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  1. Tomcos

    Pistolfied's Tracers

    I really want this for Arma 3. :(
  2. Tomcos

    UPSMON for arma3

    http://kronzky.info/ups/index.htm This works.
  3. Tomcos

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

  4. +1 Agreed, this is the best I've tried so far. :bounce3:
  5. Excellent addon, but if I want to use the original artillery instead of R3F I always get this message "An other artillery module than the R3F artillery and logistics system is used in this mission bla bla bla." Might be a stupid question but how the hell do i get rid of this, what files do I have to delete so I can use the easy method? :o
  6. http://freeace.wikkii.com/wiki/Class_Lists_for_ACE2 This?
  7. Tomcos

    Pistolfied's Tracers

    It would be great if the tracers could glow for several seconds, it glows for 2 seconds, a little longer would be better imo.
  8. Tomcos

    Pistolfied's Tracers

    Finally, I've been waiting for this since Arma 2 came out. Thanks a bunch.
  9. Tomcos

    1-6 Behind Enemy Lines

    SP, lots of addons, but I tried with no addons, and got this message "You can not play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.vops_c_guns"
  10. Tomcos

    1-6 Behind Enemy Lines

    Tried downloading it again, but same thing happens. :(
  11. Tomcos

    1-6 Behind Enemy Lines

    This gets very annoying. This goes on for about a minute, then it just hovers over ground, nothing happens after that. :confused:
  12. Tomcos


    Excellent addon, thanks. :ok:
  13. Tomcos

    Patch 1.04 suggestions

    I would actually like to see tracers in small arms again. Not the "lasers" for every shot though.