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    Need new Tank-Game

    T72: Balkans on Fire is ok, it has decent graphics and controls but is severely let down by the campaign side of things. It feels more like a tech demo with a few missions than a complete game. I've heard that Kharkov 1942 game is much better but haven't tried it myself. As far as tanks go I was always pretty content with RO's tank battles, they weren't the height of realism but were realistic enough to have skill and understanding of the concepts play a big part. The Combat Mission series, while not dedicated tank sims, are always good for some excellent tank action. I sometimes just play random generated maps with light wooding and medium hilliness tank only against friends. The contrast in style you have to use when playing CMBB in say late 43 with Russian against German is always interesting.
  2. TheReddog

    Rebellion wants you to know they aren't stupid :)

    I've played GTA IV with people around the world as well, in fact here in Australia it almost never match makes me with someone in the same country. In this time I experienced everything from horrendous warping to people dying 10+ seconds after you had shot them in the face. It was utterly horrid and only reaffirmed my choice never to pay for XBL. Oh and before you say it I was using 30MB Cable at the time. P2P was abandoned for PC Games years ago for very good reasons. The only reason it is returning to PC is because developers want to spend as little time as possible making cross platform games. I also get the feeling these days developers want to kill off the modding scene, no dedicated servers makes it very hard to grow a community and mod for a game, these days rather than giving a game longevity they want to take your money and then have you purchased next years model again and again. P2P is inferior to Dedicated Servers in every aspect.
  3. Goddamn the install process could certainly be a little less convoluted, I had no problems following the guide below and kudos to the guy who wrote it. But still, there is no reason that this process should have been contrived as such in the first place, it is only going to drive anyone with only basic computer skills around the bend.
  4. Prices for games down here in Australia are outrageous, as are the prices for anything electrical.
  5. I would never ever buy from those guys, not after the nightmare time they game people with Arma 1.
  6. TheReddog

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    Cause the developers aren't releasing shit.
  7. TheReddog

    How will the cattle lights effect NVG?

    Why that sheen just means they're done... good eatin' :D
  8. TheReddog

    Will we have a ArmA2 demo?

    The Arma1 demo didn't come until sometime after release, in fact it was even after 1.08 if I remember correctly. There really should be a demo out near initial release in my opinion so that people can get a feel of the game.
  9. TheReddog

    Night Vision Improvement

    I just want it to bloody work. I have forever had this bug with ArmA where while using night vision it will randomly not draw the green circle field of view on my screen. I can still see my hud and everything but nothing else (so my screen will flicker black for 5-10 seconds at a time then back). It only happens when using NVG's and is pretty damn game breaking.
  10. TheReddog

    ARMA 2 : 18+ rating vs Arma 1 : 16+

    That's the problem, inconsistency, and treating games as if they're something only children play. Fear 2 is banned here due to excessive violence, which is rubbish, there are much more violent games that are completely legal to play. Whether a game is refused classification or not seems completely arbitrary and up to whoever at the ACB reviews it. These same people are apparently going to be the ones charged with controlling the internet blacklist if the Governments new net censorship plan gets through. If that happens I am moving abroad! :mad:
  11. TheReddog

    ARMA 2 : 18+ rating vs Arma 1 : 16+

    This worries me, as currently (due to some nut job Governor General in South Australia) we have no R18+ classification for games here. Anything deemed R18+ is automatically refused classification. I guess I'll have to purchase this from overseas :(
  12. TheReddog

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    I was just wondering how you guys reckon Arma2 will go for me, I've got; C2D E6600 (definitely the weakest link) 2GB DDR2 ASUS GTX260 (the 216 stream processor version). I'm guessing I'll probably want a quad core cpu.
  13. TheReddog

    Bohemia Interactive needs to read this!!NOW!

    It's obvious what's happening here, they're planning to release 'Mission packs' as DLC for console versions of the game which you will of course have to pay for. Call me a cynical bastard but that's how it appears to me.
  14. My clan and I were playing in a tournament with missions made by the admins for each match, that is until the other teams all dropped off and it imploded. I can't see the harm of Arma2 having some dedicated PVP modes, in the end it is only going to increase the scope of people this game will attract. Some of you guys saying that PVP game modes are automatically unrealistic need to takes your heads out of your gaping pie holes.