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  1. Thrash

    Post process effect

    Set your 3d resolution setting to match your interface resolution (screen res) in the options > video options menu. Mine was way off.
  2. Thrash

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    I've just got the game and am having some difficulties installing. I've done a search here and google and cannot find and answer. The game was brought from EB games in Aus. CD version in the plastic case. I'm going through the install process and once it starts to install (instantly) it will pop up with an error: 'File not Found D:ARMA2Patch_1_06.exe'. I've checked the files on the CD and there is no 'ARMA2Patch_1_06.exe' file. So it's trying to call a non-existent file. I have googled 'ARMA2Patch_1_06.exe' and found a 445mb file online (just to see if it actually exists). On my CD there is a 445mb file called 'ARMA2PAT.exe'. I believe the setup procedure should be calling this file instead. I've checked the SETUP.DAT file (on the CD), there is a couple of references to 'ARMA2Patch_1_06.exe' (around lines 23-24-ish). My thoughts are that the incorrect SETUP.DAT has been shipped with the CD (maybe from another version/country) and it calling the wrong file names. Long winded, but i wanted to make it clear that i've done some investigation and may have found the issue. I can send you the file list + SETUP.DAT file for you to check is need be. Or maybe you could send me the correct SETUP.DAT file for my version....? if this is the case. Thanks. ..and PC specs are i5, 4g ram, GTX275, Win7 64bit. Edit: copied all CD files to PC, editied the SETUP.DAT - changed all references of 'ARMA2Patch_1_06.exe' to 'ARMA2PAT.exe'. Installation worked for 10 sec or so then failed at 'battleye....something.. blah blah'. Looks like another mis-named file. I'm 99% certain that the incorrect SETUP.DAT file has been shipped with my version.
  3. Yeah, well it's not over yet. We've still got a group of guys who are all set up with the source files. It's just a matter of getting some organizing happening. Aussie was the guy who organised it and it took it's toll, as you can see. He finally got over it and left... which is understandable because he felt like none of the other were pulling their weight... which is often very hard to do when trying to balance RL and 'virtual life', so completely understandable. Apart from organizing, aussies role was dealing with config files/clutter etc, compiling peoples work to the main source map, road, rock and tree placement etc. My department is terrain sculpting and mask/sat generation. Which is basically taking the map at a point in time and generating emf's of all the data and laying those out onto the mask/sat in photoshop, so the mask/sat matches what is on the ground. The rest of the team are assigned with addon creation, city building, object placement and A1-A2 conversion (object swapping)... which is where it all kind of came to a halt because it was such a mammoth task. Anyway, that's the position we're in. I can take over most of aussies tasks but i've been on holiday (out of the country) for the last 3 months, so haven't really had a chance to organize anything or talk with the others. Don't worry just yet. we're still holding on by a thread :o
  4. What he's trying to say is what was originally supposed to be a 6 month project ended up being a 2 year project and many people in the team got too busy in RL in the last 6 months.... and with the release of A2 things came to a halt. In saying that, nobody has left the team apart from aussie, so we're all still here alive and kicking, it's just a matter of getting into gear and finishing it... and we currently have no forums, so it's not easy to keep updated.
  5. Sorry guys, The OGN site's down and I've been on holiday for the last 5-6 weeks, hence the no updates. I've just got home and have had no word yet on the OGN site, and no word from the other boys regarding the progress. I'll figure it all out and post an update soon.
  6. Thrash

    object size

    haha, that's exactly what i'm trying to do, get the scaled size. What about getting the 'sizeOf' size and comparing it to the 'boundingBox' size? Might give it a go.
  7. Hey Planck, while you're on the subject of scripts... :D... how would i go about exporting the size of an object from visitor. I'm playing with the export/import scripts and they dont maintain the object size. Is there any way of capturing this data?
  8. How would i go about getting/setting the size of an object (in %) on the map (eg, a tree). When an object in visitor is placed, it's possible to set the size of that object. I want to know if it's possible to read this size ingame I've done a search and looked in the bis wiki but i cant seem to make any headway. Maybe someone here will know if it's possible or not. Edit1: sizeOf gives me an x-axis size, but it doesnt quite do what i need. Edit2: boundingBox does similar, but not a % of the original size.
  9. Everyone works on separate instances of the pew and then Aussie will merge them every so often. It does take a bit of coordination to keep everything in order. I do the sat/mask so i'm not too involved in object placement. Once a new master Pew is made, I'll get it and create a complete new mask/sat for it. Then Aussie will compile it and we'll have a play. I'll get someone to make a beer addon and we can all sit around ingame once it's ready and have one :bounce3: It hasnt been 18 months full time. We've all got pretty busy real life schedules and we do bits at a time.
  10. People of you mindset obviously like to brag about how awesome they are compared to people of my mindset. That's not constructive, it's patronising. We do use 3rd party tools for mostly everything but some specific jobs like object placement, road placement and editing terrain, which is done in visitor. As for blaming others, we've been doing this map for 18 months and have hardly said a word about it. We're getting to the point where it's becoming a real issue. And you come along and tell us we're not allowed to complain....? Can 3DE edit terrain vertices? Can it handle 2 million objects? Can we write our own scripts to generate forests? etc...
  11. Well it's not to scale. It's like 1/100 scale. And, no. never again. :) At least we complain about bugged tools..., you complain about people complaining. :D haha. really though, you need a lot of patience to use theses tools, and what Aussie wrote is nothing compared to what grief the tools are giving us. It would not be a problem to make simple tools such as bin or pbo packers etc... , but to recreate visitor... hmmm, not possible without some source data from bis.
  12. somewhere around 2010-ish...possibly maybe hopefully.
  13. Aussie just sent me another image. The sat/mask surrounding the area is not ready so it looks crap from a wide angle, we'll get you some more later when it's done.
  14. These are the things we're discussing at the moment. Do we swap all A1 trees for A2 trees? Do we include a tree addon pack (with A1 trees included)? Will we even be allowed to distribute A1 trees? etc... In the screenies you see, we're still using A1 trees until we figure out a solution. What we're currently working on is sorting out the clutter, and replacing the A1 roads for A2 roads, all 1000km of them!!. Aussie has been putting in the big hours and doing all the tech work, figuring out the config etc, while i'm playing the map and taking screenies for you all He just sent me some screenies of what he's working on at the moment, and it looks good. I'll see if i can get some shots if it when he's finished :). As IceBreaker stated (cheers mate), it's the entire continent but we've taken a bit of an artistic licence when it comes to.. well, basically everything except the shape....:rolleyes: We've also enlarged all the major coastal inlets (Sydney, Adelaide etc) so they're big enough to build a city around, plus the desert/farmland/tropical areas etc are in the correct places.
  15. Here's the link to the OGN forums where we post everything first: http://forums.ogn.com.au/showthread.php?t=63694 The forums are going pretty slow at the moment, it'll be fixed soon. Also, here's a few more screenies.