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    Weird Glitch sends vehicles into space.

    I ran over an ATV that was parked next to the building with an M1. For whatever reason, ArmA 2 hates that. It sent the ATV crashing into the building and glitched the hell out it. I think what happened was the ATV caused the building to destroy multiple times, leaving like 1000 stacked rubbled buildings. It caused my FPS to drop dramatically and eventually crashed the server we were on.
  2. I've done the research, tried the possible fixes, but I am still having an issue were the game will stop for 5th of a second and start back up. Things I don't understand -I get very good frame rate during the other 2 seconds -This only happens in Operation Arrowhead; Arma 2 and Arma 1 have great frame rate. Things that I have tried -exthreads -update drivers -lower graphic settings -page file tweaks -reduce running applications -phsyX disabled Right now I'm looking for any kind of solution because this is a great game and I still play it even though this happens. But now I need to fix it because its just getting old to play a game when it runs like this. Specs: Processor, P8600, 2.4, 3MB, Core Penryn, 25W, R0 Hard Drive, 500GB, Free Fall Sensor, 7.2K, 2.5, SGT-HOLL Dual In-Line Memory Module, 4GB1067MHZ, 256X64, 8K, 200 Nvidia 260m/9400 SLI Oh yea did I mention I was an impatient idiot and bought it off steam? If you need anything else let me know. erE2MXCm-cQ
  3. Incase anyone was looking at this thread for answers, I solved my problem by updating directX software. It was not linked to ArmA 2.
  4. unfortunately its throughout the entire game. I experienced the same issue but to a lesser degree in counterstrike source the other day. Now I'm doing research into the case as a whole rather then labeling it to Arma 2.
  5. Done it, no effect. Yes tried it as well.
  6. Yes, running latest patch.
  7. The First BOSD happened while I was downloading patches. I decided i'd check out the game while I waited. It got to the last two check Marks and my Computer Restarted. I knew It was a BSOD because this happens all the time with STALKERS. It was a 0x0000008e Stop, I did lots of research and tried just about every step possible. So here I am now asking for anything else. I tried Patch 1.08 - BSOD 1.09 Beta - BSOD Compatibility - BSOD Updated all Drivers - BSOD OpenAL Drivers - BSOD No CD rom Emulation running - BSOD (oh yea its a legal copy ) I replaced my old memory with a friends known working memory BSOD Also, This and Stalkers are the only games that reboot my computer when I try to run them. I will flip my lid if I reformat my computer and the Game still doesnt run. So Im going to save that option for last. Ok so heres my stats, 3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4 1024 Megabytes Installed Memory AGP X8 Rad X1600 256 DDR3 160 GIGs of free Space Need anything Else? Just ask.
  8. tumble_dry

    Bsod - other threads didnt work

    heres an update on my situation. I formated my computer, I did all the windows updates and driver updates. Arma was my first install and it still blue screen'd. heres a link to the current mini dump http://www.box.net/shared/yygb3yg8ow
  9. tumble_dry

    Bsod - other threads didnt work

    Thanks Suma, The event log was weird, It looked liked my system had 3 different errors when I launched the game. Error code 1000008e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 84f17550, parameter3 a639f294, parameter4 00000000. Error code 1000008e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 862cb4c0, parameter3 a6db2294, parameter4 00000000. Error code 1000008e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 fdb63ed8, parameter3 a70d8294, parameter4 00000000. Here is the full BSOD text 0x0000008e 0xc00005 0x82acc470 0xa6e1sz94 0x00000000 >> Chris Death Do you think a format would fix it?
  10. tumble_dry

    Bsod - other threads didnt work

    It restarts because the option "Automatic Restart on System Failure" was on. When I turned it off I got a BSOD It cant be dust and it Cant be heat. Both are not a problem. I think I said it but ill say it again. This and stalkers are the only games that do this. I can Run COD4, all the source games, WoW, Ect fine with out a single problem. Why is that? Ill try a fresh install of Windows.
  11. tumble_dry

    Bsod - other threads didnt work

    Few extra things I sent SecureROM that file thing. They said it wasn't their end. Should I try that memory handling code in the EXE? EDIT: Mem Handling did nothing.