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    One question that MANY fans care about.

    I really dont like PvP, I find most times its over inflated ego's of pwnd Lol lol lol. your moma in your face kinda ppl. Which I admit is not how eveyone is and in no way am I generalising. I think it takes a few bad experiences to put you off PvP. I do however like the ideas of GroupvGroup PvP style matches. where a set objective of capturing or holding areas. Those require team coop vs team coop. The outcome isnt decided by who has relfexes or a cat and dexerity of an octopus, Which sadly i dont possess at all lol.. I was briefly however involved in with a PvP clan, who had training and were in OFP1 leagues. I did get to see the otherside of how its done and that egos are not always the rulers of the server. I love CTI, but find even in those games theres often rambo solo artists that dont share the ideal of teamwork.. Id love to see Arma2 come out with great action scenerio PvP elements. Where teamwork is the deciding factor and the winner.
  2. TwentyFourSeven

    banned from every server????

    Im guessing he bought a pre-owned copy? Previous owner has an ID number that maybe have been banned for bad behaviour or cheating. Some servers have seperate websites or forums with ban list on. Note the name and try some investigations, or go on yourself to server explain his case and get the servers information. (if possible) Then contact them and explain problem.
  3. TwentyFourSeven

    ww4 anims beta

    Isnt it called collision dectection with objects. Always been a problem. I once spent many long hours trying to get a chopper to land on a roof. Wont happen. Hehe. Still think these units are fab, far from a waste of time. Pleased and proud to have them in my addons folder.
  4. TwentyFourSeven

    British forces mod

    Units looking good, GJ, keep at it lol @ too many brit mods. If only..
  5. TwentyFourSeven

    Texel Island

    Visually its good, where do the people drink water from hehe... But seriously i do like it. I dont know whether its my bad fyling of the island has angles I cant see, but 6-10 times I tried to land a chinook I flipped it onto its side. Could be just me.
  6. TwentyFourSeven

    WW1 Mod Release

    nosplash nomap referes to start up, with this command the laod time of the game is reduced, you dont get to read Bohemia Interactive credits and titles, so on,
  7. TwentyFourSeven

    ww4 anims beta

    Thanks your solution fixed the problem. Â I had Tonalredux running with this mod with the odd crash to desktop happening. Â Now I removed Tonal I get no errors. Â Thanks Sanc Â
  8. TwentyFourSeven

    ww4 anims beta

    I dont understand wots going then, Im using latest pack, in the mod folder are DTA and in that are your anims? Have I missed a anim download somewhere?
  9. TwentyFourSeven

    ww4 anims beta

    image here, http://i456.photobucket.com/albums....2639224
  10. TwentyFourSeven

    ww4 anims beta

    Sweet, although I dont have those desert islands at present only CAT_Shit_Afghanistan. Â These units are looking sharp, Ive only noticed one tiny little fault with the insurgents. Â The light karky jacket has soldiers wrist pop through it. Â Apart from that, flawless and inspiring. I started work on a campaign which I hope to utilise every unit in the story line. Â Using the plot line of flashbacks in time to different missions leading to a present day final mission. Â Thanks to your units giving so much options and directions to go. GJ, any female models planned? Â
  11. TwentyFourSeven

    ww4 anims beta

    Is it safe to start making missions with these now. In that i mean if I start making missions will the unit class change names in the future rendering my missions unplayable? I aleady started making missions but got a worried that i might be doing it for nothing.
  12. TwentyFourSeven

    OFP Addon request thread

    cheers m8, will dig it the disc. Lol Crazy fool hehehe
  13. TwentyFourSeven

    OFP Addon request thread

    Im missing an addon, but the fact im missing it is due to me being stupid. Im missing the original Anim.pbo for both CWC and Resistance, As it was over-written. Would be possible for some kind person to upload the original anims somewhere for me to download. Im finding playing online with less OFP servers more tricky as over paranoid cheater hunters seem to think your a cheat for having any modded file. Can anyone help plz.
  14. TwentyFourSeven

    Addons by Chris.87

    So can I ask how these work in game. Can the objects, Ie passport and money be added as a addweapon in game or a addaction thing. Unit checks dead body takes cash. in other words can these be picked up or is it eye candy Cool idea, if the money can be picked up be cool fro a CTI adaption objects destryoed spawn cash lol, gotta pick it up to buy stuff.
  15. TwentyFourSeven

    ww4 anims beta

    @Anguis No,, Ive named my mod folder @Sanc and it works fine Just make sure inside the folder, the 3 folders are not inside each other the addons, dta, bin. Â That OFPEC video is awesome, never seen it before. Makes my cutscenes seem worthless. Must try harder. Loving the PK, personally I like the black silloutte style of close sight. Â IM easily distracted by to much eye candy in sight lol. Â "Oooh look pretty markings, ooh a shot distance gauge, DOH ive been shot"