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  1. TOY

    Too Young To Die Campaign release

    Hi klavan! My computer is momentarily out of use, I need to get it fixed asap, so I apologize for this late reply. Don't worry, as for the fact that you're also a maker and not only a consumer, the time we have at our disposal to check out other peoples work is very limited. It's the same for me and TOY, BTW I'm writing this message from his computer. I know you made a mission entitled Operation Weasel, if I'm not wrong, and I didn't had the time to check it out, since we're all to busy with our own stuff. So no problem we know exactly how's the going when you're creating your own stuff. It's impossible to check out all the new things, members of the community are releasing nearly every day. BTW I hope the voices I send were Ok for you. Stay tuned. Regards TOY & nettrucker
  2. TOY

    Too Young To Die Campaign release

    Hi Tannethal! I'm sorry for replying late but my computer's momentarily down and I dunno exactly when I can get it fixed. I'm sending this answer from TOY's computer. Thanks for your comment and your compliments. We're glad you like it. It's a pitty when using ECP mod the FPS slows down the gameplay and starts lagging very badly, since ECP is the best OFP mod in my humble opinion. Well I hope you'll like the other missions of our campaign too. If you have some questions or probs don't hesitate to post in this topic. I'll reply asap. However, thanks for playing our campaign and commenting. Cheers mate. Regards TOY & nettrucker
  3. TOY

    Too Young To Die Campaign release

    Hi everybody. I'm TOY and we discovered a pretty mistake in the last upload, of our campaign on OFPEC. Â First of all we want to thank all you guys for commenting our work, the positive and the "bad" ones, which helped us to improve the quality of the campaign. There's still one mistake in "Patrol ST. Marie". We wrote in the update that we added the objectives as hidden, but the last two ones are visible from the beginning which bugs us quite heavily. It happened because I was working on this update 'till late at night. It was a stupid mistake in the update of the init file, I made because I was too tired. As we don't have much time on our hands, we worked for two years on this campaign, nearly every evening, sometimes until the next morning. We do realize that a new update is quite a difficult story, due to the big filesize. But we worked real hard to get everything perfect and now this one, it made us really angry. I hope there won't be any problems with a new update and upload, hope that this time it'll be the last. Thanks for your understanding.