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  1. Tigershark_BAS

    I need help with an error at each MP session

    I can confirm that I have exactly the same issue. Also using a Steam version of Arma2 and can't seem to solve this problem. Tried the same remedy as fjordmonkey with the same result.
  2. Hey folks, Just did a vanilla reinstall of my boxed German ArmA I bought when it was released. Downloaded the arma_euro104update105.exe. ArmA Official site says it updates 1.0 upwards to 1.05. But it complains it is not version 1.04 Any thoughts?
  3. Tigershark_BAS

    BAS f

    Fer asked me to pass this along. ========= <span style='color:red'>FYI - The Russian language version of v0-0-25 (beta) is now available for download from the BAS site.</span> You can rename the groups to anything you like It already is If you download the latest version of BAS f (build v0-0-25 Beta), you will find that Kegetys' Spectator Script for ArmA is now included. Check the last two pages of the manual for instructions for using this excellent component! Happy editing! Please let us know how you get on with using this framework to create missions, and share ideas for other components which you would like to see in future builds. - Fer <TZW>
  4. Thanks guys. I love editing, as long as there is a proper cause! I also want to send out a definitive signal to the Community; ArmA is here, and it's here to be enjoyed, not to bitch! I rather like that philosophy. Nice one :-)
  5. Tigershark_BAS

    official complaint to BIS

    I don't hate ya DM......much.
  6. Tigershark_BAS

    official complaint to BIS

    Point and counterpoint. See how civilised discussion can be
  7. Tigershark_BAS

    official complaint to BIS

    I believe what I was trying to articulate is a more proactive approach to these issues rather than whining about the quality. If we could assist in fixing minor bugs (such as the driver positioning in the 5 tonne truck) to allow them to concentrate on the more fundamental problems then this would benefit all of us. I'm sorry...who are you? You've made material for OFP before and know the limits of what can and cannot be done? I find your arrogant musings on this a little immature as well as uninformed. You are of course entitled to your opinion but not at the expense of insulting others about what they might or might not know about a topic you have demonstrated you have little knowledge about. You don't even have the game or know what definitively what bugs are in it! Again with the arrogance. Is it necessary to offend people in order to get your point across? I think you might some good points about the general state of the game industry and their obligations to deliver quality products but it they are diminished significantly by your approach to discussing this. My suggestions were an expression of a willingness to help. A proactive approach as mentioned before. I hardly think my comments could be categorised as harrassment. If anything they presented options that BIS may consider now or for future releases of products. As do I. Reference my diamond in the rough comments. I think your post was more directed as an "anti whining" post which is ok. But I don't think the attack on constructive options for consideration is warranted with such venom. I look forward to more balanced, constructive and mature debate about this topic. Tigershark *edited for typos*
  8. Tigershark_BAS

    official complaint to BIS

    Interesting post Messy...I can see your points and applaud your sense of fairness and democracy. I can only point out that this unfair playing playing field was created by the game release decision itself. I don't think the community should suffer for the decision to stagger the release and therefore alienate users. As for the googling example. I do see your point. But like any other product (Rainbow 6, Half Life 2) it does require a little research and ingenuity on behalf of the user to educate themselves about what is out there and what is good and bad. You write some valid points but I feel like you are removing the responsibility of the individual to help themselves. And that's the point I was trying to make with dev tools. Help us, help ourselves and indirectly help BIS so they can concentrate on things we can't fix such as AI, graphics glitches, physics, etc.
  9. Tigershark_BAS

    Aimpoint implementation

    Thanks for the reply. Been a while since I used one and wondering if I wasn't going crazy when I saw the aimpoint M in game.
  10. Tigershark_BAS

