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  1. USSoldier11B

    HBO's Band of Brothers: Pacific War

    Dick Winters is a real person, not just a character. He never participated in the Pacific Theater of operations during WWII.
  2. USSoldier11B

    Why do WW2 games do not have swastikas?

    In the U.S. Army we call that doing the "dying cockroach."
  3. USSoldier11B

    OFP Wallpapers

    Absolutely stunning guys, I'm gettng goosebumps.
  4. USSoldier11B

    Britain to slash military jobs

    This is why I like the Republican party here in America. I have seen noticable improvements in funding since TBA took office. However I don't like the black beret (not that we wear them in my unit) and the Stryker.
  5. USSoldier11B

    Why do WW2 games do not have swastikas?

    What the hell is ragdoll physics?
  6. USSoldier11B

    New military RTS game under development

    I dunno about the storyline it strikes me as mildly CHEESY. He will need a....WILL of STEEL dun dun duuuuun!
  7. USSoldier11B

    Rpg/law effectiveness

    I'm sorry whoever said it, but I seriously doubt that an RPG-7 can take out an M1A1. It is obsolete, I've never even seen anything but some empty tubes sitting in a conex in my 5 years with the Army. They didn't train us on the LAW in Basic back in '99, only the AT-4. I've trained on TOW also but not Javelin since it's highly unlikely we will ever get them in a SOCOM unit. We long ago discussed this issue and of course all agreed that both weapons were severely overpowered in the game. However, without the reloadable rocket systems you wouldn't stand a chance in some OFP missions. They are fun still, and it takes some practice to become good with them in the game so I don't think it gives infantry too much of an advatage over armor. I generally don't shoot at anything farther out than 500m, up to 300m I can destroy anything moving reliably. It is so much more fun to steal an unlocked tank and reek severe havok though.
  8. USSoldier11B

    Behind the scenes...

    I didn't think it was that hard to figure out......
  9. USSoldier11B

    Canada Replacing Sea Kings

    Here's another pic...Kinda looks like a cross between the H-60 and H-53 series platforms
  10. USSoldier11B

    Military info site

    An internet search for this vehicle may prove difficult if you misspell the name of the manufacturer. The correct spelling is Chenowth. Chenowth Homepage
  11. USSoldier11B

    Hawking's black hole theory revised

    It's an interesting revision in the theory. It makes sense to me in the aspect that, to put it simply, nothing lasts forever, except perhaps matter itself and/or energy depending on what you choose to believe. Either way I don't see how it much matters since traveling into a black hole is simply absurd by any measure of what we understand as physics. Perhaps we will one day be able to observe a "dying" black hole.
  12. USSoldier11B

    Canadians, I need your help!

    Hey...and if you get your Canadian citizenship you can actually own a firearm.
  13. USSoldier11B

    What's your job?

    Originally I'm an 11B1P (paratrooper). For the past 2 1/2 years I've been serving as a 96B which is an intel analyst, in the Military Intellingence Detachment of 5/19th Special Forces. While it's fun and challenging work, I'm esentially a field soldier at heart and being holed up in an FOB all the time starts to get on my nerves. In a few weeks I will leave for reclassification training as a 98H which is a signals intercept operator. In the wrong kind of unit this could be a boring and tedious job, however in my unit 98G and 98H qualified soldiers are put on teams called SOT-A's (Special Operations Team Alpha) not to be confused with ODA's which are the SF teams. SOT-A's essentially go out into the field in 4 man teams and conduct reconnaisance in support of the Bn S-2 shop, MID, and ODA's. In Afghanistan our SOT-A's saw alot of combat so I'm happy to be getting back into a tactical environment, also since it's a recon type element I will get an opportunity to attend Ranger school.
  14. USSoldier11B

    Cadet Forces

    U.S. military cadets don't get enough real world integration during their 4 years in college. Especially ROTC cadets. While some fine officers come out of the ranks of ROTC I'm not a big fan of ring knockers from the Point. The best officers I have worked with are former enlisted men who went through ROTC or OCS. The ROTC program at my university has a lot of washouts and it's a waste of gov't funding sometimes. Cadets need to be exposed to enlisted men in real units during their training so they don't get the "caste system" mentality where they think they are better than the men they "lead". A good program from this is the simultaneous membership program (SMP) where a cadet can drill with a NG or Army Reserve unit. It gets them out of the BS overly easy ROTC weekend training excercizes and into a real unit where they will get a taste of how they will be treated as a cherry 2nd Lt. The only drawback is that most unit commanders don't much care for SMP cadets because they are non-deployable. I am considering doing ROTC, I only have to do the final two years of it since I'm prior service, however it make prove to be difficult since as a cadet I will be non-deployable and I would have to suspend my cadet status and jump back into an enlisted slot for deployment which might not be there when the time comes. My current base pay is about $1,800 not counting BAH, BAS, etc etc...as and O-1E (Mustang, which makes more than a regular O-1) my monthly base pay would jump up to around $3,000, which is close to what a regular Cpt. makes.
  15. USSoldier11B

    Gta san andreas

    I never liked the GTA series. I always thought that shooting was too easy. I hate auto aim and I don't like being a criminal. I liked True Crime much more.