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    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    a cti that isn't broken hooray
  2. Turkmenbashi


    Everything normal, post processing low, fillrate 100. resolution 1680x1050 E6600 @ 2.4 8800gt 512 2gb 800mhz Test1 - 26.3742 2 - 26.2152 3 - 19.9373 4 - 30.3874 5- 10.6816 overall - 2271.92
  3. Turkmenbashi

    Riding ontop of APCs

    It is attached already to a UH1 but it's inside the boat so the guns can't fire but it can fly just fine because the boat is transparent from the inside. Replacing the howitzers with m2s works well for engaging air targets, in that test we had a human pilot vs AI. Here's the boat, it's a bit rough because I am lazy and only knocked it together to piss around with: http://szrgta.com/arma2/attachtest2.Chernarus.rar It works quite well if you replace the uh1 with a fishing boat and have it sail on water.
  4. Turkmenbashi

    Riding ontop of APCs

    yes but when i am let near a mission editor nothing is ever sensible. From cow jousting to a frigate with a ton of guns attached, 6 players and a hind to shoot at. short youtube with sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPTBGdqPU6Q stream: http://szrgta.com/arma2/shipofdeath.html [takes a short while to start playing] link: http://szrgta.com/arma2/shipofdeath.avi
  5. Turkmenbashi

    Black Screen in Multiplayer

    Does this happen: - on all servers, on some servers only, which one do you experience it with for sure? All servers. It happens alot more on client servers, but still occurs on dedicated servers. Usually if you keep trying to connect you will eventually get in. I noticed that if I input the wrong password for a client server I was getting this consistently but was then able to connect after 1/2 retries with the correct password. - during Join in progress only or also when the session is in the lobby? Both. - with all missions / some missions - in which mission have you seen it? All missions.
  6. Turkmenbashi

    Multiplayer Slots Disappearing

    Had a look around the forum and it doesn't appear that this is a repost. Additionally I'm sure that you've already found this bug because it's very blatant. In games that are designed to be JIP and have base respawn etc, it appears that if someone dies and disconnects (or even just disconnects) their slot will completely disappear and will be unjoinable. This is in both player made missions and BIS's own warfare 2 maps. This results in a game ending up as 11v4 or some silly number, with no-one able to balance up the teams because the slots have been eaten. I'm sure if you join any server running these modes you'll witness the bug for yourself.
  7. I haven't experienced this yet but the people I play with certainly have. On client servers only, haven't heard of it happening on dedis.
  8. Turkmenbashi

    Black Screen in Multiplayer

    Adding to this list. People I've played with, around 7-8 all have trouble connecting to various servers. Happens most with client servers but also occasionally with dedicated servers, you'll join and it will get stuck on the black 'Joining' screen and requires you to end the process to get off it. If you try to connect enough times eventually you seem to be able to get in. For myself I have a router that I am DMZed on and a firewall that has been turned off since I got arma 2 and the problem is still occuring. I can host/join any other game with no problems.
  9. Turkmenbashi

    Has the LOCAL BUG been fixed?

    Of course not, don't be silly. Also yes I enjoyed ammo bug, it was a game of deciding if you could fit one more law rocket into your jeep and if you failed you would create an impassable black hole of lag.
  10. Turkmenbashi

    KA50 can shoot down aircraft in ArmA why?

    Tipsi your argument is invalid as you are a polish curly haired homosexual. Good day.
  11. Turkmenbashi

    416 vs G36

    mr. t frowns on your choice of weapon. with his large, heavy ballsack alone mr. t would destroy the hk416 and the 1337 d3lt4 p00nz0r squad carrying it.
  12. Turkmenbashi

    ArmA Queens Gambit Packshot Winner ????

    Provide me a scrotum and I will return it with my signature.
  13. Turkmenbashi

    ArmA Queens Gambit Packshot Winner ????

    Provide me a scrotum and I will return it with my signature.
  14. Turkmenbashi

    Beta testing is a joke.

    oh lol.