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  1. Hi All thanks for the help got it working at last, heres how, * Change pbo packer from eliteness to A2cPBO_UI * Created a Folder called campaigns in the same folder where A2cPBO_UI is located * Put the campaign (TF_5GEN) folder in the campaigns folder. * Pbo'ed the TF_5GEN folder. any other combination failed
  2. Hi AZcoder nice idea but I checked and there is no extra folder, I also put all the campain files inside a blank mission folder and used arma to create the pbo, however it returned the same error result :(
  3. It's no good im afraid, same errors appear. thanks for the help
  4. Hi not sure if there is a better way but you try executing a script from the trigger, the has something like, _prob = random 10; if (_prob >= 5) then {blow car up}else{honk...horn};
  5. Hi All, I need some help with my campaign description file, I am continually getting the errors; Warning Message: No entry 'Campaigns\tf_5thgen\description.ext.Campaign'. Warning Message: No entry '.name'. Warning Message: '/' is not a value I have checked my .ext file against many various campaigns such as FDF,BOTS,GambitRoyale etc... and I cannot find what I'm doing wrong. Im using A2+OA+All DLC + latest Beta Patch Below is my .ext file, I am using Eliteness to pack the pbo file. Iam not sure if the problem is the pbo packer because I've depbo'd some of those working campaigns changed the "name" line and repacked them. Now they give the same error when opening the campaigns menu in arma2
  6. Hi has anyone tired installing onto Windows 8, I had a go to see how the performance goes however I can't install BAF&PMC all else installs and runs fine (a2+OA+ACR+patchesβ). Here are the errors. PMC: After Running the installer from bistore, "There was a problem activating ARMA 2 PMC, writing of license file falied" BAF: After Running the installer from gamersgate, "Runtime c++ error, the application has requested the runtime terminate it in an unusual way" any ideas much appreciated :bounce3:
  7. Trenchfeet

    F-14D Super Tomcat

    Hey VectorX96 .rpt entries Yes Trenchfeet from OFP days, *hails back :notworthy:
  8. Trenchfeet

    F-14D Super Tomcat

    I can't figure it out yet, I haven't tested with ACE. I am only running f-14, cba and GLT mods + beta w/wo and still no tomcat. I see the pilot. However if i use the pevious f14 version it appears. I'll keep looking
  9. Trenchfeet

    F-14D Super Tomcat

    same problem here :confused:
  10. Thanks for the update :bounce3:
  11. Hey Celery, great script :D Can you help me with an issue where I where I want my track to repeat its-self again just the once but start from 48 seconds in. 0=[0,["Ambient07_Manhattan",0,100,0.9]],["Ambient07_Manhattan",48,105,0.9]] execVM "cly_jukebox.sqf"; However I'm using this in a cutscene with setAccTime 0.2 and the whole timming of the tracks is out. Any ideas how I can make the 2nd track follow the first while using setAccTime. :confused:
  12. Hi Mando i've tried to search for an answer so apoigies if I've missed it, but how do I disable the HUD during a cutscence if the player is in an aircraft?
  13. Trenchfeet

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    I agree
  14. Trenchfeet

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    did anyone figure out if there were any other meanings from the other you tube links?
  15. Trenchfeet

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    its probably a site admin control pannel