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  1. Tanaska

    Warfare Questions

    *post removed*
  2. Tanaska

    L!nkCTI Coming Soon...

    Looks good.
  3. Tanaska

    RTS-4 ArmA Released

    What has happened to RTS 4? Â Anyone play this?
  4. Tanaska

    MF or CR...

    Neither! CTI is really boring. I like much better the RTS3 with much more excitement and many more versions to play instead of same old boring units all time. ww2 or nam or modern or usmc versions...you can play in rts.
  5. Tanaska

    The Iraq thread 3

    I also found this: http://www.acig.org/artman/publish/article_247.shtml That is so amazing and strange! What was Sadaam thinking? How could they bury so many jets without CIA or americans seeing it on sattlite? If they could bury 40 jets, what else could be out there? Iraq is like a big sandbox that we used to play in as child. I finded many hidden toys in there from years ago. I wonder if I can buy a sandy mig? ;)
  6. Tanaska

    The Iraq thread 3

    Do anyone remember this? I do not remember seeing at time stated in it. Something about Migs found last year after invasion of Iraq. Very interesting. http://www.snopes.com/photos/military/sandplanes.asp
  7. Tanaska

    The Iraq thread 3

    I do not understand. Sadr has very big militia. Why did he not use it before coalition war to remove Sadaam?? If there was not any more WMD then they would not fear gassing, and they have so many RPG's to take out the old Iraqi tanks. Big shame. So much could have been prevented if they had taken responsiblity instead of making outsiders do it for them. And now that hard work is done, they want power for themselves! To destroy Fallujah like Grozny would be BIG mistake. You take away all that those people care for, and they have nothing left to live for and will be even worse to deal with. Give them something to live for and maybe they think again about fighting. That is why Sadr has large army. Those people have nothing to hope for except this way out. If they had jobs and house and money, they might want to live more and not fight.
  8. Tanaska

    9/11 comission meeting

    Here is declassified August 6th document. Actual image of document: http://news.findlaw.com/nytimes/docs/terrorism/80601pdb.html http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A2285-2004Apr10.html
  9. Tanaska

    Explosion in madrid

    Bgnorway, I have friends in Spain. They have told me many things that you do not know. Maybe if you had friends they would tell you things about the world as well. I do not try to quote the movie, I talk about how mafia is. I would insult you, but your ignorant remark insults you enough. Spain is not confronting enemy, they are turning and running. Withdrawing troops, bringing them home. We will see if the new president can still battle terror. Maybe, maybe not. The terrorists won the election. You can yell at me as much as you want. You will still be wrong.
  10. Tanaska

    Explosion in madrid

    Oh, like Godfather. Mob boss will break legs, unless you do what he says. People think to run away from problem will solve it. No, it will not. The Mob boss will find you anyway eventually.
  11. Tanaska

    Explosion in madrid

    No..I rephrase. Â Voting because terrorists scare you to do it. Bad influence. Understand now, I hope?
  12. Tanaska

    Explosion in madrid

    Denoir. You give the voters too much credit. Fear and anger lead to the dark side. Or so I have heard.
  13. Tanaska

    Explosion in madrid

    Simple: if more people went to vote, higher turnout, it was the whip of the terrorists that drove them there. It was like a flock of terrified sheep. I have friends from Spain who were in University with me. No one was on trains that I know, but there are many who hated Aznar and still are mad at election. Many think that election should have been postponed for a month or something to allow for people to think. Then the terrorist whip would not have been the main factor. Any disrespect is reserved for terrorists, who like sheep dogs, scared them into doing what they want. It takes only a few sheepdogs to move a large herd through fear. I do not say all of Spain was sheep, but enough acted as sheep. For Spain, I feel pain.
  14. Tanaska

    Explosion in madrid

    Hi Walker, I have studied closely these events and have drawn upon many sources to create a well-rounded reply to your statistical report. The people of Spain had to make a choice: confront the bully, or run away. It was made very clear that they ran away. The popular party was going to cruise to victory. The bombing turned the election on its head. My read of election: 43% voted: "Please daddy make the bad man go away!!" 37% voted: "Let's find out where the bad man lives and confront him" 18% voted: "I always vote for my party" 10% voted: "The socialist is cute, like Mr. Bean." .00000000001% voted: With bombs on trains source: myself, volume 36, page 123 Note: if percentages add up to more than 100%, please ignore. As you can see, those who voted with bombs, rather than ballots decided outcome more than anyone else.
  15. Tanaska

    Cti- worst thing to happen to ofp

    CTI is so long and it take too long for vehicle build and upgrade. RTS3 came out much before CTI and it is still so much better and fun to play. There is addon versions and there is RTS3 missions on 10 islands. You can play with Mi28 and Comanche and F18 and F15 and then there is version with very few planes but more tanks and tank battles. There is new version with WW2 units on skye and that is very fun. And there is Vietnam version also very fun. Best part is that RTS3 games do not last more than 1 hour most of the time. To win you take over whole island, or you destroy enemy base, or you team gets a certain amount points. The admin can set limit on time or points. Also can play RTS3 as coop or single person. There is AI limit so that more players there is, less AI, so more players can team to gether and help just like good coop games. In WW2 me and friend take many tanks together against German base, and other teammate takes Corsair. Our tanks kill the AA and then corsairs start bombing, then we come across the bridge and destroy the German base! One friend always tell me that RTS3 is C&H on steroids!