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  1. Tommo

    Banned from my own server?

    I remember this in OFP, I think I tried it on a server I temporarily setup on my home network at some stage. Basically you can have a program that'll auto type /#login and then start from a and work its way through the alphabet, upper and lower case and also numbers, etc until it gets a match and the user is logged in. This could be how the password was found.
  2. Tommo

    Less and less CTF players.

    The main point us CTF fans are trying to make in this thread is that we were expecting ArmA to be the same enjoyable style of gameplay as OFP, with the advantage of not waiting in the lobby for a game to finish along with improved graphics and physics. CTF in OFP is completely different to playing CS, I'm not sure how anyone can even find the slightest relation between CTF in OFP and playing CS, their two very different games. The whole reason we enjoy CTF in OFP is because of this unique style, we just weren't expecting ArmA to be this slow and clunky game that takes an unbelievable amount of time to perform the simplest of tasks (often its like the soldier your playing as is off on vacation, not in a war zone). Perhaps it'll change with future updates, perhaps not, either way I'll be here waiting for a chance to enjoy CTF in this game.
  3. Tommo

    Remote Admin

    I don't think its possible as yet(I may be wrong), but one of the users on this forum is working on a way to do this through Telnet I believe.
  4. Tommo

    Server Stress Test?

    I'm already aware of #monitor, etc, what I'm looking to do is somehow get the server fps and have it read by the mission so it can perhaps put the value of fps into an array every 5 seconds then tally a score at the end of the tests.
  5. Tommo

    Server Stress Test?

    Has anyone found/made a server stress test for ArmA? I'm thinking along the lines of some sort of mission that would put more stress onto it in stages until it crashes, in a way like 3DMark where the server would be given a score. If there isn't one in existence, is there a way get the server FPS into a mission?
  6. Update now available, I'm pretty sure I've fixed this security issue now. Sorry everyone that I made this mistake, I hope it doesn't happen again in the future. On a side note, I never received that PM
  7. Could you please PM me PaveQ? Since your posts been edited I haven't actually been able to see what the problem was since I was just referred to the thread.
  8. I'll get onto it sometime soon, I'm just very busy so I'll make changes when I can.
  9. It should automatically update with a body onload=setTimeout, default is set to refresh every 5 seconds. What changes did you make to get it working? I've only found the css is gone from the top. Its weird, for some the installation has gone like a breeze and everythings working fine straight away, but for others (reports of problems have only been from people running Linux servers so far) there seem to be problems with adding the cookie, the server timezone and refreshing.
  10. Is anyone able to comment on what version of PHP their using and if the login feature is working and if the server page automatically refreshes?
  11. I believe I've just found the problem, your using an older version of PHP! I was unable to replicate these errors, but I've been talking with someone else thats been having this problem and their using version 4. I'm using 5.2.1 and some of the functions I've used in the script aren't available till version 5.1 or so. Try updating to the latest version of PHP and it should fix everything, also check your cookies to see if anythings been entered.
  12. I'm currently looking into this issue, I didn't experience this error during testing but it seems to have shown up with the public release.
  13. Hi all, I've been working in my spare time creating a PHP script which makes use of MySQL to store details about every player on a server! Basically it takes the player statistics that the server sends out and adds them to a database, adding new players as they join and continuously updating the scores as the game progresses. It keeps track of player statistics such as name, squad, score, deaths, games, frag rate, average score per game, total playing time and peak players on the server. This script is now available as a beta, I could go into more details here but its easiest to just direct you to the website: ArmA PHP Server Stats Homepage These two pages are also running the script as a bit of a preview: OGN COOP OGN VS The first server being monitored is using the current version but has only been running for a very short time, the second is an older version but shows how it looks after several games have been played. Enjoy! Tommo.
  14. Tommo

    ArMaTeC server Stats PHP Class

    Just noticed some very small errors, you forgot to define php after the <? for quite a few bits of php code so it isn't actually showing the stats for some items, other than that nice work