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  1. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw0Ni9cF1eU Could that be it? It seems pretty close to what you're talking about.
  2. Timblesink


    Kick-ass. You guys are amazing.
  3. Timblesink


    I love this mod.
  4. Timblesink


    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! I cast mind war on you until you upload that addon
  5. Timblesink

    WW2 Desert addons

    This thread made me lol Seriously, though, maybe get some PBOage going before you try to release stuff...
  6. Timblesink

    Itwea's Lightsaber released

    More like photon torpedoes
  7. Timblesink

    Most Unique addon for OFP

    Could well be the new lightsaber one: Here
  8. Timblesink

    Itwea's Lightsaber released

    Looks extremely cool, only problem is the second they take a swing and the other one blocks, I get that eeevil "out of reserved memory" or whatever message, along with a nice and clean CTD. I've set my 'total memory' to the highest it can go, (2048MB) so what can I do? EDIT: Oh wait, never mind, it was conflicting with another addon or something. When I disabled my other modfolders it worked fine. Really cool addon! Keeping my fingers crossed for some medieval knights!
  9. Timblesink

    New 3rd person camera view

    More like this: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA\arma.exe" -mod=animation
  10. Timblesink

    New 3rd person camera view

    Going from 3rd person straight to the sights looks hella cool, now! Perfect distance, it kinda reminds me of GoW (Gears of War).
  11. Timblesink

    Zmod (Crappy Zombie Mod)

    This mod needs a chainsaw and a lawnmower.
  12. Timblesink

    New 3rd person camera view

    Jumping on the "move it away a bit" bandwagon, maybe to about a distance where their waist is at the bottom of the screen, then it'll be great
  13. Timblesink

    Wishlist for the next 1.06 patch

    What I think BIS are doing is making ArmA less attractive than VBS2, so there's more reason to buy VBS2... Still, I want better performance (AND THIS GODDAMN SHADOWS BUG TO GO AWAY (Linky))
  14. Timblesink

    Subs - Mini Subs & Scuba

    Sweet. I've always wanted a sub in OFP - And now there's a real one in ArmA! w00t.
  15. Timblesink

    Zmod (Crappy Zombie Mod)

    Yay! Always love it when there's a new version of the zombies when I get home w00t for Zombies!