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    Ex UK mil helicopter pilot (27 years svce, 8000+ hours) on:<br><br>Whirlwind, Wessex, AB205 Huey (UH1H equiv.), AB206, Gazelle 1 and 3, Lynx 1 and 7, Chinook 1 and 2, Bell 212<br><br>Now flying MD902 Explorer heli for the police - great fun.<br><br>Computer/ OpFP newbie, but getting there slowly... :D
  1. Thud_and_Blunder

    Project mcar public beta release

    - Strange, I'm getting one-shot kills on BIS T80s every time.
  2. Thud_and_Blunder

    Project mcar public beta release

    HaTeR, When you say the 2A and 2B sights don't work properly, are you referring to the lack of 21X mag? Because apart from this - and the fact that the driver is by default the commander, as with other "car" class vehicles - your addon is the best thing I've seen in a while. It'd be nice if you could fly your TOW past a closer target to get to a high-value asset beyond, but beggars can't be choosers. Superb work; having done trials on countermeasures against Sa9 and 13 many years ago, I can vouch that although they're not perfect they are still pretty scary when things are going their way. One tiny word of note re the readme notes, though; IR missiles are oblivious to Chaff. Boy, does this system have possibilities...
  3. Thud_and_Blunder

    "US Air Force fighter 'community' shaken"

    Thanks Placebo It was: US Air Force fighter 'community' shaken Taking up the point made by Tovarish - good spot by the way - I'll get onto Flight International and tell my ex-QFI from 1976 - who's now one of their editors - to pull his finger out! Excellent website put up by the IAF - I was particularly struck by the following passage: In other words, y'all r gunna havta slow down to ar way uv thinkin 'n speakin, cuz we reck'n we bin doin English longer'n youse all. Jus cuz we don' cope wi thingz in yore countree don' mean wur gonna change anythin' wen u cum Stateside... Fact is, the Indian Air Force is a competent, world class organisation with battle experience among its senior ranks. It has an old fashioned "work hard, fight hard" ethos - sadly reflected in its old-fashioned accident rates - and should never to be taken lightly by any neo-colonial bunch of bigots. Not that I'm accusing the good folk of Elmendorf of any such folly, natch. I thought it was just we Brits who were arrogant when overseas...
  4. Thud_and_Blunder

    "US Air Force fighter 'community' shaken"

    PlAcEbO - sometimes you're just that little bit too cruel, even for OFP! Now, can I have my headline back, neatly, capitals where appropriate, as I wrote it? Pretty please?!
  5. Thud_and_Blunder

    "US Air Force fighter 'community' shaken"

    Here, what happened to the capital letters I put in my title boxes?
  6. Thud_and_Blunder

    "US Air Force fighter 'community' shaken"

    A snippet from Flight International 25-31 May 2004 to interest those who like to operate Footmunch's finest offerings: "The (US)Air Force is meanwhile preparing to launch a major lobbying effort to support the F/A-22 programme, which is expected to cite the results of an air-to-air exercise staged between USAF F15Cs and Indian Air Force Su30MKs last February. Details of the engagements are still classified, but it is clear a poor showing by the F15C has shaken the Air Force's fighter pilot community. Service leaders have claimed that US-trained pilots in Sukhoi fighters usually defeat similar pilots in F15s and F16s, but now appear concerned that they have lost advantages in training and equipment. The exercise "certainly had us take a step back" says (Tyndall AFB commander) Brig Gen Larry New."
  7. Thud_and_Blunder

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    ...skylined like that, it'll soon be casevac (or deadevac..) in Afghanistan, once some tribesman with his trusty Lee Enfield No4 spots them..
  8. Thud_and_Blunder

    Zil 130/131 pack released!!!

    - Oh no, has someone been letting the Brits/ Aussies/ Kiwis/ Cypriots/ Malaysians/ Indians/ Japanese drive?
  9. Thud_and_Blunder

    Anjou 1939-1944 island

    All the links say that this (v1.2) is a private/non-public addon. Any links to one that is available to we mere mortals?
  10. Thud_and_Blunder

    Mcdonnell douglas c-47

    Life is very good to me sometimes - I was going to post a question about lag during Pathfinder (my poor 1.0 Gig Dell laptop takes its time...) when I see you've pre-empted me. Only one snag - the 6+ Mb download from Igor's page is zooming along at about 1.01 kb/sec! Are there any mirror opportunities out there, please?
  11. Thud_and_Blunder

    Btr 70 mine explosion picture/video

    Again, my thanks to those who, by PM, have given me the references required to refute the disinformation on the other bulletin board. Moderators - please feel free to close/delete this (very helpful) now-complete thread.
  12. Thud_and_Blunder

    Btr 70 mine explosion picture/video

    Thankyou for your replies. Balschoiw - that is the video sequence in question; do you have any references which show who carried out the filming? You may indeed be correct about the Chechen involvement, but I need to disprove the US/aviation connection to the satisfaction of the moderators on the other board. Cheers
  13. Thud_and_Blunder

    Btr 70 mine explosion picture/video

    There is a quite-well-known video sequence of a BTR-series APC with troops on board being blown-up. Another (aviation-related) bulletin board I occasionally read has had pictures from this video posted as a "sequence from a US TACP", claiming that it is the result of an airstrike on a Taleban target. I find this very unlikely - the video quality is too good, for a start - and would like to find out definitive information on the origin/provenance of the video so that I might disabuse the other forum members. I suspect that it is news footage of Afghan regular troops pre-2001, but can't find anything to prove it. Can anyone in the OpFP community help out with the background to this film clip? Thanks.
  14. Thud_and_Blunder

    Csla 2

    Are we still interested? Yes please - any time that suits you. How does yesterday sound?!
  15. Thud_and_Blunder

    John's jagdpanzer pack v1.0

    Hi Capt Would this be the same one mentioned in the earlier link on this board, here? Looks like I'm not the only one who doubles-up posts !