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  1. TThor

    Custom SPR Marksman Rifle

    Outstanding work, I like this weapon mod. TTHOR
  2. TThor

    Your Feedback on Queen's Gambit

    ["Go into your profile and open the init.. precisionEnemy=0.350000"] Thanks Heatseeker this works good, it was set to 0.600000. TTHOR
  3. TThor

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    Wmdaniel, Yes it sounds like a mission worth playing. Please post a link where it cane be downloaded from if possable. TTHOR
  4. TThor

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    The AI that know where you are hiding even when you need a scope or binocular to see them they are so far away. Fire a shot in there direction and they will return fire and most likely manage to wound you even though they have no weapons equip with optics. My brother still refuses to use AmA when we get together, OFP only. He hates the way the grass and the gun sights were modeled in AMA and the changes made to the chopper controls. I have tried to duplicate some of my favorite OFP missions with the AmA editor, but sadly they just seem to play better in OFP. You can't sneak into enemy territory when the AI always seems to know where you are. I just ordered Queens Gambit from Go Gamer, I hope it plays better then AmA. TTHOR
  5. TThor

    Just one request...

    I agree, I also do not like the control system in AmA. My brother refuses to use AmA when we play. OFP only because of the control changes. TThor
  6. TThor

    official complaint to BIS

    Finally received my two orders of Armed Assault from GoGamer. Whoever designed the keyboard control interface for the Air and Watercraft should be immediately reassigned to latrine duty. TThor
  7. TThor

    How do I move through Forests?

    Try a battle in a forest first equiping your squad with standard weapons. Then replay the same battle but equip your squad with silenced weapons. Now you know why special forces use those silenced weapons I will miss the blocks of forest if they are removed in Armed Assault TThor
  8. TThor

    Armed Assault - should the name be changed?

    After reading this entire thread from page 1 to page 17 and all of the title suggestions, I think Armed Assault sounds like a winner. I personally could care less what BIS calls it, as long as it plays like OFP and has an editor included for all of the great add on and mission makers to create with. TThor
  9. This is for the Asus A7N8X motherboards as posted on the Asus site. A7N8X deluxe audio output issue Problem For those of you with nForce 2 boards that have Center/LFE channels that don't sound right, there is a quick little fix. It seems that the different speaker system makers switch up which channel should be the center or the LFE on the mini-jack plug, so those who have center channels that either don't work, or sound very distorted, this could be the problem. Before this the fix has been to pull the center plug halfway out of the connector, and the center channel started to work. This isn't a great way to do this, as it cuts off the LFE signal totally if your system is set up as such. ASUS has actually posted a quick little proggy that fixes this problem by switching the center and LFE signals. I believe this fix comes directly from NVIDIA, but it seems that Asus is the only one to post it at the moment. This little program is called NVSwap, and it does a couple of other swaps with other plugs Answer This is because different speakers have different definitions of center and subwoofer. Thus NVIDIA provides us a tool which can allow us manually adjust center and subwoofer output. Please go to the?link below to download the tool. ftp://ftp.asus.com.tw/pub/asus/misc/utils/nf2/nvswap.zip TThor
  10. TThor

    Help please!?

    I have run into this problem 3 times so far. Each time all I did was to run the setup program again. Do not do anything else, just run the setup again immediately and it will complete the install and work fine. If you reboot or open or close anything else it will not work. When you see the setup encountered an error message click ok & than immediately run setup again. Only once did I have to repeat it 3 times to get it to install completely , that was the first time I had the problem. TThor