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  1. TFatseas

    CSLA for A2CO

    Done that, even deleted them and it stills shows in the expansions list.
  2. TFatseas

    CSLA for A2CO

    Sorry, I've been gone for the last week. Even after a full re-install and deleting the directory it still shows up in the expansions list.
  3. TFatseas

    CSLA for A2CO

    Thanks for the mod, top notch work! Always been a favorite right back to the OFP days. However I do have an issue. I had to reinstall ARMA 2OA completely and after the clean reinstall the CSLA mod still shows up in the expansion list. I like to know if there is a way to clear the list?
  4. TFatseas

    Project RACS

    Try these... http://www.vectorsite.net/avsu17_2.html http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/row/su-17.htm http://www.aerospaceweb.org/aircraft/attack/su17/
  5. TFatseas

    EA vs Bell helicopters in BF3...

    I know when Pacific Fighters came out it got to the point where Northrop-Grumman was asking huge royalties for anything made by Grumman, or any other plane, ship or whatever made by any company they(Northrop-Grumman) now own, even if they acquired the company post-WWII. I know a lot of good stuff wasn't put into the game because of that.
  6. TFatseas

    After Kim Jong-il: The Future of North Korea

    LOL For a country that hates the US and our decadence so much they still have a trio of late '70s Lincoln Continental's in the funeral procession. http://ca.autoblog.com/photos/kim-jong-il-funeral-cars-photos/#photo-4704306/ Hell, they even placed his coffin on one! Also the lightbar on the Mercedes is a US manufactured Federal Signal Aero Dynics system...
  7. TFatseas

    Military Humor

  8. TFatseas

    Which guns do you own

    @wld427:Thanks for the reply, I wont lie, I've been eyeballin' Del-Ton for a while now. http://www.del-ton.com/DTI_20_Rifle_p/ra2h20f-0.htm<------This one in particular. Personal preference? Looking for a range toy mostly. I already have a flattop M4gry and I figure I could go in a different route. A A1 retro build would be cool too.
  9. TFatseas

    Which guns do you own

    @wld427... Your daughter, is the AR she's holding an A2 or an A4? The picture is too dark for my eyes. I'm looking to buy a A2 next so that's why I ask. Cute kid BTW.
  10. TFatseas

    Which guns do you own

    Bump... And new gun to the Collection. A PSA PA-15. Just keeps on growing.
  11. TFatseas

    Gun Porn! Drool

    Gun Porn eh? My Collection. (Image says 99kb) Left to Right Pre-war Czech vz.24 made for the Romanian army. Marlin 336 in .35 Rem(Going to ditch the scope) NEF 20ga AK-74 built off a Bulgarian Parts kit Yugo M59/66 Hungarian AKM 1943 Mosin M91/30 Norinco SKS 1946 Mosin M44 My meager collection...
  12. TFatseas

    IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

    Heck, Il2 when it first came out back in 2001 was published by Ubisoft... I'd buy it, but I doubt I have the computer to run it.
  13. TFatseas

    Requesting information regarding Navy SEALs

    One question, is he already enlisted in the US Navy?
  14. TFatseas

    So Some guy in My town got arrested

    Ok, then why do State Guards and civil militias exist?
  15. TFatseas

    So Some guy in My town got arrested

    My point exactly.