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    [PvP] GunGame --- Fast Paced TDM!

    played this yesterday and had great fun congratz on this one *thumbs up*
  2. just played the mission ... So,for my taste a nicely setup mission,just lacks a bit of randomness/patrols/enemy reactions In other words - its a cakewalk! none of the less,1 thumb up P.S. where s the damn Kamov that is promised in the entry pic too? :D
  3. Just played a few minutes on v1.36,some things i noticed: - Obj Text Marker Parameter doesnt seem to work,i got it disabled and still got the text on the map screen - Team Parameter > Open Server/Admin chooses Members well,i dislike this selection for simple reasons - you only can have either a open server,so anyone is a instant team member and there is no possibility to remove a guy starting shit back to Merceneray team,yea i could of use the Admin chooses Members but i dont want to be logged in all the time Therefor i would prefer a Remove from team option for the admin when having OPEN SERVER active - Choosing a mission on this you only have 2 options,either the game decides a mission or a admin does,but i would prefer one more option > Team decides on missions This would be great for servers where a admin isnt available at that time,giving the players the choice of which mission would of been suitable Lettting the game decide the mission is more for the simulation mode pro´ players imho :D Great work as usual,two thumbs up again
  4. guess if you edit each unit with this setting: player="PLAY CDG"; lock="UNLOCKED"; in the editor the AI units wont be spawning with you when ustart the mission,but once more players connect they spawn as the correct units under your ranking Well,im to undrunk to explain it more properly but i guess you get the point I mean,if i want to command 10 soldiers on mission start i´ll play SPmissions Also no need to mention me in credits,i did nothing important :D Cheers
  5. Here,both of these missions come close/similar to Wings of Steel: Airborne Assault v1.68 http://hx3.de/331415-beitrag26.html Combat Air-Assault - U.S.Army http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12208 Both worth a try :D
  6. TheScar

    Operation Azureus coop 30

    just played this one and while the concept is good i got to dislike the "french language only" thing I guess we needed to: - find crash site - secure crash site - extract while this reads simple it turned out to be a bit more complicated as we thougt ... It took us nearly 45min to locate the crash site cause we thougt it should be anywhere near the marker,which turned out it wasnt - it was nearly 2000m off the marker In these days you should believe something like a radar track or a pilot radio would of make it easier spotting/locating crashsites but no,like said - 45min and 5 deaths later we found it So how do you secure a crashsite? We held by it for like 10min and nothing changed,or it did but i didnt realized it did cause my french is miserable as it gets Disconnected of the server then,this was a quick turn off at least for me Please make your mission notes/markers in english so people that dont understand french (is it even french?) get a clue on what to do and how Liked the respawning insurgents,continuesly harrasing us at AO Nice small mission (when released in english) *thumbs up* :D
  7. hey, just played the MPversion of it and what i srsly dislike is having no MG´s nor AT available at ammo crates Maybe you intended to keep it like that,but it rly makes me furious having no surpressive fire (by AI or Player) when attacking a stronghold - must of been some kind of mental thing :D Also i would of like to have (when playing as first on a server) the possibilty of not having all my Team (AI) spawn with me,i know you can disable AI in the lobby - but it may have a work out on JIP players too Is the MPversion updated to 1.1 too? Loved the atmosphere *thumb up*
  8. did it,i was just surprised OA doesnt feature AA defense Still,the base AI defense should get at least a Avenger,cause i played yesterday and just idle´ed in base before starting a mission and got 2 SU´s raping base while the AI defense only shoot with MG´s at em,which turned out to be kind of useless :rolleyes: Thank you for your efforts
  9. olla,just some minor issues i found while playing again: - Mission "Destroy enemy commando chopper" First,its mentioned as "Destroy enemy commando group" when viewing Operation Goal.Also i get several messages telling me how many enemies are left,which isnt rly necessary to know for such a kind of mission,more suited for occupy airfields,areas,w/e Then after destroying the chopper i get a "blame" because its a civilian version of the MH6 used,which then leads for a negative scoring Still,even the chopper was down the mission didnt complete - i got a steadily message telling me "Still 2 enemies" ... so i gone over there and killed 2 tanks,2 pilots running around and a few Taki Army guys and after another 10minutes of searching i found 2 Taki Army guys holding inside AO around the border - ok,killed em and got 1min later the "Mission complete" Strange,eh? - Enemy Air Patrols Nice feature,making flying not that easy as before but i would like to have a more decent AA base defence,currently a Mi is circeling my base and the poor AI AA defenses (MGs) doesnt pack it to bring her down quickly Imho either enemy air shouldnt be allowed to pass base,either by scripting it different or setting up a advanced AI AA defense @ base (Avenger lol) And oh yea,no STINGER´s in base ammo crate :eek: - Base alarm siren´s Look like its still a issue,once they gone off they seem not to stop anymore - even the active threat was eleminated Are they rly necessary if they dont work properly? - Map locations with complete mission objective info When viewing the map i not only see the red circle around AO,i also get the complete mission texted as marker too - its a bit annoying when viewing map to have the red text all over to the end of the map Parameter? - Teamspeak info ackillaz While its understandable to let people know your TSinfo,i would appreciate a version without YOUR TSinfo ... Or tell me where to edit it out :D Cheers
  10. @ possible game session Seems like the bigger amount of you people play this one with ACE? Then count me off the list,as im not using ACE and propably wont in the near future - it take weeks to get used to all the game changes :eek:
  11. update to the latest version 1.34,should of have most stuff fixed u mentioned On a side note,i mentioned the sirens too a few post before (1.30/1.32?) Didnt run into that issue on 1.34 :)
  12. well,í´m available Friday/Saturday´s around 21.oo CET+1 for a session ... just need to agree on a server to play on Guess we can get more players from the BIforums too haha :D
  13. well,we havnt tested it under max players,we played with max of 8 people in the highest number and i did not notice any "large" performance issues while playing JIP seems to work as usual,at least i heard no complainments about anything untill yet Imo it runs noticeably better than the previous versions (1.20´s) I still cant believe that this mission is so rarely played,it offers so much variation and can really put teamwork in the first place - then again,i barely see >10 servers running it and only 3-4 of em with actual players :eek: Still,again *2 thumbs up*
  14. so i take it its ok to "modify" it to our standards? I just changed one of the BH´s to a MH6 in the editor,i guess i dont need to edit any of the mission files to have it working correctly eh? Means the respawn does apply to those units too without adapting any scripts,or?
  15. ... guess i forgot this has gone professionell a time ago and it haz its own place @ DevHeaven :rolleyes: stupid me