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  1. Thank you for Mosh and Myke the solution and explanation:); I just installed Dx9 and it works perfectly
  2. I preordered TKOH and had pretested it as a mod of Arma2:OA worked rather fine. Yesterday I downloaded the final version from SPROCKET & installed it flawlessly. As I try to start the game I get an error message stating that X3DAudio1_6.dll is missing => the game won't start :butbut: Since the test of the preversion I have reinstalled my PC but have changed nothing to the OS & configuration : Win7 Home Premium 64bits French Asus P5KC (includes a realtek HD Audio chip, which is the audio output I use; with realtek latest drivers : R266) + Intel Core2Duo E6750 @ stock frequency + AMD Radeon HD5750 Vapor-X @ stock frequency. DxDiag says Directx11 is installed and OK. The only obvious difference between the test of the preview that worked and now : I have not reinstalled any version of Arma2 <=> may be some DLLs installed by Arma2 are missing in TKOH Standalone? I gonna reinstall Arma2 & Arma2:OA in order to check this. :icon_question:
  3. I found the explaination : Windows seven looked well, but 1 thing wasn't : Libraries were messed due to the "hot" swap of new drives letter using Win 7 disk management! I had made a copy of my data partition as well as the boot one (the libraries are stocked on this data partition), when I replaced the drive letter of the old one by the new, while 7 was running, it totally messed it's library management => impossible to restore it without recloning the boot partition (that I had fortunately kept)! No library => No documents folder => No Arma profile => Language changed & no profile displayed though the file were still on the new disk :D To prevent this : swap C/ as well as other using regedit : HKEY LOCAL MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> MountedDevices -> [Drive letters] & write down then replace the hex values of the corresponding drives (mandatory for C:; for libraries, you can temporarily delete all entries in the library places list swap drives & reenter the right folders in the libraries lists)
  4. I just bought a new disk because the older was full; win 7 64 took some time to recover its mind (I had used systemrecoverycd to copy my partitions but there was a problem with boot drive letter; this is now fine & Win7 64 run flawlessly) but Arma2; Arma OA & TOH preview now won't work correctly (worked fine until yesterday with the older disk): I can't select another language than English (my setup was until today in french; the language changed without any action) :o The profiles list is empty though one is indicated in the bottom right corner of the main screen and though profiles files exist. When I try to create another profile, I can't edit the name and it won't also display then in the list though it appears in the main screen :confused: Same behaviour with Arma2/Arma2:OA & TOH Obviously all is licensed as requiered (I even bought Arma2 twice since it was not available in my country at the beginning ...) :cool: Arma2:OA is brand new (I bought it 1 week ago for TOH preview, which I also pre-ordered). I tried to reinstall without then with prior uninstall => no effect on the issue. If anyone has an idea of what can be done, please give me some help ;) Edit: Damn :eek: ... I posted in the wrong forum! Plz can a moderator move it to Troubleshooting ? :pray:
  5. UnYx

    Virtual TrainingSpace 2

    Is there anything that can be done in order to help you to build the V3? Je suis pas sur mais il me semble que tu es français / francophone donc la même en français : est-il possible de t'aider pour la V3?
  6. UnYx

    Virtual TrainingSpace 2

    Any news since last time (apart the end of CTR clan if I understood it right)?
  7. UnYx

    HDR Problem?

    Indeed in my case, unchecking the "Alternate Pixel Center" option in the Catalyst control center (ATI driver panel) solves the problem. If you got an ATI board, you can find it in the "3D" category of the advanced mode of the catalyst control center, at the last line, that should read something like "more parameters" in english (mine is in french). For Nvidia, I don't nkow if there's a similar option in the driver panel ... if anyone knows, the info is welcome?
  8. UnYx

    HDR Problem?

    Copy/paste of the "solution" (in my case): I found what generated the problem : it appears as soon as I activate the "Alternate Pixel Center" feature in my Graphics driver! Hope this helps some Screenshots with & without bug (with a radeon 4850 now):
  9. I found what generated the problem : it appears as soon as I activate the "Alternate Pixel Center" feature in my Graphics driver! Hope this helps some Screenshots with & without bug (with a radeon 4850 now):
  10. UnYx

    HDR Problem?

    I had not found this topic, so I posted another one this morning about this bug. Any solution found?
  11. I meet a bug I had forgotten since OFP time but that appeared after I reinstalled my OS: The light is far too powerful making the image limit white when you're over water . Tuning brilliance and gamma don't fix it (with brilliance at minimum and very low gamma you see an image but any little shadow turns then to full night!!! ). I tried tuning my ATI catalyst parameters => no effect Tried 3 versions of drivers => no effect May be the error I did is to have saved my Arma folder and relaunched it once without a clean install? <=> the registry lacked the serial and I got an error msg. But since I reinstalled Arma twice without any improvement... Of course I got a fully standard Arma copy (I even got two: I couldn't wait any more so I bought the German then the French one). When I had met it with OFP, the serial was also fully clean ... but I can't remember how it got it fixed at this time. Last point : my rig is today a totally different one from the one I had at OFP time and at first install (since I got Arma indeed) I had absolutely not met this issue If useful: Core2 6750 ATI X1950XTX 2GB DDR2-800 no overclock. HELP
  12. UnYx

    Select player problem

    Have you tried the same without any addon ? Have you tried to log-in as admin and assign him by yourself ?
  13. It's not really a solution that allows using the multimedia keys, but finally I soon gonna test another way to add a bunch of mappable keys: The Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit (a 21 buttons + 2-axis analog mini-stick keypad-like MMI) has a "joystick" mode, in which its 21 buttons are seen by windows as joystick buttons. There's just an implicit allusion to this possibility in the manual and I hardly found anybody that used it this way, but the info was finally confirmed by Saitek's official support . I made a test within Arma with my "real" joystick and saw that Arma recognizes the 16 first joystick keys (16 out of the 26 that my joystick has) => it should provide at least 16 more useable keys for mapping the countless functions of Arma . I ordered a PGCU and should test it soon; I'll post the result here . If it works as I think, it would be cool if Arma could cope with more than 16 joystick keys (i.e. at least 5 more = 21 keys would be perfect )
  14. Indeed I got such a programmable keyboard, but using macros does not extend the number of keys you can use for functions Natively catching these extra keys would allow assigning a few more functions directly within Arma (can you tell me how many unused keys there are in your keyboard ? Especially if you use native voip and/or teamspeak and/or a screenshot/video grabber). What made me think of all this is the Microsoft Game Voice command box: If you forget its painful audio switch, it has a very special feature that I never saw again since then : It adds 7 fully useable keys (directly, you don't even need macros). Beside this, the only program I ever saw using these keys apart the original MS software is Teamspeak
  15. As far as I understood, there must be some standard behind most of these keyboards : I only tested with Microsoft and Logitech ones, but if you plug it without installing any driver (on a PC with Win XP) the OS will respond if you press the keys but you won't be able to assign another function. I found some people talking about trying to use these keys in Linux , one said that he caught a group of three key codes from the keyboard when he pressed one of the multimedia keys and another group of three when he released it, while a normal key only throws one key code when pressed (may be one when released, but not sure...). As these keys are "standard" in MS OSes since XP, may be there is some way to access it at a level over the driver in the directx API or in some SDK? Edit: I took a look @ MSDN and there are some parts of the following table that make me think that we can get the info the same way as the other key are acquired :