    Aimpoint implementation

    Looking for some confirmation here from real world operators. I have used an aimpoint on an M4 before and from memory, the point of the aimpoint vs. a scope such as the ACOG is that you are able to train your weapon on target with both eyes open. This is how remember firing the weapon. Because both eyes are open, the aimpoint mount itself becomes translucent or semi-transparent. A minor gripe with the aimpoint implementation in ArmA is that it blocks much of the field of view in the game. Can others with experience with aimpoint/elcan mounts on rifles confirm my experience above? Tiger out.
  11. Tigershark_BAS

    official complaint to BIS

    Although I sympathise with most comments made in this thread (it is dissapointing that so many bugs exist and that ArmA doesn't live up to our expectations in so many ways) I tend to echo DM's comments before. For me, despite the shortcomings of the product, I would prefer to see a robust engine and the dev tools. At lot is wrong in the game but I believe in the power of the community and if only the dev tools were released at the same time, so much pressure would be relieved off BIS as the community plugged the holes for them. Not an ideal situation but I'm sure many of us dedicated fans would do it simply because we love the game. So my point....yes...there are bugs (which need fixing) and there are gaps.....but if only they had the foresight to release dev tools at the same time we could all be focusing on the new material and community made fixes rather than lamenting the fate of ArmA as it has been released today. The most dissapointing thing is wondering if BIS learnt anything from their OFP releases. We waited far too long for dev tools but when they came, the value of the game for many players increased exponentially. If I could wish for only one thing...is that BIS would pay attention more to the core needs of the community. I'm sure the Spanel's and the dev team care about us...care about the game. They will have poured hours, days, week, months and years into this game. I don't question their dedication to the community. But I do question their execution or how they demonstrate this care to us. For me, a robust engine (which is better than OFP...not ground breaking but BIS never promised ground breaking until Game 2) and the dev tools would have made all the difference in this release. Either we are not be listened too, or we are and the team at BIS is either is too busy to care or believes their way is the right way despite our collective wisdom on this topic. ArmA is a diamond in the rough. Not a ground breaking product but as I mentioned before, I don't think BIS promised that until Game 2. If only we were given the tools, the whole community of diamond cutters and polishers could have turned the rough diamond into a thing of beauty quicker than BIS would have expected. Witness the steady trickle of addons building up now made from simple texture changes. BIS, I beg you. Help us to help you. Give us the dev tools, no matter how beta they are. Let us help take the pressure off you. We believe in your work, your philosophy in design for this game. All we need is a sign you are listening to us and to not be too proud to accept our help in polishing this product for you. Tigershark out. PS. The discussion of ArmA will undoubtedly be covered in the Radio Check podcast soon.
  12. Tigershark_BAS

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    Just thought I'd share my experience with a new graphics card and ArmA. It became rapidly apparent to me that my 3 year old comp that was once best in class is begining to struggle with the current generation of games that are coming out. Not wanting to buy another machine until Vista comes out (I don't want to fork out the huge price for a non OEM version of it) I decided to upgrade my card to see if it would make a real difference. I am happy to report that I can now run the game at 1024x768 and at a Normal level where before it was a slideshow. I upgrade from a Radeon 9500Pro to a 1650 Pro (IceQ). The previous card had 256Mb RAM and the new one has 512Mb. It is an AGP card. On my P4 2.8Ghz, 1GB RAM it made a real significant difference. So those of you wanting to squeeze some extra life out of a slowly aging machine a new gfx card (mine cost around 190 USD) is a sound investment.
  13. Tigershark_BAS

    Some ArmA tools

    Great tools Keg. Glad to see you back in the game ;-)
  14. Tigershark_BAS

    Installation doesn't work

    OK lads. After updating my DVD firmware everything worked fine. Installing now and then patching before launch. I would recommend a firmware upgrade as per Placebo's suggestion if you are having trouble reading the disc. Tiger out.
  15. Tigershark_BAS

    Installation doesn't work

    Gald to hear it Maatz. My DVD has fucntioned perfectly (and does with other discs) until ArmA came along. I hope it's not the drive. Would burning a copy of the disc onto a new DVD which I know works in my drive help at all? Or does the copy protection prevent that?