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    BT invest 1.5 billion in Super-Fast Broadband

    ahh ok, well i bit! you got yourself a 13 stoner
  2. TrevorOfCrete

    BT invest 1.5 billion in Super-Fast Broadband

    Hmm, i think you might have been reading the daily mail. Â There certinly is not massive unemployment, Â jobs are so easy to find (there are 678,000 jobs available in this country, Â thats up 35,000 for this time last year), Â infact this year has set a record for the most people in Britain in employment in terms of figures. There is not large amounts of unwanted immigrants leaching of the state (as most refugees who come here but cannot work by law, Â but are also not paid money, Â just given food coupons, Â resulting in many of them returning home, Â most other immigrants come to here to work so do not leach of the state, particularly the bulk ak EU immigrants), Â infact without immigration from the EU we would now find ourselves in the middle of a large labour shortage. I fail to see much anger, Â most of it is aimed at fuel prices but can you really see large amounts of civil unrest? Â personally i dont. Â There is also certinly not favour for a major right wing party, Â Labours failings have turned the vast majority of middle class voters to the Lib Dems and Tories, Â both hardly right wing parties. Â The vast majority of people in Britain still hold enough disposable income, Â people are just choosing not to spend it because the overhyped chance of inflation. The guy from BT probably knows quite a bit about his industry, he has also probably not made this decision on his own. It must make some economical sence or they wouldnt do it.
  3. TrevorOfCrete

    An apache

    i see itleast 2-3 every day. Â
  4. TrevorOfCrete

    Military Humor

  5. TrevorOfCrete


    i heard that a women went to see this movie and actually threw up becusae if the camera
  6. TrevorOfCrete

    Political Change

    yes, everyones part of the same party. Â I dont understand how anyone can argue that a one party state is the most democratic one in the world. Â It just dosnt make any scence.
  7. TrevorOfCrete

    Political Change

    just saw somthing interesting. This week is the elections for Cubas new national assembly. the are somthing like 457 seats and 457 candidates! there is absolutly no choice in who you vote for.
  8. TrevorOfCrete


    people have a right to complain about the plot. Just because its a monster movie dosnt mean its going to have a bad plot. Monster movies can have good plots and bad plots too.
  9. TrevorOfCrete

    Force feeback

    pretty sure this is missing from ArmA. Â It would be great to see force feedback in Arma2. Is there any patitular reason it was left out?
  10. TrevorOfCrete


    made with a shoddy camera and 'fake' monster. Â I mean really, the amount the US can mobolize in the New York area would kill that monster in a matter of minites. Â I highly doubt anything could survive a barrage of Sabot, Javelins and Squadrons of fighter/bomber no matter how big and bug like. watch the trailer. All monster movies portray american troops as people who just discharge there weapons wildly into the air.
  11. TrevorOfCrete


    nothing some napalm couldnt sort out yeehaa
  12. TrevorOfCrete


    if that is the monster its nothing a few sabot rounds and hellfires couldnt bring down. Â If the worst comes to the worst fire a cruise missle at it. Â shouldnt have a problem with it, Â becuase monsters are real.
  13. TrevorOfCrete

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    hey guys, not sure if anyone else has noticed this, since ive started running 1.09 the sound inside veicles is really quiet, and for example in a helicopter, can hardly hear anything. I like the effect of it being a little quieter but for me at the moment its just a little to quiet. is anyone else getting that?
  14. TrevorOfCrete

    Arma feedback thread - based on 1.09

    very impressed with 0.9, great job.
  15. TrevorOfCrete

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    The Bush Wars Mod AWSOME new Puma + Sakaha map/WP insurgents