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  1. Tim Pink

    FDFMOD 1.4 OUT

    Hey guys, Im just a bit unclear on how you install this mod, do u overwrite all the original fdf 1.3 files with this one or do u create a seperate mod folder? Tim
  2. Tim Pink

    ECP 1.085 Released!

    Hey guys. Due to time restrictions i wasnt able to have the soundtrack ready when they released but i do have the soundtrack well under way and it should be finished soon  But i must say, it was great to hear the Anthem we made as the music for the installer, made me very proud. The team has worked really hard on this mod and i was proud to work along side them, even though i was in the background most of the time, Every person knew their role in the mod and did what they could to the best of their ability. Great work guys Tim
  3. Tim Pink

    WOOSAA, look what me find

    Hey guys, This leak person is a serious menace and the way he did this to OFPEC and the ECP was through my account, he hacked it and i now have no control over news posting, i cant delete or pend items until someone changes it and because of my connection with the ECP team he was able to get hold of those files. That PDF was under lock and key and this guy stole it right out from under our noses. Tim Pink
  4. Tim Pink

    EECP - Enhanced ECP

    Top work Kurayami, When this and the ECP come out it will be amazing. Tim
  5. Tim Pink

    Y2K3 Version 7.3

    * Cough, Snort, Snicker *
  6. Tim Pink

    Terrorist attack on London

    My Support and Condolences go out to all the families and loved ones who have lost or had someone injured in todays attacks. It is truly a sad day when the innocent person living his/her normal day life can be targeted with such extreme predudice and all in the name of religion. Miles Teg is right, Military action wont solve anything except to incite more attacks and the inevitable loss of more human life for no reason. Everyone needs to unite, not through military action, but in defiance against these people trying to destroy our way of life, we need to send a clear message to the Terrorists saying no matter how hard you try, you will never take away what is ours by right, the right to live in peace, freedom and with a  choice to be and celebrate whatever religion, denomination or ethnic culture we want. Once again, Support and Sympathy to all those affected by the Attacks. Sincerely Timothy Pink
  7. Hey Everyone, cause ive just openedmy website im very interested to see wat kind of music people prefer to see in missions. please all input is helpfull Tim Pink
  8. Tim Pink

    What Music Do You Want To See In Missions

    Ok i just went back and came up with this version its not as repetetive and i like it, the instruments are a keyboard and a bass guitar http://pnstudios.gotf.net/music/death_west_2v2.mp3 remember its not a final version Tim Pink
  9. Tim Pink

    What Music Do You Want To See In Missions

    Thats exactly wat i was thinking, but im not sure, i might play a bass melody over the top of it, it sounds very NIN'ish if u listen to the Still CD And maybeh sit a guitar drone in there oh and there will be more than one Death Theme lol, this is but one of them, ive got about 4 done now so tis all good god the Halo 2 soundtrack is good, ill have to add that to the shopping list. Tim Pink
  10. Tim Pink

    What Music Do You Want To See In Missions

    Oh ok then. Good responses. Ive just been fiddling around with my synth and i came up with this little peice for On Player Death. Http://pnstudios.gotf.net/music/Death_west_2.mp3 please tell me wat you think. Tim
  11. Tim Pink

    Ask a mod

    Im going to speak my mind here and hope i dont get in trouble but frankly, i think the "dont dig up threads more than 4 months old" rule is stupid. As far as ive seen you guys do a great job at moderating and the rules are fair, but that one is stupid. I mean, say someone finds a bug in an addon that hasnt been discovered yet so he goes to the forum and finds the topic is quite old and the author of the addon cant be reached via IM, he wants to post the bug to see if anyone else has had it and thus possibly find a solution but alas he cant because A, if he posts a reply the topic will be locked by you guys for being "dug up" or B, if he starts a new thread on this bug, you guys will probably lock it for being "Unnecessary" or in the wrong place, it is a lose lose situation and i really think that rule requires being revised. Tim
  12. Tim Pink

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    There will be a complete "Ambient" soundtrack for the ECP. Im not sure about file size though because all the peices have been mastered at 320 kbps so it increases the file size a bit, its worth it though. Cubase SX 3.0 is an amazing program. Timmeh
  13. Tim Pink

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    oh ok dude, sorry if i misunderstood. my mistake
  14. Tim Pink

    Red Hammer Studios

    Thanks guys, ive been out for a while, bloody net and that, but now im back and i finally have broadband, have u changed msn address shadow?
  15. Tim Pink

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    no because thats going to be the theme for the ECP, and theres plenty more to come
  16. Tim Pink

    ECP 1.075...The countdown begins.

    I think we need some ECP Mood Music http://pnstudios.gotf.net/music/ecp_anthem.mp3
  17. Tim Pink

    Red Hammer Studios

    oh and why not, this one was was for fun http://pnstudios.gotf.net/mutton/ratemt.rar Timmeh
  18. Tim Pink

    Addon cd from ebay

    it would be interesting to hear wat placebo has to say about this
  19. Tim Pink

    Red Hammer Studios

    Looking great as usual guys  Ive been away for a while but i have been working hard on the RHS music and i have a few sample's and a Full song for u to listen too. Any feedback is appreciated. Red Dawn http://pnstudios.gotf.net/music/red_dawn.mp3 Samples Gift(cutscene orientated) http://pnstudios.gotf.net/music/gift_sample.mp3 Messed up (an experiment) http://pnstudios.gotf.net/music/messed_up_sample.mp3 Enjoy
  20. Tim Pink

    Y2K3 - Updated Ofp Config.

    * sigh *
  21. Tim Pink

    Rome: total war / napoleon total war

    pffft, stuff protectorate stuff. Cold Steel does just as well
  22. Tim Pink


    Oh for gods sake how did you get out of the closet? * Takes cassandra's batteries out and puts her back in the closet. Sorry bout that.
  23. Tim Pink

    Rome: total war / napoleon total war

    i havent exeprienced any lock ups yet but  there have been some annoying sound fuckups where it seems to be stuck in a loop, the game runs but the sound is fubar. But anyway Here are some more pictures These Hoplites are going to get smashed by the Gladiators. http://pnstudios.gotf.net/Crazyhoplite.jpg Gladiators about to storm the walls. http://pnstudios.gotf.net/Gladiators.jpg Fighting for control of the wall. http://pnstudios.gotf.net/Wallfight.jpg March of the Principes http://pnstudios.gotf.net/principes.jpg
  24. Tim Pink

    Rome: total war / napoleon total war

    Ive managed to wipe out the Gauls and the Carthegenians,(the later with the help of the Scipii family). Im am so impressed by this game, i mean the castle sieges are amazing, cavalry charges now look incredibly violent and to top it off the campaign is really immersive, the diplomats give u so much more options now. The Campaign map at the beggining of the Julii campaign http://pnstudios.gotf.net/campaignmap.jpg Romans about to lay some smack down on rebels http://pnstudios.gotf.net/romansmackdown.jpg Carthegenians bursting through the gate http://pnstudios.gotf.net/throughthegate.jpg Squashing the last bit of resistance in the center of the village http://pnstudios.gotf.net/battleforthecenter.jpg Heroic last stand in the center of Londinium http://pnstudios.gotf.net/laststand.jpg Timmeh