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  1. He guys, I working on a Stealth rescue Operation. I don´t want to create a flare with Flare="F_40mm_red" createvehicle [x,y,z]; I want to make it more realistic. If the Soldier1 with Gp25 or M203 detected the West Side, he fired an flare and after the Flare was fired the Alarm starts off. And if you shoot him befor he can fire the Flare, then nothing happens and the alarm stays off. and the same with Gunfire if any East Soldier detected the West side, fire any weapon and the alarm turn on. i want to make it with Logical in the init.sqs or sqf ... but the Arma logic confuses me again and again. :p If(sol1 fire ["M203Muzzle", "M203Muzzle", "Flarered_M203"]) then alarm = true; Please can you help me? thanks reading
  2. TomDark

    Making addon mp compatible

    and how did it works then with the DSCheckSignatures.exe ? -------------------------------------------------------------- Checked_dir / Keys_dir ? -------------------------------------------------------------- with the dssignfile.exe : ------------------------------------------------------------------ private_key_filename / file_to_sign_filename ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name.biprivatekey / PBOName.pbo ------------------------------------------------------------------ but that don´t work, now ! and yes i have a ID-Tag please help me, thanks ! :)
  3. thanks , but I did not mean the Init.sqs . I'm sorry I asked the question wrong. I meaned a Trigger in the Mission Editor.
  4. Hello , I hope you can help me, there is a possibility to make the Init shorter. I mean if all units in group Bravo are dead the second Mission Objective failed. Can I use something like this: not alive all uinits in group Bravo or something ? without using !(alive sol1) and !(alive sol2) and ........ thanks for your help..... :)
  5. great script , men ! it works good ! now i looking for a Reloading script ( i got a reload, ...) and Kill script( if you kill an enemy in an attacking group) I'm looking forward when my mission is completed :-)
  6. Hello, I created a Mission where you defend an outpos. And there are a some units ,they are not in a group and the don´t say hit: ( i´m hit, the got me, medic ...) reload ( change Mag, reloading, ....) under fire (take cover , get down) Kill (take this, i got him .....) I would like to make it more realistic in the Firefight . 1: is there a possibility to add more then one sound in the EventHandler (Name addEventHandler ["Hit", {Man1 say "I_m_hit"}] 2: It works, but UNO12 says the sound twice (Mendown Mendown) (UNO13 addEventHandler ["Killed", {UNO12 say "mendown"}]}; 3:how can i add the multiple sound for an reload in the EventHandler Command 4:how can i do this "if an UNO soldier kill any insurgents in an attacking group: he say ( take this, i got him, comeon .... !) am grateful for any help ;)
  7. hello , can anyone tell me how can i elevate the canon of a D30 or M119 or a Tank ? So that the D30 or M119 looks like a real artillery. I now its possible but I can´t find the command for that no more. please help me ! ;) mfg Tom
  8. and how can i make opposite from all units in Uh60 when all units out of uh60.
  9. very well , now it´s working ! thanks for the help !
  10. I'm sorry but it does not work !! ? the groupleader is name is SP1 in the Init.sqs ==> sp1 setGroupID ["kskteam","GroupColor2"]; the helicopter name is Uh60 i put this in a trigger but it don´work {_x in uh60} count units kskteam == count units kskteam
  11. Hello how do I do it which the KSK-team sitting in the helicopter and then the mission ends ! it should play no role how many team members are still alive after the Mission can anyone help me ? :confused:
  12. It is also possible to use setDate [2006, 11, 30, 9, 0] takes instead of skipTime :)
  13. hello, try this db50 , 1, 5000 . I think 2 is the speed of sound file. so the sound plays twice as fast ! and 5000 is the reach . How far you can hear the sound . in your case 5000 meters, db is the volume of sound
  14. Hallo, the Numbers behind the rampsmp config are specified position, right ! ? can someone explain to me what number are available for which coordinates :confused: randSamp1[] = {"ca\sounds\Ambient\forest\forest-sfx-6bird", 0.125893, 1, 30, 0.125000, 4, 8, 12};