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  1. Well trained troops won't panic in an ambush. Perhaps it's time you brush up your mod to reflect experience/training levels.
  2. I think that the problem arose because the path where my profile is kept changed when the alpha went to beta. I had the problem the first time I ran the beta and did not realize what had happened.
  3. Everytime I boot up Arma 3 I have to re-enable my track ir. Also I have to reconfigure the controls each time to use my joystick and rudder pedals. The program does not remember them from the previous time.
  4. Tanker

    ARMA 3 Beta Steam patches

    Thanks smurf. Anyway I can adjust the update schedule via Steam? Never mind. I found out.
  5. For the past 3 days when I log into Steam I get an ARMA 3 beta download each day. Have there been update patches everyday? I have not been tracking the version numbers but the one I have today is 0.73.107952.
  6. Tanker

    mouse control options for driving

    Track IR is for look ;)
  7. Is there a targetting reticle for the MGs and rockets for the helicopter in the Helicopter Showcase in Arma 3? What is used to judge where the ordnance will impact the ground?
  8. Tanker

    mouse control options for driving

    Mouse control is too slow for steering. A and D is too abrupt and over controls the steering.
  9. Thanks gonk. Thanks also Sickboy. I had read that link before but is was a bit arcane for me. gonk's bit was the missing link.
  10. How do I invoke the command line so I can stop auto updating? The auto update never seems to successfully complete without uninstalling 6 Updater, then reinstalling.
  11. Tanker

    Got game crash? Do this

    I've done a search for these 3 files on my pc without finding them. I'm not sure if they've been created or not.
  12. I was running Arma 2 OA on a mp server. That's where I saw the names. I've found that increasing the interface size from tiny to normal in options/video, I can increase the font.
  13. Is there a way to increase the font size for the players' names that appear over the character in game? Right now they are too tiny.
  14. I have Arma2 and Arma OA in two separate folders. I have both games through Steam. Is Six Updater compatible with the Steam installation of Arma?
  15. Tanker

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Very nice launcher Spirited, well done.