and an archer.
  6. USMC Sniper

    Medieval addons

    I just recently checked out medieval: total war (damn great game), and I thought it would be a cool idea to make some medieval addons for OFP. Obviously battles could not be as large scale, and cavalry would be impossible, but something like a siege would be the coolest thing ever in OFP. Heres what I was thinking: -Swordsmen and spearmen could be done in the way the axe and baton were done in FDF, the only problem would be getting AI to attack with them. Since a way to block attacks would not be possible, maybe the weapon swing animation could be applyed to a walking or running movement, so dodging could be done? -Archers would probably have to have the bow as a secondary (RPG/LAW type) weapon, so that the arrow can dissappear after firing, and also because it looks damn cool to see a volley of arrows in the air. This would work out perfectly because then the archers could have some kind of small sword as a backup weapon. Crossbows could also be done in a similar fashion. -Siege weapons could also be done. A catapult just has the rotating motion, which I'm sure can be done as an eventhandler for fired. I guess it could have a gunner and a commander as well. It could be done like the unmovable static AT4's are, since in those you can see the missile moving, and a slower moving boulder or whatever can be done that way. Ballista (those large crossbow type weapons), can just be done the same way. -Another idea I had was for those ladders that attacking armies would put up along the castles walls and climb to the top. Since there are already ladders in ofp, I think there can be some way of scripting this and making some AI soldiers climb to the top. Also, some kind of battering ram may be done, but I'm really unsure of how that might work If anyone actually takes upon making anything like this, I can easily make models and textures for the soldiers and weapons. If I knew scripting better I would seriously do this all by myself, but I've never actually tried scripting so I have no clue how some of this stuff can be done.
  7. USMC Sniper

    Muzzle flash problem

    I recently replaced all of my weapons muzzle flashes with the ones from Earl and Suchey's marine pack, after unbinarizing 2 of the weapons and copying and pasting the muzzle flash onto my own weapons. I have a problem though, ingame. The muzzle flash seems to inherit shading from the position of the sun, meaning whenever it faces away from the sun it becomes bluer and when its facing the sun its nice and bright. In the model it's defined as "shining" so I'm thinking that the sun shouldnt have a shading effect on it. Does anyone know how to fix this.
  8. USMC Sniper

    Inside an addon

    This is because the player's Geometry LOD is interfering with the bunkers Geo lod, and normally if there was space to push the player away it would do so, but because the ground is there the ofp engine is trying to push u away from both Geo lods and it can't. The only suggestion I have is to make it taller and make a roadway Lod if you haven't done that.
  9. USMC Sniper

    New island in progress

    No I'm going to implement an elevator system for it. I'm just gonna model 2 elevators, and when u get in one it asks you for your floor, then it just setposses you into the elevator at the top.
  10. USMC Sniper

    New island in progress

    Not much of an update but I've done a bit of a SWAT truck: So far the exterior is somewhat done and theres a couple textures. The blurriness on the textures is just the buldozer mipmapping thing so the actual textures look a lot better. I'm thinking about releasing this and some SWAT officers separate from the island...but that won't be for a while because this is my first car model ever so it might take a bit longer. Btw if anyone can find me a pic of the drivers area of these kind of trucks it would be GREATLY appreciated.
  11. USMC Sniper

    Spetznaz MVD

    Looks like the weapons were taken from the old RHS imports back when I was around (when it was still called RSS), I can see that they look just about identical. They were originally imported from Firearms mod for half life and then edited to look like an AK74M.
  12. USMC Sniper

    Window transparency

    Hmm I did the move top thing and still characters dont show up when i look at them through the glass. Any other suggestions on what could be done? Or is this just an engine limitation that does not allow things to be shown through semi transparent glass?
  13. USMC Sniper

    ODOL Explorer v2.0

    Another bug I noticed is that all faces are split into their own parts. Try this by converting a simple cube and selecting a corner, and you'll notice that only the faces connected to that point will be selected. This is really annoying because the model must be optimized and there is a much larger amount of points.
  14. USMC Sniper

    Window transparency

    That's why! I had a double sided face textured with a semi transparent texture. Thanks a lot mikkofin! Actually I tested it out, right now I only have a one sided face (so one alpha channel only being looked through), yet still any object inside disappears. Strangely though if I fire a gun the empty cartridges can still be seen through the window.
  15. USMC Sniper

    Cold war songs

    What about Megadeth stuff, theres stuff about the Polaris ICBM (i think), plus the name Megadeth is derived from "mega-death", which means 1 million deaths, used as a unit in reference to nuclear warfare. Check out the albums (if you like thrash metal or speed metal) Peace Sells...But Whos Buying (1986): Or Rust in Peace (from 1990 but still has cold war related themes in some songs): Yes I do have to pimp good heavy metal everywhere I go.