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  1. teshub

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Hello, I introduce myself, I'm teshub, and for quite some time working on some projects that lack some finishing touches (in this regard, I want to say I'm sorry for the delay in finishing my mod, especially that relating to al the stuff present on aircraft carrier.....only a few finishing touches -US navy aero dolly trailer/Us navy project carrier/A-7e corsair/S-3B viking)...but obviously th eproblem is always time. I kindky ask, since I studied the part of your model A-10c relative to the cockpit switches, two simple things to improve my work: - as you have solved the mouse cursor movement in flight problem, to use switch(I managed to run my switch only on the ground, not in flight=-; - ask, since we, if I will be able 'to have the kind permission, we can soon publish my addon (the Corsair..) using a portion of your script. Manythanks for your work you gave me the passion to integrate a fully working cockpit........ Best regards.
  2. Hello friend, apologize for the inappropriate request (in this topic), but I would like to know if I can use your Pak T-50 script relative to the map system for mine aircraft model; I studied your work, and the moving map is awesome, it work in my model, but the only thing that I understand very poor, is how to hide the map around the various cockpit gauges... I create a small square for the Glonass_map, but of course it is greater than the instrumnet panel; I tried creating a square with a small frame in the center, and applying an Alpha texture (glass), prefixed to the glonass_map selection, thus to do not sort the "alpha" in oxygrn.....in buldozer view works fine, but in game, I still can see the transparent square, with little glitch around it. Thanks in advance if I can have a full answer of how to hide part of the map in cockpit. Best regards
  3. Hi Firewill, thanks for the upgrade............ http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn128/TESHUB_WIP/A7E%20corsair%20project/2015-10-24_00004_zpsivoezqm2.jpg http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn128/TESHUB_WIP/A7E%20corsair%20project/2015-10-24_00003_zpshrivpbfp.jpg http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn128/TESHUB_WIP/A7E%20corsair%20project/2015-10-24_00002_zpsu7ezgpxt.jpg
  4. Hi, good work with the Tomcat............ Just few words. I'm still working hard on my project, the A7E corsair and the aerial tanker version. A7 Corsair II in real world has a fuel probe to proceede with aerial refuel. In my model, p3d and config, I use "fuel_probe" to simulate the use of this probe for refuelling. In game testing revealing that the f-18 from Spartan & John and mine aircraft, are able to refuel correctly from the drogue (tested with the A7 tanker version and the SAB_C130) , but the Tomcat has a problem because of it has "fuel_hose" instead (for me) of "fuel_probe". I noticed also that Tomcat cannot refuel from the Kc135 tanker of the Usaf Mod. I used the tanker script (tanker.sqf) from the above mentioned sab_c130 mod and works perfectly. My question is that someone has a powerfull script that works fine for all of the drogue point/boom or there is the possible to convert the fuel_hose into fuel_probe. In my config I also added the Usaf exception for the refuelling ( there are hose and probe possibility), and the A7 can refuel, but I see just the classic central boom. Best regards and respect. Teshub - USNAVY mod in development............................................
  5. teshub

    Pinaz's Retexture Project

    ;) thanksssssssssssss
  6. teshub

    Pinaz's Retexture Project

    I don't recognize the map??????? wht's the name?? Thanks a lot..
  7. teshub

    C130 Damage config error

    how did you do to resolve the problem?I've got same issue. thanks
  8. Hello, After spent / waste almost 6 months of my free time to complete my aircraft A7 CorsairII,I'm falling in love with the Key Interaction/cockpit tutorial. I follow the tut, but I didn't understand how it works: In my aircraft INIT.sqs I put the below line: A7E_clickaction = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "CHANGEVOUGHT\script\InteractionButton_click.sqf"; //InteractionButton_click = the second script show in tutorial) and ["plane", "onEachFrame", "A7E_clickaction"] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; but not works. I've also problem to show the hinttext/worldtoscreen. Help appreciated. Best regards. teshub