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  1. The931stSoldier

    USS Nimitz

    k i tired ur link all i get is "script .cataself not found" even after i capoed an sqf in the mission folfirt from what i can see the plane lines up but all it does it sit there
  2. The931stSoldier

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    quick questions how do i get the wings to fold on thier own i wanna put some of these bad boys on the deck of the nimitz
  3. The931stSoldier

    USS Nimitz

    does anyone have any succeful ai takeoffs in missions can use as a template?
  4. The931stSoldier

    Project RACS

    sorry for the multiple post my computer was messing up ---------- Post added at 05:56 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:55 AM ---------- no i was usingthe BIS artillery support module ---------- Post added at 05:58 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:56 AM ---------- will you be adding the Pracs car pack from arma1 like the military police vehicles etc?
  5. The931stSoldier

    Project RACS

    im trying to use in in SP im tryin to include in in my mission im making
  6. The931stSoldier

    Project RACS

    im trying to use in in SP im tryin to include in in my mission im making
  7. The931stSoldier

    Project RACS

    im trying to use in in SP im tryin to include in in my mission im making
  8. The931stSoldier

    Project RACS

    ive tried using it with the artillery module and it does nothing also the 155mm does nothing either anyone else got it working?
  9. The931stSoldier

    USS Nimitz

    How do I get the catapult alignment and launch systems to work? Every time I put the script [objectName, catNum]execVM "\JDG_carrier\scr\nim_cat.sqf"; i get "type script expected nothing"?
  10. The931stSoldier

    Project RACS

    How do i use the Ballistic missile does it work with the artillery module or is it an AA weapon?
  11. Ok i tried nous Foward observer addon thanks. It worked with Artillrery. However is there a way i can synchronize naval units like gnats subs & frigates? Basically what I am aiming for is a UAV or forward observer (not player controlled) to spot enemies for naval units to engage ---------- Post added at 09:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:43 PM ---------- sorta like this
  12. Hello i am trying to make a sort of unorthodox mission in a way im making a campaign using racs and cdf as my main forces but i want to have some non infantry type mission sorta like being a 88m transporting something from the seaport to the fob inland my one idea i wanted the player to play as a soldier from like a signal battalion piloting uav spotting targets for submarines on the coast and artillry such as the new paladin that was just released which leads me to my main question can i make a unit like a forward observer of sorts like have uav synched to the artillery units and when the uav "sees" enemies on the map long range missile units and aircraft and artillery act accordingly? i tired making a mission synchronized the paladins to a uav but it did nothing can anyone lead me in the right direction on how to do this?
  13. The931stSoldier

    acre help

    how do i make units wear the radio i want to make a foward oberver mission but i want the unit to actually have the radio with the long antenna on his back like in this video
  14. so i downloaded ACE 2 today so i could use Krause order of battle templates and when i go to play the missions i get: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/ACE_Earplugs i have no idea about configs and stuff but if someone could please tell me the simplest way to remedy this problem it would be appreciated